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  1. I've been in radio for most of my life...And in that time i've interviewed thousands of people...Some of them have been celebrities...I've been in plays and musicals in school...No problem...I can stand in front of a huge crowd and make a speech or introduce the band...Easy as pie...But get me in a room full of people in a party situation and i head straight for the loneliest corner...Sometimes I feel like a stranger...even when i'm with people i've known for years...So yeah...I'm one of those who has no problem being in front of the crowd...It's being in the crowd that has always been my downfall...I'm sure there are many who have taken me for being cool and aloof...But that's really not true...It just takes me awhile to warm up.
  2. Prayer sent and I hope all goes well with the surgery and recovery...Remember...Good vibrations can overcome the bad ones!
  3. Bruce Springsteen would be a great choice (If he ever gets off the road)...I think he understands and appreciates The Raspberries sound...And he would be a great "other ear" for the band...I think a great album could come from this union.
  4. You have to leave before you can make a comeback...Welcome back Bernie!...It's almost like you never left.
  5. I don't really have a melody for this that wouldn't sound like a million other country songs...But yeah...There was kind of a cliched country sound in my mind when i wrote the words into the comment box. Maybe the verses could be a recitation like Conway Twitty used to do so well...Then Conway cuts loose in his full growling glory for the chorus.
  6. It's meant to be heard in your head as a country song...As sung by the likes of David Alan Coe.
  7. (this is my lyrical take on message board goodbyes...written all in fun...in honor of this monsterously long thread.) "Goodbye" i have to tell you that i'm leaving i know it's time for me to go but where would be the fun in leaving if i didn't stop to tell you so don't know the reason that i'm going but i'll give a hint so quiet and low i'll start a thread to tell my story and then it's time for me to go I don't wanna say goodbye but i'm gonna say goodbye please try hard not to cry as i run away and hide my drama overflows so it's time for me to go i don't wanna say goodbye but i'm gonna say goodbye i don't wanna make you cry but i'm gonna say goodbye ----------------------------
  8. If I were a Vulcan I might say: "Eric by not answering the question...has answered the question"...That's if I were a Vulcan... While the part of me that believes I am human hopes that Eric is searching his soul...Listening with his heart...And thinking about all the things that have been said.
  9. iTunes is where I get most of my music...So i saw that too...Supercool!
  10. Okay...I admit it...I'm a ga-ga freak for a great pop song...I just can't help myself...I've always been this way...Just ask my mom!
  11. Somehow, someway, "Cindy In The Wind" has found it's way to me...All I can say is...Once upon a time Billy Joel did an album of songs that harkened back to earlier sounds...One that did quite well as I recall "An Innocent Man" was a great album...And from what i'm hearing...Eric Carmen seems to have a wealth of such material stored away in his semi-secret trunk..."Cindy In The Wind" could be the cornerstone of Eric Carmen's collection of songs that take the theme of yesterday's songs...And bring the sounds of an earlier era to life for older fans...As well as for new fans who weren't even born when Eric Carmen recorded his most recent top 10 hit...As i'm writing this comment...I'm listening to "Cindy In The Wind" for the 10th time...And i'm smiling...I think there's a 56 year old singer-songwriter who would like to climb the charts one more time with original material...If he needs an angle to make this happen...Well maybe this is it...I'm not sitting here blinded by stars in my eyes...I'm sitting here amazed at the hooks and harmonies that I am hearing...I didn't have to listen more than one time to tell...But now i'm playing "Cindy In The Wind" for the 11th time...If this is a demo...I can only imagine what this song could be if fully realized...'Cause it's good enough for me to hear the potential in it's present form...This song is for real!
  12. If you're googling yourself Jimmy....And some people do...I just wanna say...Happy birthday to you!
  13. Cindy In The Wind!...Now i'm going to go crazy wondering about that song.
  14. Wow!...I agree..."Nights On Broadway" was like the peak of the Bee Gees for me...And it couldn't have hurt their chances of doing the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER soundtrack a couple years later...
  15. I have sailed the seven seas...And searched the skies above...And finally found "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"...The song is first rate...The song is a hit...Either for Eric Carmen or for someone else savvy enough to know a hit when they hear one..."I'm cold and i'm hot...I'm trapped and i'm caught...Between and the devil and the deep blue sea"...Great chorus...Musically and lyrically...I've never mind-melded with Eric...So all i can do is speculate that maybe he felt he was trodding where Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler and been before with their song "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"...That song is a classic...It's true...But Eric Carmen's "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" plays like a classic too...One that has waited to long to be heard...I've got a deadly instinct for what is hit material...And my instinct tells me this is gold.
  16. Back then an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show was still pretty big stuff...MTV was still several years away... I used to watch Mike Douglas to see some of the current pop acts...There weren't many other places on TV to find them then...And i don't remember seeing Eric on Mike Douglas...But it's likely I did...Because I was always wanting to see the artists that I was playing on the radio...And back then I played "Change Of Heart" alot.
  17. REO Speedwagon-"Ridin' The Storm Out" (from Live: You Get What You Play For)
  18. Tommy...I Agree..."The Worst That Could Happen" is a great tune...The storyline of the song was also rather unique...Plus a great vocal by Johnny Maestro.
  19. I love most anything that comes from Planet Shatner...I've seen the "Rocket Man" video and it's a hoot...Complete with an intro from Bernie Taupin...Now here on EricCarmen.com there may be a few people who would like to hear what he would do with "All By Myself".
  20. Lemon Go Lightly...That sounds like a potential hit...As a feminine hygiene product.
  21. If Bruce were to jump up on stage to do a song with Eric...I'd like to hear 'em trade lines on "Overnight Sensation"...
  22. A few years back I saw a special with The Knack on DirecTv...And yes it was strange to see Doug Fieger, pushing 50, singing "Good Girls Don't"...But he and the rest of the band still sounded great...I enjoyed "finally" seeing them...Because of course I only saw them on TV a couple of times, back in the day...And never for more than one or two songs.
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