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  1. Tonite....a day with my girlfriend's grand kids walk in' around Napa's shops and parks...then back to the Wine Valley Lodge for a 7:00 P.M. dip in the pool and poolside vodka...Ya know what I'm thinkin'... "Life is very short and ther'es no ti-yi-yi-yi-yime for fuss in' and fight in' my friend".. Recipe For Happiness...California...:)
  2. Matthew..Wendy IS now #2 in Burger sales...I know Subway is bigger especially in number of locations...the start-up costs for a Subway are much smaller than for a McDonald's franchise I believe.
  3. ...on the return of Lebron James.... Cleveland is like many of us when we were in high school... unappreciated...and not thinking much of ourselves... While I was called "Fatso" back in those "Glory Days" of high school.. ... People called it the "Mistake By The Lake".. Not so!!! The home of the birth of rock and roll....Sonny Gerace..Raspberries...Eric...Jim Brown... (MY agenda...GREAT Jewish ballplayer and baseball executive...Al Rosen) AND..if you visit...GREAT ballpark...Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..and the Tower Center!!! Mazel Tov Cleveland!!
  4. Wendy's has passed Burger King as #2 to McDonald's...as it positions itself as a casual/dining/fast food cut-above restaurant like the fast charging Panera's..Chipotle etc. Bringing back the "Pretzel" AND choosing "ABM" is a REAL big deal at a time when EVERYTHING is trending Wendy's way. Again...Eric.....For all the pleasure you've given so many..May you ALWAYS have it your way..
  5. Herb and Lani are playing a LOVELY theater in Sellersville Pa. ..We're thinkin' of goin'...
  6. God bless you Eric...A hit song is the gift that keeps giving...good for you... OOPS!!!...I have my own financial plan now that I've retired... Gotta run..I gotta redeem my coupon for 20 cents off Skippy peanut butter..and it expires tonite.. Seriously...I gave the Turtles the idea for "Happy Together"...but I ain't seen a dime yet ...OH Well...
  7. My birthday/retirement present from Beverly was a music weekend... Went to Atlantic City....Saw Burton Cummings.. Talk about under-rated lead singers,,, UNBELIEVABLE..67 years old..that voice..!!!..AND He's a great piano player...he also played flute..(She's Come Undone)...harmonica..and guitar.. Thanx to Beverly...MY American Woman!
  8. LEW....I know that short-term this recipe for happiness is a proven winner...I will keep you all posted as to it's long-term effects as I continue to test it in my lab....
  9. 1)-Buy an IPad. 2)-Subscribe to Sirius...If you already have it in your car...or even if you don't..getting Sirius on your PCs and IPads is cheap. 3)-Buy a cute little speaker from Amazon OR Target to plug into your tablet. 4)-(Optional)..for $40 you can also get a Bluetooth speaker that will FILL the entire downstairs living area of your home or apt. 5)-(Optional)...Drink scotch while doing your chores and listening to your little speaker and/or your Bluetooth speaker. SEE..you just learned the Recipe For happiness without having to spend THOUSANDS on a bogus motivational program!!!- Here's the small speaker.. http://www.amazon.com/iHome-IM60GT-Portable-Speaker-Translucent/dp/B004OA733E/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1404502974&sr=1-5&keywords=small+speakers and here's the Bluetooth speaker I got... http://www.amazon.com/Creative-D100-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B003N9SR00/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1404503518&sr=1-1&keywords=creative+bluetooth+speakers Happy 4th AND Happy life-Ira.
  10. Batman...I think I remember her doing one of her last hit songs on your 60's show..the fabulous "California Nights".. I did NOT google..purely memory...Am I correct....
  11. I ALWAYS liked these records...BUT I was a kid.. Didn't know how beautifully they were produced... Didn't know they were Quincy Jones's first early success... Didn't realize how well they spoke...and still speak to this 63 year old kid.. Eric..in your words..would you say a few words about why you like Lesley Gore and her records? Thanks-Ira.
  12. Love you...You're a VERY special man!!!!
  13. Thanks everybody...BTW Cayenne..I was seen wearing ONLY tight pants and a big smile...
  14. So I'm an unhappy kid raised(?) in a quasi-religiousJewish Orthodox household... It's a little like being Amish.. Anyhoo..my mom was always excited learning that...Kirk Douglas..Jewish..Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/..Jack Benny..Milton Berle...Danny Kaye..Jerry Lewis...Jewish.. So I kinda inherited that quirk...gettin' excited to learn David Lee Roth etc. was a paisan..er..Lantzman.. SOOO..Rock and Roll radio was my salvation from this claustrophobic religious prison.. My first love...The Four Seasons...I had 16 of their 45's.. Somewhere down the line..I noticed a Jewish name co-writing such hits as "Dawn" "Let's Hang On"..."Opus 17"...""Workin' My Way Back To You"..etc. Many years later when I spent a brief time in sales..I was referred to sell to Sandy Linzer... He was pleasant enough... One cool ting he shared with me..was that after his success with the classically inspired "Lover's Concerto" by the Toys...he mined that idea for the "Seasons' "Opus 17"..I thought it was cool to learn that tidbit.. Anyhoo..Again...Many years later I learn of the Raspberries experience with him..AND see him credited..(perhaps only 'cause he HAD to be) on your.."The Essential" and now today seeing his name on the closing credits of the GREAT "Jersey Boys" movie...he was on my mind... Eric...Do I remember you recounting that he tried to unpleasantly turn you guys into The Four Seasonal Raspberries? Sorry if it awakens unpleasant memories..but I was curious to hear your "take" on this guy who had considerable success...but mishandled you guys.. Thanks.
  15. Thanx Lew... Tommy James transcended bubble gum...psychedelia and old-fashioned pop.... He wrote...sang...produced and is still great in concert!! 60's pop...groups with multi-hits are a finite group... Mamas and Papas..Grass Roots...Three Dog Night...Four Seasons...Beach Boys...Jan and Dean...5th Dimension...Rascals...etc. ...There ain't that many... They should ALL be in IMHO!!!
  16. Donna..Brucie is doing THIS next week in your backyard... http://njfair.com/cousin-brucie.php
  17. EC.com's old buddy "pop dude"...contributing editor Goldmine Magazine and much respected music authority John Borack is the writer of this piece...:)
  18. I got such a rush hearing this..... Man.."Sirius" has seriously changed my life..so many special treats for children of the 50's 60's and 70's... (BTW...It was also a rush hearing Dave sing "Cold" at Raspberries reunion shows..:)
  19. COOL...Tonite at a little past 6:00..during his second hour...Cousin Brucie played " THIS" on Channel 6.."60's on 6".. Cousin Brucie's Show is re-run on Sunday.. Check for start time for Brucie on Sundays.. I THINK it's 5:00 then as well which would mean 6-ish Sunday too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MspEyQbA24k
  20. ira

    "Almost Summer"

    Cayenne..LOVED what you did offering versions of the great "Summertime"... Billy Stewart..("Sitting In The Park"...).. His "Summertime"..PTG..Pretty damn Good IMHO!
  21. I'm already waiting on line at the House Of Blues in Cleveland... Am I a little premature.. I got about a 90 day food supply..
  22. Anyone know why Mike never joined other than many thought that it was because he was wealthy enough not to tour...Was that in fact one of the reasons?
  23. ok...I'm.curious to see your review... HEY..I realize that in putting a show together...There are a zillion ways you can go...AND.... "I'm On The Outside Looking In"... Glad I was there but I felt it coulda been better..
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