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  1. Nah Tony...I don't have a rhyming dictionary...I am a rhyming dictionary!
  2. If you could be so trite then it would be all right to turn on the light to your trite and if the trite ain't right we can stay up all night with the trite country moon in our sight (this would be the bridge to something so trite that the writers might write)
  3. I'm getting this mental picture of 800 people in Eric's living room...And all eyes on Early Wynn and his 12 pack.
  4. I saw Sonny sing "Precious And Few" on an oldies show on PBS last year...He still looked good and his voice was still golden...In my opinion the way he "phrases" the lyrics sets him apart from most other singers...
  5. Well after reading this thread i thought it would be cool to play "Overnight Sensation" on my show this morning...So that's what i'm doing right now.
  6. Back in the 80's I found the EWTN channel on the local cable when i was working in Terre Haute Indiana...And i was fascinated by Mother Angelica and her program...I'm not Catholic...So it was like a look into another world when the nuns would chant the "hail mary"...Mother Angelica herself was one of the most unusual personalities i've ever seen on TV...She was down with it...Before it was cool to be down with it.
  7. I agree about "Let's Pretend"...Slowed down, stripped down and mellow.
  8. "Go all the way" is also special because outside of the bridge it's almost all chorus!
  9. It's the part starting with: "before her love i was cruel and mean..."
  10. My Favorite Eric Carmen bridge "Never gonna fall in love again" Another favorite bridge-First Class-"Beach Baby" Another thing to remember about songs and bridges...You don't absolutely have to have a bridge...A bad bridge can wreck a great song...So if you feel a song doesn't need a bridge...Do as I do...Just chuck it!
  11. I think an Eric Carmen version of "The Days Of Wine And Roses" would be something very special...I sure would look forward to hearing that combination of artist and song.
  12. I love that song too!...And i love Hodgson's voice...What a great record.
  13. The music of Henry Mancini...And the lyrics of Johnny Mercer...A combination that is hard to beat...Especially in the songs you mentioned "Moon River"...And "The Days Of Wine And Roses"...I learned to appreciate their work...And the work of other songwriters of that era when i was immersed in their music while working at an AM nostalgia station...My friends asked how i could stand not playing Rock on the radio...And to tell the truth...I loved my time in that format...It totally changed my perspective as far as music is concerned...
  14. It takes more than good songs to make a successful songwriter...You have to have the persistance (and the time) to get them heard...And it really hard to do unless you're in a band that performs alot of high profile gigs...And even then you've got to be lucky to catch a break...There are millions of good songs out there that will only be heard by close friends and family because the writer couldn't break that wall and get them heard...But that can be pretty cool too...I hope you are successful in your bid to make a go at the music business...Just keep in mind that it is a business...And you'll be one step ahead of many who were captured by the dream.
  15. Yeah...In the vein of the song "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore"...Tastefully done for the mass audience...of course...I don't have a copy of the song or i'd take a whack at it.
  16. If "All Through The Night" is too good to waste musically...Maybe you could update it...With lyrics more relevant to your current condition...There are opportunities for humor that might be too good to pass up...Doing that could help atone for the version you recorded when you were younger...
  17. It is sad that as Paul McCartney approaches his 64 birthday...that the answer to the question "will you still need me...will you still feed me...when i'm 64 "...is No...But i'm sure that he'll rise above the current heartbreak and turn these times around by creating something musically to express what he's feeling...And then move on.
  18. You don't have to be drunk to fall off the stage...It's just one of those things that happens...When you're living on the edge.
  19. If Eric Carmen hosted such as show he could call it "Overnight Sensations".
  20. To me...It comes back to the melodies...And the subject matter in the lyrics...The early Raspberries hits "Go All The Way" and "Let's Pretend" were the perfect marriage of teen angst...And soon to be lost innocence...But those two songs wouldn't have connected then...Or would not be relevent now without the soaring choruses that set them apart from most records produced in the early 70's..."Go All The Way" and "Let's Pretend" were each carried by the choruses that defy the passage of time...Much like all of us would like to do...Hearing them the first time captured a feeling that was brewing deep inside my young soul...Hearing them now makes me remember with crystal clarity how it felt to be young...Songs like that are much more than "dance music"...They connect on a more personal and emotional level...With the hopes and fears of growing up...And how far I have come since those times...The Raspberries career was kind of a representation of all that...Starting with the innocence of the early hits...The cynicism of "Hit Record"...And that sadder but wiser adult view of "Starting Over"...All of this was accomplished by a band that was only a hitmaking force for a short few years...But the power of what they did with the few hits they had keeps the Raspberries fresh and relevant...Even after the passage of more than 30 years...When many of their contemporaries have faded to obscurity with the passage of time...
  21. The Cubs can't go into every season with two starting pitchers who always seem to find their way to the disabled list...Either Kerry Wood or Mark Prior has to go...You can survive if you have one guy in your rotation who's a known injury risk...But 2 brittle starters is one too many. My suggestion would be to keep Mark Prior as a starter...and either move Kerry Wood to the Bullpen as a closer...Or trade him... Having said all that...As a Cardinals fan...I hope the Cubs just keep doing what they're doing.
  22. "Without You" Harry Nilsson's version "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"-Elton John "Goodbye To Love"-The Carpenters
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