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  1. Happy Birthday, Annie!! You must be my lucky charm -- I haven't been able to log onto this website for months!!... and today I get on with the first try smile Anyway, we loved meeting you this summer and hope you have the happiest birthday you can imagine. You are a beautiful young lady and a joy and pleasure to be with. I know your parents are very proud of you! Happiest wishes to you for a wonderful birthday, Annie!!

    Love, Linda

  2. We had a great time visiting with Muzza & Kiwi, Pat, Kathy Lee, John & Annie! We missed you, Laura. It was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon! Thanks, Kathy Lee & Pat, for getting all the details worked out for us to get together. Wishing Kiwi & Muzza safe travels to Nashville tomorrow!

  3. Still praying here, too, Lisa! My father-in-law was hospitalized about 18 months ago with pneumonia -- his Dr. told him that he was the 2nd sickest person he'd ever seen/treated. He is fully recovered and back to an active, vibrant livestyle. He's 81. I hope for the same recovery for Jay's Mom. pray

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