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  1. may the good times be with you may the bad times be few may what few there are have silver linings HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. One thing i wish i knew..What Would Lew Do? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lew!
  3. What can be said?...Except that she's an amazing performer...She knocks me out with that song every Christmas.
  4. Congratulations to the new Grandparents!
  5. Cozmik...I hope your birthday is great!
  6. Ira...I think your son looks a lot like you...With just a bit more hair.
  7. I'm keepin' my pants on 'till it gets warmer outside!... But the thought of Burl Ives as the Snowman running 'round the North Pole naked gives me a laugh...As i recall he was almost there anyway...He wears only a vest...and nothing covers the nether regions.
  8. I think a special time is made better with Ira around.
  9. Thanks for listening, Tony!...And thanks for hearing something better than what i hear when i listen to me.
  10. Thank you missm!...I didn't know i had any Elvis in my voice...i'll have to listen and see if i can hear it.
  11. I had no idea how interesting it was gonna be when i clicked that link...Thanks for posting!
  12. Thank you, Wendy!...I know Betsy would love you too.
  13. Thanks, Laura! That my mom and dad's dog Betsy in the pics...along with my dad.
  14. Happy Holidays to you too MJ!
  15. MERRY CHRISTMAS from me to all of you!
  16. That was awesome Wendy!...You are a living doll!...and your puppy is cute too! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  17. My thoughts are prayers are sent for your mom and you.
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bahoo! another year older for good old you!
  19. I'm sorry to hear of this John...I hope the day comes soon when you can think of her...and smile as you remember the good times you shared.
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