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  1. Having lunch in an Italian restaurant last week, I recognize the schmaltzy song over the PA---an Italian-language version of All By Myself!
  2. Absolutely. Have you heard Scott's version of the Beatles' "Yes It Is"? Beautiful version of a beautiful song.
  3. I forgot about those other songs on Raspnerries Best---my mistake. I had the Power Pop CD with Side 3 and Starting Over, then I found TWO versions of "Play On" on Limewire---studio and a live one---couldn't figure if it was live Scott, live Berries '74, or live Berries '05, but it was good. Very cool that Eric dedicated it to Scott on the tour.
  4. That would be great! By FAR my favorite Raspberries album is Side 3. But "Play On"---what a song!
  5. My favorite song of the '70s' "Play On," has yet to appear on a Raspberries anthology. I remember that it wasn't on Raspberries Best because EVERY song was a Carmen solo composition. But even Rose Coloured (pretentious British spelling, a la Chicago) Glasses was on at least one. Come on---where's "Play On"??!!
  6. But of course, no "Play On," as I've written has been in the case on EVERY best-of package. A little ridiculous already? Every package has practically the same songs---there was actually one featuring "Rose Coloured Glasses" and no "Play On." Why Scott used the British spelling, I've always wondered. Even Eric said that "Play On" is his favorite of all the ones he & Scott wrote together. I understand the very first collection, Raspberries Best (featuring Eric Carmen)---Capitol was obviously pushing Eric's first solo album, and EVERY song on the collection was written by EC alone---no collaborations. Pretty pathetic.
  7. So you love "Play On" as well! It's my favorite song of the seventies and is in my all-time top 10, which includes things like The Beatles "Please Please Me" (the American stereo version), The Kinks' "Till the End of the Day" (from The Live Kinks), Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" (the SINGLE!!), and the Grass Roots' "Heaven Knows," et al.
  8. Why is it that my favorite Raspberries song (by far!!), "Play On," has NEVER been featured on a greatest hits package? Even the brand-new one. What's the deal?
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