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  1. I don't know how much credibility "THE NEW CARS" will have in concert, performing the older songs...But "Not Tonight" seems to have captured a bit of the sound...and the lyrical quirkiness that THE CARS were known for in their original configuration...As a single...."Not Tonight" may be well recieved by rabid CARS fans...I for one liked the snippet i heard...But it's gonna be a hard sell to many who see THE CARS as a classic band that should have been laid to rest when Ben Orr passed away...And Ric Ocasek passed on the tour.
  2. I remember a Hollies comeback in the early to mid 80's...They released a cover of "Stop, In The Name Of Love"...I don't know if an album was released then or not...I thought it was was a pretty good cover...With a great vocal by Allen Clarke...Does anyone else remember this.
  3. I think that many a great song could be greater if some of the layers of varnish were taken off...Don't get me wrong...I enjoy records that are loaded with complicated bells and whistles...But a really fine song can hit the mark without all of that...It can be like hearing the song for the very first time...With it's unvarnished truth still intact.
  4. Good!...now i can tell you apart from all the other ERIC CARMEN'S on this board. (which there seem to be fewer of all the time)
  5. I just googled ERIC CARMEN, REASON TO TRY and the lyrics came right up...Man...It must be cool to be able to google yourself and find music!
  6. Right on Eric about the good song test...Another way i can tell if a song is good...Is if it keeps reverberating around in my brain after the first time i've heard it...
  7. many of the greatest Christmas songs were written by writers who were jewish...Including the most popular one of them all Irving Berlin's WHITE CHRISTMAS.
  8. I was too young to have experienced the brilliance of the great songwriters of the 40's when the songs they wrote ruled the charts...All I would have known of them would have the scant sampling i've seen in old movies...or from television commercials that sold compilations of those great songs... Until a few years ago when one of the stations i work at went to a nostalgia format...I had a chance to play on-air and enjoy the great music of the 40's and 50's...After getting over some of my rock 'n roll misgivings i grew in appreciation for the talent and creativity of the writers of that era...in addition to the writers you mentioned...I also was exposed to the songs of Johnny Mercer...Fats Waller...Irving Berlin and many more...A whole new world was opened to me...And i learned to listen to music with a new ear...One with a heightened sense of melody...And a great appreciation for the songwriters, performers, and music of the era that ended a little over a decade before i was born.
  9. Of the four "I've Always Had You" really stands out...some interesting, haunting turns with the melody...It would be nice if you added the lyrics, so i could read 'em too...Bridge was really nice on "Wish This Night"...It's a great idea to get your songs out there...And MySpace is a good place to get some notice.
  10. REO SPEEDWAGON-LIVE, YOU GET WHAT YOU PLAY FOR...Sounds alot like a party in addition to being a damn good concert recording...I wore out the 8 track when i was a teenager...It was the album that really set the stage for the mega-success that REO would enjoy just a few years later.
  11. Eric...in your preferences...make sure you uncheck "hide avatars of other users".
  12. I don't know if this is true...But i heard that THE WARMTH OF THE SUN was written right after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated...With lyrics that tried to convey that feeling of sadness...couched in the more conventional terms of a love song...I agree ...the haunting melody of THE WARMTH OF THE SUN is beautiful...and i think it might be even more beautiful without lyrics...just a single piano.
  13. Yep..."Michael row the boat ashore...Hallelujah..."
  14. I've just spent the past few minutes listening to snippets of "SOME ENCHANTED EVENING" by a diverse group of artists...Frank Sinatra, The Temptations, Perry Como, Barbra Streisand, Al Jolson, Willie Nelson, Ezio Pinza, and Jay and The Americans...The versions I liked most played up the haunting string arrangement...A great song no matter how many decades may pass.
  15. Elvis Presley-Stuck On You...as i recall it was the first Elvis single that was recorded in stereo.
  16. An Eric Carmen/Vince Gill duet could be honey for the ears...I'd like to see that matchup on the CMT Crossroads show.
  17. The iPod revolution has thus far passed me by..but not by my choice...So i would love to be the millionth one to land on this spot...And the fact that it comes pre-loaded with Raspberries and Eric Carmen's music...just makes it that much sweeter...Cool contest...easy to play...
  18. One song i think should have been a bigger hit for The Raspberries..."Starting Over"...I can't believe in all these years that someone hasn't had a hit cover version...just a great song...with emotions that are so universal...I'm still waiting...Maybe the Raspberries could give that one another try...There are so many ways to go with that song.
  19. Ahhhh...that's much better...Thanks Bernie!
  20. Cool...i'll check 'em out...Thanks!
  21. A selection of the various planets my be a good choice for Avatars.
  22. Here is a question for Eric...Have you written any songs lately that you are especially proud of that you would like to tell us about?...And if so...Who are they intended for...You...The Raspberries...or someone else?
  23. Great first post!...Thanks for sharing your thoughts on some very special moments in your life...moments that helped set your course in life...I think we all have moments like that...turning points...that time when we realize what could be if we would only listen to our hearts...I'm glad you followed what your heart told you on that distant day...I know i have enjoyed the music that came from that dream...
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