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  1. Happy Birthday! yes it's true we can never get over you you're the one you're the world you're our moderator girl have a day and a night and another if it's right here it is hope it's true happy birthday girl to you! Happy Birthday, Diane!
  2. So far...only microwave popcorn.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Julesberry!...I hope your day is full of love and fun!
  4. Thank you for looking and the comment too!
  5. Thanks, Shelly!...Yeah...I do music too...but not for this one so far...I've kind of drawn a blank on the melody... If you wanna hear songs i've written just click my MySpace sig...Some of them are there.
  6. "I'll Always Be A Friend To You" no matter what i've said no matter what i've done some things can never change no matter where we run whatever happens you know that it's true i'll always be a friend to you i may get angry i may be sad some things i may regret when i'm trying to hold fast it may be hard to see but you know it's true i'll always be a friend to you the wins and losses in this life keep closing in sometimes it's hard to find my way but when i'm down the most and i think i've reached the end just a word or two can save me if they're coming from a friend i may act colder i may act dumb i know i can't be perfect but i'm not the only one when the word is said you will know it's true i'll always be a friend to you (2009 db michel)
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Boopell!...I hope your day is really swell!
  8. Brilliant, Tony!...Now i wanna hear you sing this masterpiece of love.
  9. danmichel


    All my hopes are with you, Chris...You will be tested in the coming days with temptation...Do your best to resist...You really are starting over...When i quit drinking years ago i did it cold turkey...It was very unpleasant...Alcohol had been such a big part of my life so it was not easy...But it sure was worth it!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna!...I hope your day is the best!
  11. The Rams were so pitiful last season that there is nowhere to go but up...But this is very much a re-building season...and it won't be easy for them to improve...I think the Rams will be more entertaining though...not laughable (to their opponents) like last season.
  12. Thanks Shelley and missm for your comments...It was hard to hear anything in my muddled recording...but it's just a start...Thanks again!
  13. Happy Birthday, Duane!...I hope it was a great one!
  14. Happy Birthday, Paulie!... Sorry i was late... It's much too late for cards now... presents or a cake i hope you had a good one that's all that i can say you can imagine what i would buy but you still have to pay
  15. Just a lil something i wrote after i woke up from a strange dream...When i woke up a musical riff was running trough my brain...I started with only "the less i hear...the more i know...the sea of silence tells me so" for lyrics...I had written that down seven hours earlier...Turns out it fit the riff perfectly. "Zombie Restaurant" who could hear what i don't and still not get the hint don't worry 'bout me anymore 'cause i'm really over it what is there to ponder but where to go from here no hurry 'cause i'm gone again this is it really it my friend it's time for me to go (the less i hear....the more i know...the sea of silence tells me so) i'm leaving on my own (the more i wait...the less i want...in this zombie restaurant) no ending for a story that never should begin no chasin' dreams that don't exist let them perish on the wind no matter what i do now there ain't no lookin' back no water falls in outer space can make ponder what i lack it's time for me to go (the less i hear....the more i know...the sea of silence tells me so) i'm leaving on my own (the more i wait...the less i want...in this zombie restaurant) http://dbmichel.podbean.com/mf/play/m4nikq/ZombieRestaurant.mp3 Pardon the awful singing...I recorded this right after i finished the thing.
  16. Ferrante and Teicher's Midnight Cowboy Theme was one of the best records ever...I used to listen to that over and over again when i was a kid...Just such a sad...yet soaring sound.
  17. danmichel


    Best wishes and prayers for your rehab, Chris!...It sounds like you have answered the wake up call.
  18. Intelligent inclusion of classical elements and melodies into popular music...These classical elements were not just tossed in there for show...They were in there because they belonged in the songs.
  19. Let's Pretend...Not easy to sing at all...But even harder to sing it and convey all the emotion that Eric did...And there was no AutoTune involved...I would challenge today's male or female singers to tackle this one...
  20. My thoughts are with you Matt on this difficult day.
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