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  1. What a treat. What a gift. As I listened to the disc on the subway tonight, I was once again astounded at how amazingly and honestly these guys played their music on this "first" set of reunion dates. What an embarrassment of riches. I think apart from the band's OBVIOUS chemistry, the allure for all of us that cherish this music is that beneath it all -- these are actually guys that we would know. And WANT to know. They were the guys that you used to talk about Rock with in High School, and they're the guys that are probably your cool neighbors now. The Raspberries have always succeeded on many levels, but, and I think I speak for us all, the main level is that that they were always unabashedly for and of us. Bravo to the nnnnnth. Yet another job well done. Here's to the third act!!! Health, happiness, and longevity, HV NYC 8/1/07
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