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  1. Meanwhile the KISS Army has a different strategy to promote their favorite band. http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/05/kiss.ap/index.html
  2. I know it's not a rock instrumental...But I heard Horst Jankowski's "A Walk Through The Black Forest" one day on the car radio on the way to Grandma's house...I was about 8 years old at the time and I never forgot that moment...Nothing extraordinary happened that day that I can recall...Just that moment in the car with that song playing...Now years later...Whenever I hear "A Walk Through The Black Forest" I think of Grandma...And just driving down that road I hear the song again in my head...A song that is so connected with one moment is always gonna be one of my favorites...
  3. I forgot to mention "Come Back When You Grow Up"...Bobby Vee's last big hit from 1967...That was a sea-change from the records he released in the early 60's...And still one of his best.
  4. I watched MTV from the very start...It was just what I wanted at the time...A radio station on television...But that didn't last for long... I will forever blame MTV for the flood of reality shows that have turned television into a mindless wasteland...Where the fake reality of television is a powerful enough influence on some...that it corrupts their real life reality into some kind of lame imitation of the fake reality they see on TV... Even now the thought of this is bending my mind...
  5. That is so cool Ira!...Bobby Vee had some great hits in the 60's...songs that I still like to hear today...I'll never get tired of "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" and "Take Good Care Of My Baby"...The arrangements of his songs seemed to be more in tune with the music to come in the near future...than what had been heard in the past...
  6. Happy Birthday Eric!...Like your music...You were built to last...Long beyond your first shining season...You remain vital and relevant in yet another season...With an army of baby boomers behind you...How could a great effort from you fail?
  7. I only voted for The Raspberries this time...There are other deserving bands too...But this time it's all for The Raspberries.
  8. I don't know if this is a peeve or not...But it bugs me... iPods and cell phones are too small and easy to loose...I don't know how many times i've lost my cell phone for several weeks at a stretch...And I haven't bought an iPod because I know the same thing would happen to it.
  9. I'm gonna have to check out that new song...The Gin Blossoms are one of my favorite bands...Good driving music...Great songs...
  10. I'm hoping that there is a CD to go along with the DVD...I'm thinking it's gonna sound good on the car stereo...
  11. Some singers lather on plenty of effects in concert...Some of 'em really need even more...But EC is fine without added effects...Although I must admit I do like some of the sounds that are produced when vocals are run through the magic box...But it makes it hard for me to emulate that sound when i'm cruisin' around and singing along.
  12. Do you mean for concerts...for records...or both?
  13. Thanks for that opening Tony..."The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" would be magic with an orchestra behind it...I can't imagine that notice would not be taken of this awesome song by the critics in attendance...If not a hit for Eric Carmen...exposure of this song could lead to a hit recording by some other artist...For a writer...getting the songs heard is the key to success...I believe more success is inevitable if more people could hear "The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"...Clive Davis may not hear the "hit" in this song...But he's getting older and maybe he just missed it...My "hit" detecting ears are in prime condition...And they tell me this song could be a monster!
  14. My pitiful posting total looks small and insignificant when compared to the top posters...If there were a post per day stat (PPD)...my PPD would be less than 1...
  15. danmichel


    Prayers from me...And best wishes for good news on your wife's condition.
  16. I want my 15 minutes of fame in one minute installments...Spread over several years.
  17. "Boats against the current" is one of Eric's best compositions...A song with the kind of power to touch people the first time they hear it...So I think it was a great choice!
  18. Eric Carmen's "Boats Against The Current" album...After 30 years it has been released the way the artist intended it...Finally complete with the inclusion of a new recording of the long lost track..."Temporary Hero"...Featuring a special guest appearance by Brian Wilson.
  19. Eric would get the kind of press and attention that money can't buy if he did a duet with Barbra...I think the contrasts between their voices would work really well on record...Love Babs or hate her...She's still got the mega star stuff...And wherever she takes her show...It's gonna be a full house.
  20. Matthew...Prayers are sent for you and your family.
  21. All this Barbra Streisand talk has got me imagining her doing a slowed down, show stopping, solo version of "Let's Pretend"...But that's a whole 'nother thread....Hmmmmmmm...
  22. The idea of Eric and Barbra doing a duet sounds natural to me...But then...Believe it or not...I had a dream a couple of weeks back where Barbra Streisand was going to sing a duet with me...So the vibrations coming with the Eric/Barbra duet feel pretty good to me.
  23. I was thinking "diva's first" there...But you may be right Tony...When we get Eric and Barbra in the studio we can try it both ways. I just imagined it again in my head...And your way works better Tony...Way better...I can imagine Barbra's fans goin' nuts when she appears to sing her first lines.
  24. It's the hit version of a classic Eric Carmen song that the whole world is talking about... BARBRA STREISAND & ERIC CARMEN Boats Against The Current (BS) I know it's over You know it's over We're just goin' through the motions But we're sailin' separate oceans world's apart And you know it's breakin' my heart (EC I was a dreamer You were a dreamer But perfection is consuming And it seems we're only human after all And we've both been takin' the fall (BS & EC) But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last Feelings that we left in the past There's romance in the sunset We're boats against the current to the end (BS) Maybe we're older Maybe we're colder So we disregard solutions While we cling to our illusions once again And we keep rememberin' when (EC) Seasons are changin' Reasons are changin' But the story isn't ending So we find ourselves pretending one more day While the years keep slippin' away (BS & EC) But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last Feelings that we left in the past There's romance in the sunset We're boats against the current to the end
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