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  1. We've run Paul Harvey News and Comment on our stations for many years...I will miss his signature sign off...Good Daay...Plus of course his unique delivery of the news...which others have attempted...but failed to duplicate... Paul has worked part-time on the broadcast since his wife passed away last year...Lately his voice had sounded a little weaker than before...I knew that the end might be coming...But it's still hard to believe that this man isn't going to be back on the air next week. Paul Harvey's programs News and Comment...and The Rest of the Story were the cornerstones of the ABC Radio Network...As of his passing...they could be in a lot of trouble... My pick to replace him (as if anyone can) would be Gil Gross...One of the many substitutes who have subbed for him in the last few years...Another possibility is his son...Paul Harvey Jr. who has been anchoring The Rest of The Story and his own That's News program for ABC Radio. As a radio guy...I respect and admire the one of a kind talent that was Paul Harvey.
  2. I wish i could hear some of the various versions of "My Heart Stops" that were recorded with Eric's $100,000...Are any of them available still available for Bernie to put up on the site?
  3. McCartney has made the bass line a hook in songs he has recorded over and over again...He took whatever magic he was blessed with and sprinkled it on whatever he was doing...writing...singing...playing bass.
  4. danmichel

    Blackhawk Pat

    You can never come back home...until you've gone away...Welcome home Pat!
  5. I guess you could say that where Brian and The Beach Boys are concerned...so many people can't get beyond their "fun" music...i guess maybe because all they want to do is dance...But there is so much more hidden in the awesome body of work they produced so many years ago...that to hear it now...many people would find it all brand new.
  6. All By Myself is now a 20th Century standard...Having said that...Even the best song is somebody's unfavorite...
  7. It puts a vision of a day in my head...Like i'm looking out the window...pondering the mystery that is life.
  8. That video has only been up since February 8th...and it already has logged more than 511,000 views...that's pretty darn good!
  9. Reflections Of My Life is a superb song and Marmalade made a excellent record of it...Sounds like a record the Bee Gees could have made.
  10. Ira...I forgot to mention that stomps and hand claps are two of my favorite kind of hooks...So simple and basic...Closer to the roots of music than just about anything else...
  11. Ira...Thanks for posting "Have I Got The Right"...I love it!...I've listened to it more than a dozen times since i clicked your link...It's just a damn good record!...It's not one i remember hearing when i was a kid...I was only 5 at the time...But i can't get it outta of my head now. btw...Although similar in some respects to Sedaka...The singer's Growl when he kicks into the chorus sets him apart...It's just one of many hooks...Including the mystical sounding lead quitar riff.
  12. Happy Birthday Beatlejay!...Hope you have a good one!
  13. I hope Gerry Rafferty brings himself back...He is a supremely talented artist...Several of his songs are among my all time faves...Right now i'm listening to "Days Gone Down"...One of the many great songs he has recorded...No one sounds like him...He's definitely one of a kind.
  14. You could have elf ears and we would never know...Until now!
  15. Also back in the day there were hundreds of different programmers programming the music...Hundreds of different ears to find the best records...Now there are far fewer programmers because of the consolidation of radio...So just a very few opinions decide what records are gonna get a chance... And don't get me started on call out research...It puts people on the spot to make a decision about a record that might change the very next time they hear the exact same song...The opinions received in this way are forced opinions because people are driven to give an answer...That is not the best of ways to find out what records are gonna connect with people...Music is a far more personal experience than call out research...or for that matter any kind of research to accurately assess...Unfortunately too many great songs are never heard for the second time...Because they didn't pass the computerized research criteria for being a hit... With AutoTune the pretty people factor in music will become even more entrenched...Because now singers won't be expected to actually be able to carry a tune...They can fix all that up in the studio with AutoTune.
  16. Arrrghhh!...I am having second thoughts about my post in this thread...But it's too late for me to make it go away. To whom it may concern...I would not be offended if this thread were to disappear.
  17. My recent medical situation has given me some inspiration...Inspiration on what not to do on Valentine's Day...Do not read if you are easily sickened. "Deep Fried Polyps" took my honey on a date the hungry girl just could not wait she thought that we'd go out for steak but she got deep fried polyps on a plate It's just a tiny diner over there local surgeons bring the fare as for me i didn't care i had the veggie salad they prepared (bridge) she thought they were scallops or some kind of clam she threw up when i told her she was eating guts of man took my honey out to eat the results were bittersweet when she was finished leaving me they said her deep fried polyps would be free (2009 db michel)
  18. She Did It is fun to sing along with too...It's really a workout!
  19. She Did It does it for me...It's one of the songs on my "bring me up when i'm feeling blah" CD that i play while cruising in my car.
  20. Just relax and enjoy the experience...And don't worry about saying something stupid...'Cause if you worry about saying something stupid...You most certainly will!... No matter how many hit records somebody has they're still human...A fact that really hit home with me back in the 80's when this girl called the radio station i was working for in Terre Haute, Indiana...wanting to talk to our PD...He was busy on another line...So i talked to this gal for 5 minutes while waiting for him to get off the phone...Only at the very end of my conversation with her did she reveal that she was Cyndi Lauper...There was nothing cosmic about her...She was just nice!...I was rather embarrassed though that i didn't realize who i was talking to...I think she liked it that way...Otherwise i would have been way to scared to have flirted with her!
  21. That was an incredible video!...What an awesome thing it was for Brian Wilson to be able to take the sounds he was hearing in his head...And be able to get the other players to bring them to life...It's like the ultimate power...Bringing a song to life the way you really want it to be.
  22. I can understand anxiety attacks...Outside of my "safe" world on the air at the radio station i sometimes feel ill at ease...It's not when i'm out in front of a crowd during some radio station promotion that gets to me...I'm fine with that...even revel in that...It's being in the middle of the crowd that sometimes bugs me...Or meeting someone in person...one on one...for the very first time...I've always been that way...I've lived in public...on the air...since i was 14 years old...But outside of that safe zone i'm pretty shy... People find that hard to understand...They think that talking on the air at a radio station is the impossible thing.
  23. Thank you, Tony! Now all Bahoo has to say is Yoohoo and i could make an attempt at lyricizing his songs... Here is a seed of a song i thought of: there are so many songs in sorry so many feelings left behind for lost because of sorry if you leave them too long they'll be gone Would anyone have a melody for that?
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