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  1. Gone too soon...What can i say?...Eric Carmen's music spoke to me as i was coming of age...and i never forgot what that meant to me...This past Sunday night i was watching The Raspberries "Go All The Way" from the reunion concert...I was wondering if they'd ever do it again...Sadly now i know the answer...My condolences to his family and to all his friends here. Dan
  2. So many things die and fade away on the internet...I'm glad ericcarmen.com is still kickin' all these years!...Congratulations Bernie on 25 years of this site...And thanks Eric Carmen for making this site necessary.
  3. Congratulations on 3 million hits!...That's more than Elvis ever had!
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric!...May you find new magic in every day you live!
  5. It's brilliant!...strong vocals on a soaring melody and some amazing harmonies...This is for REAL!...I love the chords in the melody...it reminds just a little of my EC favorite "Let's Pretend"....This song is not an easy song to sing...So kudos to Eric Carmen for keeping his voice in shape...Your age is only a number....and this song proves it...64 must be the new 24!
  6. I suspect some of this extra interest in Go All The Way is because of the DVD/Blue Ray release of Dark Shadows...After hearing the cover by The Killers play over the end credits of the film a lot of people had to be wanting more of it...btw...the cover is so true to the original it had me wondering who was who on that track!
  7. Eric...You're a musical genius and you always have been...This new development in your life is testimony to that. As for the new collection of your essential best...i'm looking forwward to playing some of the enhanced and supercharged...better than ever sounding tracks on my radio show... I'm late to this party as i was on hiatus out in the ether...glad i dropped in for a look.
  8. Very good news indeed!...Congratulations on your continuing recovery!
  9. In the spirit of The Ray Conniff Singers the Illinois Lottery ran this radio commercial at Christmas time this year which really nails the famous Conniff sound. http://adland.tv/radio/illinois-lottery-joy-someone-comforter-pizza-guy-60-usa
  10. I just found this treasure trove of magic...It is so cool to hear these songs in their earliest form...And hear how Eric heard them in his original vision of what they could be.
  11. Wendy...You set a wonderful example!...Giving people hope and restoring their faith in humanity can help to set up the first steps in someone's own personal recovery from whatever has set them back...You've done good!
  12. I'm just hoping they don't turn it all hip hoppy.
  13. I liked The Who's Super Bowl show...It was good to see them on the big stage.
  14. I hate...hate... Seriously i do...I used to hate a lot of things...But i'm trying to pare my list to one...and just hate...hate.
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