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  1. You don't have to be drunk to fall off the stage...It's just one of those things that happens...When you're living on the edge.
  2. If Eric Carmen hosted such as show he could call it "Overnight Sensations".
  3. To me...It comes back to the melodies...And the subject matter in the lyrics...The early Raspberries hits "Go All The Way" and "Let's Pretend" were the perfect marriage of teen angst...And soon to be lost innocence...But those two songs wouldn't have connected then...Or would not be relevent now without the soaring choruses that set them apart from most records produced in the early 70's..."Go All The Way" and "Let's Pretend" were each carried by the choruses that defy the passage of time...Much like all of us would like to do...Hearing them the first time captured a feeling that was brewing deep inside my young soul...Hearing them now makes me remember with crystal clarity how it felt to be young...Songs like that are much more than "dance music"...They connect on a more personal and emotional level...With the hopes and fears of growing up...And how far I have come since those times...The Raspberries career was kind of a representation of all that...Starting with the innocence of the early hits...The cynicism of "Hit Record"...And that sadder but wiser adult view of "Starting Over"...All of this was accomplished by a band that was only a hitmaking force for a short few years...But the power of what they did with the few hits they had keeps the Raspberries fresh and relevant...Even after the passage of more than 30 years...When many of their contemporaries have faded to obscurity with the passage of time...
  4. The Cubs can't go into every season with two starting pitchers who always seem to find their way to the disabled list...Either Kerry Wood or Mark Prior has to go...You can survive if you have one guy in your rotation who's a known injury risk...But 2 brittle starters is one too many. My suggestion would be to keep Mark Prior as a starter...and either move Kerry Wood to the Bullpen as a closer...Or trade him... Having said all that...As a Cardinals fan...I hope the Cubs just keep doing what they're doing.
  5. "Without You" Harry Nilsson's version "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"-Elton John "Goodbye To Love"-The Carpenters
  6. Back in the day when Ed Sullivan was one of the top shows on television...There were three networks and no cable...To reach the biggest audience Ed had to fill his show with a wide variety of acts...So millions of americans were exposed to not only great pop music...But also operatic and classical music performances...As well as scenes and songs from broadway musicals...A wide variety of comedy acts...Plus juggling, dance and more...We got some culture just by watching The Ed Sullivan Show... Today we have so much to pick and choose from on television...We can see just exactly the genre we want to see...And avoid being exposed to anything else...And i think that's kind of sad...There's a whole world of art and entertainment many of today's kids may never get to know...Because they don't have what we had back then...A one size fits all, everything but the kitchen sink kind of program that everyone watches...A really big show...Like The Ed Sullivan Show.
  7. My lyrics blog is fast approaching it's 1,000th hit...there will be no prize for the 1,000 visitor...I just thought you all should know.
  8. I added "My Heart Stops" to the playlist at our local station just as soon as i got my hands on a copy...It was a well produced record and not a bad tune...But i thought then...And i still think now that "My Heart Stops" just really didn't work as an Eric Carmen single...I love many of Diane Warren's songs...Some of the her songs that were recorded by Chicago really ripped my heart out they told the tale so well...But this one i thought would have been better recieved if it were recorded by a female artist...Now there is a song you recorded years ago that i think really works as an Eric Carmen single...NEVER SAY DIE...I've read the story here of how that recording came to be...And i really believe that it would work as an Eric Carmen single...Just as it is...Just my unsolicited...But honest opinion.
  9. I never had the chance to see (the real) BEACH BOYS live...But i'd really love to see BRIAN WILSON in concert...I think that it's great that a man who was so tormented by success has survived to finally learn how to enjoy it.
  10. What a time for my DSL to be on the fritz...It would take me 1,000 years to download it on dial-up...I'm hoping the podcast is still available when i finally get back up to speed.
  11. I think one of the things that AMERICAN IDOL may bring back to network television is Music itself...They occasionally bring on a superstar from the past to perform...I'm thinking that there should be a show dedicated to that...The baby boom generation still loves the music they grew up with...The fans of the music of the seventies have come of age...They are the biggest group of active music buyers out there...If i were in charge of a network i'd have a show in development right now...Where Artists like Donna Summer, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Lionel Ritchie...and yes...Eric Carmen would perform live in a concert setting...There are multiple marketing synergies that are really too lucrative to overlook...So I think it's just a matter of time...They could call it ONLY YESTERDAY...Such programs have done well on public television...When are the commercial networks gonna wake up?...I'm waiting...I wanna watch it now!...I wanna hear it now!
  12. Nits are eggs for lice. They require an anti-lice medication, removal of eggs with a comb, washing linen in hot water and other such measures. Never ask a nurse about stuff like this. (I think your thinking of ticks, danmichel.) Ooooh!...Nasty stuff...A little crawlie life-form living, dying and reproducing in your hair!
  13. I thought nits were not to be picked...But rather they should be squeezed...Then apply an anti-biotic lotion to the affected area.
  14. Freddie was a unique talent and performer...Before music videos...Pop artists had much less opportunity to make a visual impression on the masses...Freddie Garrity made the most of his opportunities...And as a result...We remember him today...When others who may have had more hits in the USA have been forgotten...From when i was a little kid...I've thought Freddie was pretty cool.
  15. I still like AMERICA...their songs were often filled with quirky lyrics......George Martin produced some of their best stuff...The HISTORY-Greatest Hits 8-track was a regular on my car stereo.
  16. Touring the world and smiling for the cameras...It's hard to be in love that way...Can't get off the plane or out of the car...Without some reporter asking how you are...It's just crazy the way the stars have to carry on...It's like whatever kind of love they ever had lived and died in the public domain.
  17. I stand corrected...It is Tim Weisberg...Actually i was afraid i'd spell Weisberg wrong...And then i end up getting the wrong first name.
  18. I love Dan Fogelberg's music...I've been a fan since i first heard "Part Of The Plan"...My Dan Fogelberg favorites are "Run For The Roses"...And a song he did with Eric Weisberg..."The Power Of Gold".
  19. The writer of a lyric can never be sure what the listening public will make of it...And that's one of the great things about songwriting...The people who hear the song have the power to decide what it means to them...And the interpretations can run far afield of the writer's original inspiration...And i think that's a wonderful thing about songwriting...The people who hear the song can sometimes make it greater and deeper than the songwriter ever dreamed... btw...I always believed there was a bit of hope in the chorus of "boats"...In fact...That's the reason it moves me so much...For me..."Boats against the current" is one of those "hard to sing along with" songs...Because i usually get a little choked up when i hit the chorus.
  20. Cubs win the world series...Hell freezes over...Next on CNN!
  21. While cleaning out my Pickup truck...getting it ready to trade in...I found my "Best Of Eric Carmen" cassette...Unfortunately my new 2006 Chevy HHR has no cassette player...For the first time in my life i'm driving a vehicle with a CD player...So i still have to buy the CD.
  22. Congratulations to "TheTooth"...And congratulations to all of us for helping him win that iPod!
  23. Wow...Eric Carmen with orchestra!...I can't wait to hear the results of that union...I usually prefer to listen to the studio versions of my favorite artists songs...But EC with orchestra...That's gonna bring out even more drama in some already dramatic music.
  24. For my radio work...And for my ever so rare singing gigs...My warm up is always a hot cup of coffee...then singing along with whatever music i have playing on the car stereo...It gets the chunks out of my vocal chords...wakes me up...and puts me in a better mood.
  25. It seems to me that much of the music you have written in the past is still relevant...In fact "ALL BY MYSELF" has proven that there is still room in pop music for a powerful song, a grandly produced tour de force that is rooted more in the melodicism of the past...than the riff and beat style of the present...So if Eric Carmen...Or any other singer-songwriter has such a composition in his heart to write...Or already in the trunk waiting to be recorded...I believe this is the time to give it a go...The world is still waiting for music that moves with melodic beauty...The world embraced "ALL BY MYSELF" in the mid 70's...And the world has embraced it all over again...It's the music that matters in the long run...Long after the riffs and beats that are the height of style today have faded into death by overkill...It is the melodic masterpieces that will rise again and again...
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