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  1. too true! When we were young...We didn't have a plan for when we got older...We were just trying to survive our youth.
  2. A wonderful Easter/Passover holiday to all of you...
  3. Just google TONY SCIUTO and you'll get his website and a bunch of information.
  4. May 13th would be good for me...It's my birthday...So i hope i'm the lucky millionth poster!
  5. THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-"Gimme Some Lovin'" has a hot intro...You know the song is gonna kick a** with an intro like that.
  6. "The Long And Winding Road"...Whoops...Probably a better choice for an ERIC CARMEN solo album... For the RASPBERRIES..."You Won't See Me".
  7. Maybe the bands that were promoted had very little, if anything to do with the records that made them famous...But the fact is...There were some great records made then...I was a little kid all though the 60's...In the single digits...And what drew me to those records then was the great "hooks"...There were pop geniuses at work...Maybe it wasn't the band who's faces we saw on AMERICAN BANDSTAND...But producers Like Snuff Garrett and Phil Spector...Writers like Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Neil Sedaka, and Neil Diamond...And all-star session players really knew how to seduce the masses with the records they put together...I think The Beatles really made rock 'n roll cred the thing we know it as today...But before them...Outside writers and producers ruled rock ' roll.
  8. Most recording artists window of success is a very small one...Artists like Eric Carmen who have spanned several decades as successful writers and performers are relatively rare...So it is truly sad when young artists get locked into a no-win deal that will cover their entire careers...They have no financial long term recovery on the horizon...Because after a couple of hits they faded from view.
  9. So that's the dark side of being an Overnight Sensation with a Hit Record.
  10. Caffiene Free Diet Coke out of a 20 ounce bottle.
  11. I may be too far past my prime creativity to do anything further with that line though.
  12. I think maybe the place where an artists creativity changes...If it ever does...Is when they cross that invisible line...And trade their passion...for love...
  13. Mark Lindsay understood better than most singers did, what made a great pop song...He just seemed to have a great pop instinct...He had a couple of hits on his own to add to what he did with the Raiders...."Arizona"...and Silverbird"...And i remember from my country DJ days that he produced fellow Raider Freddie Weller's first country recordings.
  14. By those definitions...And by my own admission...It's way too late for me to even harbor the slightest dream of being a famous musical performer...I can however hang on the dream of maybe someday writing a lyric or melody that will find an audience somewhere...But even then the odds are pretty high against me...Once you get out of your 20's the world of music is not going to look at you to write the next Humongous hit record...(unless you've already written hits when you were younger)...As far as my creativity goes...I can do much more with it than when i was in my teens or twenties...I didn't even seriously consider writing a melody until my late 30's when i just said "what the hell" nobody is gonna do this for me...So i might as well give it a whack"...So i found out late that i could do that. ...Is anything i've ever written or ever gonna write going to be hit worthy?...Who knows?...There are a millions of people in the world writing songs...And most of them will never make it farther than the songwriters home town...Which is the state of success i am blessed with now...But it's still cool to bring my buddy Ed into the radio studio with me and perform a few of 'em live on the air...So i consider myself lucky in that respect...Most songwriters don't get to do something like that...
  15. I think that technology fueled many of the changes in music that led to Rock 'N Roll...When you listen to some of the early recordings of Les Paul...with and without Mary Ford...You can hear a big leap from what came before...Because the sounds he captured just weren't possible until Les invented the technology to make it happen...Those songs may sound like just more oldies from way back when to kids listening today...But back then in the late 40's and early 50's it must have sounded like music from outer space... There were so many walls to be broken down then...So many new things to try...And although there will always be new tech in music...The changes come slower now...And aren't quite so earthshaking as they were in the early days...When Les Paul and his contemporaries were writing a whole new book on how music could be made and recorded.
  16. I agree..."it's all about love" is a great song...THE OUTFIELD still sounds fresh after all these years...
  17. Bernie...The changes you have made make alot of sense.
  18. I'm a planet...And i always have been...At least i think I always have been,
  19. I think the "happy" sound makes for an interesting counterpoint to the sadness that the lyrics express...Kind of like life for many...Happy go lucky on the outside...Broken and hurting on the inside...The instrumental passages just before the final chorus give a hint of the truth of the song.
  20. I don't know how much credibility "THE NEW CARS" will have in concert, performing the older songs...But "Not Tonight" seems to have captured a bit of the sound...and the lyrical quirkiness that THE CARS were known for in their original configuration...As a single...."Not Tonight" may be well recieved by rabid CARS fans...I for one liked the snippet i heard...But it's gonna be a hard sell to many who see THE CARS as a classic band that should have been laid to rest when Ben Orr passed away...And Ric Ocasek passed on the tour.
  21. I remember a Hollies comeback in the early to mid 80's...They released a cover of "Stop, In The Name Of Love"...I don't know if an album was released then or not...I thought it was was a pretty good cover...With a great vocal by Allen Clarke...Does anyone else remember this.
  22. I think that many a great song could be greater if some of the layers of varnish were taken off...Don't get me wrong...I enjoy records that are loaded with complicated bells and whistles...But a really fine song can hit the mark without all of that...It can be like hearing the song for the very first time...With it's unvarnished truth still intact.
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