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  1. so, then Annie... what 'sacrificial offering' did the city acquire this trip?? (lol)
  2. That's beyond QUITE cool! Isn't that actually the front of world-famous FAO Schwartz toy store, across 5th Ave from the former Plaza Hotel!?!?! (from the FAO Schwartz website: 'And the store's guiding principle has not changed since 1862: to provide the world's children with the world's most extraordinary toys') So, carrying on that location's legacy of delighting kids of all ages for years,.... now with this new glinting candybox, Apple gets to entice folks to use/buy all the high-tech 'gadgets & toys' that we all squeal about and rely on.
  3. ScentLady, Didn't know that about Christie.... I'll have to see what my brother-in-laws (some of who went to CM) think of the local boy then. Still would say that he's more "thought of" as part of the NY/NJ 60's 'sound' rather than representative of Pittsburgh.
  4. Ira, ONLY three??? Wow, I applaude your restraint on musical 'loves'. Nice anecdote too about Sandy Linzer. But your three are definitely part of my top "?". Sorry, little restraint for me... not sure I could really establish or limit my fav's number. But didn't I see another thread on peoples 'top bands'?? I'll have to hunt & add there. Jeff
  5. Marv, Yep, that VeeJay LP of the "Four Seasons Vs. The Beatles" marked that huge 'rivalry'. Right up there in the discount bins.... I got my copy! But seriously, the Seasons certainly provided the local NY/NJ region in the early 60's with a 'sound' that folks here identified with (and embraced, supported, etc.). Sure there became a national exposure, but like Johnny Maestro & Lou Christie and many many MANY more NYC groups, they were 'our' Beach Boys, 'our' Supremes, 'our' Kinks or Who. And, yes, absolutely.. their hits & sales numbers were right up there with the top bunches. Let alone the topics, melodies, and 'pop'-ness of the tunes. ....oh and if he gets whacked, it better not be by a Canadian "associate".... Jeff
  6. Eric, My thanks!!! (echoing others' sentiments about being directly in touch w/ THE person of this website....). Quite nice that you & Frankie have had connections over time. And nice to hear he's "ok" in your view. Per your note on Linzer & Petrillo, might you explain a bit more (if it's not too personal or "old" history)?? Did their thoughts/efforts ever have y'all crossing paths or working w/ Gaudio or Crewe, too? Or at some point when you've been solo? Also, as you noted 'Tell it to the Rain'... one of their best ever that unfortunately doesn't make it in the show.... I've always thought of that song as their attempt (as a 50's based group & sound) to try to keep pace with the late 60's edgy-er "rock" that was evolving. A successful effort too, I think. Great band, great sound... still providing a multi-decade American music presence. Can we say 'They're certainly not rap'? Jeff
  7. Phil, IMHO, the show was quite moving & ironic (as far as "telling the story" of the Seasons). Though I'd always loved the music, I never knew of the hard-knocks, internal strife & external difficult hurdles they had to deal with. Appalling how the music companies treated bands... but gee, I guess that's not news to this forum. But, per your note on the website, don't forget they have a national touring version going. As for John Llyod Young (portraying Frankie), yes, I'd say he was very good in the role. Good voice... not Frankie's exactly, but then, who could. Certainly a solid 'cover'. But to add, the real 'standout' for my buck was Christian Hoff (portraying Tommy DeVito). Amazing acting, had great lines, and sang & played incredibly. All these actors were solid in their roles, and that they're banging it out day after day is quite worthy of respect. And yet they certainly seemed to geninuely enjoy giving their performance. Well worth it. Jeff
  8. Eric, Recently got to see the Broadway show 'Jersey Boys' about the Four Seasons. Being a fav band of mine (1st LP was their 1965 Golden Hits), I watched the show, floored at the biographic info that's offered. Whether even half the scripted info is factual or every bit true, those guys (like many bands) had tough, tough lives.... while their music certainly touched & pleased many folks and (I believe) shaped much of rock n'roll. Without intending to get into the details of their career (or the factualness of the show), I was wondering if you felt/were influenced by the Seasons work, especially considering the vocals. I'm not citing a deliberate similarity, but it strikes me that their use of doo-wop based harmonies might've been something you and the Raspberries saw something to reference. BTW, as we came up 8th ave & crossed 42nd for the show, my wife pointed over at BB King's and said "think this'll be as big for you as that?was??" (referring to the NYC shows). I said "could be... but they're kind-of in different places in my internal musical 'library' though". I have to reflect a bit more on it, but what I will say for now is that those were two phenomenal performances. July 23rd was incredible (ok, ok.... yes it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than the Broadway show!!!) Respectfully, Jeff Bryant
  9. For the 'names' aspect of the thread... my great great grandfather was Dorastus (and apparently went by the nickname of Dory). My brother used to swear to our parents that he would absolutely name one of his children after Dorastus so he could shout/call to them exclaiming " 'RASTUS...!!! you get your ass-tus in here right now!!!" Thankfully, when he married, he & his wife chose Sean and Cory instead. Jeff Bryant
  10. He's still a radio jock - http://www.wfuv.org/wfuv/dennis.html
  11. For those driving - direct from the BBKing website FAQ page - "Q. Parking? A. If you are coming to our club by car, please park at 250 West 43 rd street (between 7 + 8 Ave). Present your ticket stub or visit the B.B. King Box Office for validation in order to get a special rate on parking." Icon Parking is a solid resource. Or the NYC Department of City Planning website, which lists parking facilities citywide (this weblink) might assist: http://nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/parking/getmap.html?zoomifyImagePath=%2E%2E%2F%2E%2E%2Fgif%2Fparking%2Fpidpmn&zoomifyX=0.155986263179677&zoomifyY=-0.134810695858248&zoomifyZoom=100 BUT!!! hey (and PLS, w/o intending to incur anyones' wrath), as a local (living in NNJ) I've got to chime in with.... given the summer, the heat, & just a 'fer chris' sake folks' viewpoint .... won't you pls, pls, pls give mass transit a shot!!!! The bus terminal is just a block away and there are reasonable schedules, and the trains & subways are SO close. .... C'mon everyone... mass transit & the Raspberries - Perfect together! (with a tip o' the hat to Gov. Byrne)!
  12. Hey all... can't wait for Sat & Sun like everyone (been over-cranking my Rasp CD's for two weeks now!!!), and forgive me if this was covered in another thread/topic.... but I just wondering how many attendees might have the amazing distinction/honor/luck to have seen the boys at the Carnegie Hall performance? Anyone care to (or actually qualify to) raise their hands? And... I'd love to see their responses & reviews after the shows for a personal comparative analysis. Jeff
  13. Count me in for Sat night's show! Jeff
  14. Hi all... new 'msg bd'-er stopping by, but an EC and Raspberries fan for many many years. Waited with other faithful folks at BB King's this morning, and got my tix for Sat. As I related to the first fan in line (ms. Kazumi, I presume?...) I don't know if my wife will go, but I'm elated and excited! To the other folks at BB's - very nice talking, sharing, relating to all of you and see you at the show!!! Great morning!
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