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  1. Is the song finished yet?...If not...Keep working!
  2. Boston Massacre!...I thought this thread was about an exciting new band.
  3. Dreams come true if you have chocolate.
  4. I think that is a combination that could make a really good record.
  5. My commute is about a minute and 45 seconds in my 2006 Chevy HHR...I live nine tenths of a mile away from the radio station I work at.
  6. My family had just returned home from a Florida vacation...As soon as we had brought all the luggage in the house I turned on the TV where a news bulletin was just starting...The bulletin said Elvis Presley was dead...I was 17 at the time and had played Elvis' latest single "Way Down" on our local radio station before our trip..."Way Down" was one of the most rockin' songs we played on our local country station...I heard the song alot during our vacation travels...I really thought it was neat that an "old guy" like Elvis could still have a top 40 hit...Those were the days...When 42 was old and I had a long way to go before I got there...
  7. Same here...Almost every day after school i'd be watching Mike Douglas...There was some great music on that show!
  8. I had just finished talking about today's celebrity birthdays (including Mike Douglas and Eric Carmen) on my radio show when I heard the news...The Mike Douglas Show was a big part of my life when I was a kid...His show was home to all kinds of music and musicians...And I watched it almost every day after school.
  9. Okay Chris...I dare you to write music for this! WHO'S IN THE BOOK OF LIFE Who's in the yellow pages? My lawyer and the gasoline station everything i need the bank where i put my money the stores where i spend my money it never seems to last my credit's goin' fast (Chorus) praise be a t & t you've made the book of life for me if it ain't in there well i don't care a book filled with yellow pages ghost written class to last for ages it ain't hard to see they wrote that book for me who's in the yellow pages my doctor and the tv station everything i need the office where i go to work the cinema where the perverts lurk they're sittin' way down low while they watch the show
  10. I hadn't even thought of music for it yet...If you want to give it whack..Be my guest...But that means i'd have to finish this crazy song about the phone book of life.
  11. Just for you Chris...A phone book inspired verse. Who's in the yellow pages? My lawyer and the gasoline station everything i need the bank where i put my money the stores where i spend my money it never seems to last my credit's goin' fast
  12. So Eric...Can you really write a song on a schedule? As for me...I can't schedule inspiration...Inspiration has to punch me in the guts and knock me down to make me write...When it happens ideas flow fast and easy...When it doesn't I can only write variations on the local phone book.
  13. 59 votes is damn good for being a write in...Imagine how many would have voted for The Raspberries had they been on the original list of choices.
  14. I wasn't going to say anything...I just thought Eric had gone undercover with the Symphony Orchestra.
  15. Eric...I missed the post where you said "It's gonna be a rocker"...And I say...That's cool!...Let the rock rip!
  16. Eric...I thought I was the original cockeyed optimist...But since you are older than me i'll defer to your optimism...I can't wait to see how you do it.
  17. If classic bands from the 70's can sell out arenas and the new acts can't...Then the marketing of new music by the older acts needs to change...I see these veteran artists as a great untapped resource for the recording industry...A CD cost a fraction of what a concert ticket does...Fans of the older groups aren't flocking to buy CD's from veteran acts because it is not their expectation that they are still recording...If classic rock radio makes a mint out of playing classic songs by classic artists...wouldn't the curiosity factor attact old fans to their new music?...We have been led over the years to believe that rock dies if you're over 45...We know that this is not the case...Tom Petty, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones know this is not true...Hey...even The Eagles are recording their first studio album since 1979. The "baby boomers" are the largest and most affluent group of music lovers out there...Rock no longer has to die at 45...There is an untapped force in music out there...The baby boomers...Do we have it in us to change to rules of rock and pop music again?...
  18. I know all of us here would gladly offer to listen to any new material Eric has written...As well as any secret songs he's been hiding from the world. Eric...I promise to never tell you it's good if I don't really believe in it...
  19. I've watched and listened to it four times now and it still gives me chills and makes me smile when as hear the music unfolding...I had no idea it would be like that...
  20. Thanks Diane...It's been years since I've heard that...It is something that gives me chills when I hear it...And explains more to me about Eric Carmen's love of music than anything he could say.
  21. Meanwhile the KISS Army has a different strategy to promote their favorite band. http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/05/kiss.ap/index.html
  22. I know it's not a rock instrumental...But I heard Horst Jankowski's "A Walk Through The Black Forest" one day on the car radio on the way to Grandma's house...I was about 8 years old at the time and I never forgot that moment...Nothing extraordinary happened that day that I can recall...Just that moment in the car with that song playing...Now years later...Whenever I hear "A Walk Through The Black Forest" I think of Grandma...And just driving down that road I hear the song again in my head...A song that is so connected with one moment is always gonna be one of my favorites...
  23. I forgot to mention "Come Back When You Grow Up"...Bobby Vee's last big hit from 1967...That was a sea-change from the records he released in the early 60's...And still one of his best.
  24. I watched MTV from the very start...It was just what I wanted at the time...A radio station on television...But that didn't last for long... I will forever blame MTV for the flood of reality shows that have turned television into a mindless wasteland...Where the fake reality of television is a powerful enough influence on some...that it corrupts their real life reality into some kind of lame imitation of the fake reality they see on TV... Even now the thought of this is bending my mind...
  25. That is so cool Ira!...Bobby Vee had some great hits in the 60's...songs that I still like to hear today...I'll never get tired of "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" and "Take Good Care Of My Baby"...The arrangements of his songs seemed to be more in tune with the music to come in the near future...than what had been heard in the past...
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