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  1. Happy Birthday, Annie!! You must be my lucky charm -- I haven't been able to log onto this website for months!!... and today I get on with the first try smile Anyway, we loved meeting you this summer and hope you have the happiest birthday you can imagine. You are a beautiful young lady and a joy and pleasure to be with. I know your parents are very proud of you! Happiest wishes to you for a wonderful birthday, Annie!!

    Love, Linda

  2. My Honda was made in the United States. From their corporate website... "2009 marks Honda's 50th year of operations in the United States. Honda has been a major contributor to the U.S. economy for 50 years. Today, Honda employs nearly 27,000 people in all 50 states." I love my Honda.

  3. We had a great time visiting with Muzza & Kiwi, Pat, Kathy Lee, John & Annie! We missed you, Laura. It was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon! Thanks, Kathy Lee & Pat, for getting all the details worked out for us to get together. Wishing Kiwi & Muzza safe travels to Nashville tomorrow!

  4. Still praying here, too, Lisa! My father-in-law was hospitalized about 18 months ago with pneumonia -- his Dr. told him that he was the 2nd sickest person he'd ever seen/treated. He is fully recovered and back to an active, vibrant livestyle. He's 81. I hope for the same recovery for Jay's Mom. pray

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