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  1. Hah! I grew up on liver and onions -- didn't care for it much. I've never cooked it for our kids! Also, beets!! I hated them as a kid and I said I'd never make my kids eat them -- and, to my knowledge, they never have! My Mom still serves them when we visit... Ick!! For me, raw fish, sushi-type stuff -- I wouldn't even try it.

  2. Why are you bullying a fellow board member, Lew Bundles, Raspyrock & rasperrywolf? So LostControl was late hearing the news -- so what?! She shared a very personal part of her life with us and expressed her opinion in a very non-combative manner. What's your gripe? We're all still thinking about it -- knowing that he's going to court next week. We call ourselves a family here, so play nice... and leave her alone. Geez...

  3. Steve, thanks for sharing your memories of Kato. It's the most heart-wrenching decision to say good-bye to such a dear friend, but it's also the kindest decision. You did the right thing for Kato, and his memory will live in your heart until you meet again. "Heaven... where you'll meet all the dogs you ever loved". In the meantime, please know that you are in my thoughts & prayers.

  4. The greeting my new puppy gives me when I come home! Can't beat it! Unconditional love smile

    Hearing my 21-year-old son say "Love You!", before I say it, as he heads out the door...

    And, this morning, my husband had to leave for work way before I had to get up... when I got to the kitchen, there was a note on the coffee maker that he had set it to brew automatically for me heartpump What a doll! After 30 years, he still amazes me...

    Life is good in my little corner of the world...

  5. This IS a great thread. I've enjoyed reading everyone's favorite memories from their childhoods. Here are a few of mine...

    Meeting friends at Sports Haven for a "Big M" burger.

    Dances at the community church after football games.

    Night crawler hunting (like Laura said!).

    Grilled bologna sandwiches!

    Our summer membership at Oceana Park - the 60's version of a water park. It was really cool at the time.

    BUN candy bars.

    Getting off the school bus on my 12th birthday, walking up the driveway, and hearing The Beatles' new album playing on a new record player! What a great gift!

    These are a few that come to mind... Thanks for the memories...

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