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  1. Bobby Fuller killed under shady circumstances doing a tune that the great Ira.. and the Great Bruce Springsteen think is one of thre greatest under 3 minute Rockers of all-time!
  2. ira

    Paul and Brian

    "When every little bit of hope is gone... The sad songs say so much " - E.John
  3. ira

    Paul and Brian

    Birdy..Growing up in a hypocritical Quasi-Orthodox Jewish household with a borderline mother and sweet but depressed and castrated father...ain't "Almost Paradise". It's like growing up in an Amish World where in addition...your parents are psychotic... I've worked incredibly hard to find happiness...and sometimes the doldrums still sneak up.. But I finally have a good life with great kids and now in long-term relationship #3..a GREAT woman.. BTW.. for MANY people like myself...the reason they know so much about Rock and Roll...or Star Trek or The Honeymooners...don't always come from a good place.. It comes from a place where being "In My Room"...was better than what was goin' on outside my room.. That 60's and 70's music was my salvation.. I don't LOVE spillin' on the internet...But once in awhile..confession's good for the soul.. Brian..like me.. was saved by a great woman too.. in his case...Melinda... As the great philosopher..R. Starkey wrote.. "It Don't Come Easy". So let's stop feudin' here and enjoy how Eric's music brought us ALL to this party!
  4. When I unofficially won the contest as "The Unhappiest Kid Ever " in 1962...Brian's music made me dream...as it did for many.. that if ONLY I could get to Malibu.... Even as a fat kid wearin' a yarmulke I would have Blonde Chicks fightin' to take me to bed... Then as I got older...SURPRISE...SURPRISE... I learned EVEN Brian wasn't livin' that California life... Did I feel betrayed?...NOPE..."Love And Mercy"..I love him more than ever!! I don't know shit about the history of this song...I just heard it! But it has Brian's wonderful Gift AND naievete...which is why he will always be my favorite artist!
  5. It's insane that people in their late 60s or early 70's in this day and age...are dead AND... in a much greater proportion in Rock and Roll..than in the general population...One surviving member Mamas and Papas ...The Who...50% dead...Temptations..one survivor ..."I Love Rock and Roll"...I despise the culture...
  6. Pretender...the great debate...Are artists tortured souls....BUT in addition....didn't that crazy 60's excess +instability lead to some crazy shit...It kills me...if I'm not mistaken..didn't Terry Kath with everything to live for.. literally played Russian Roulette... In many ways...though some great stuff came from the Hippie Era...Women's Rights..challenging the government and war..That era's cultural support...especially in the Rock world of the Drug Culture..added to Brian Wilson's mental woes and so many deaths. Think about it..It was COOL to do drugs... In retrospect...THAT'S INSANE....just sayin'
  7. See them...I love Brian..But the often criticized Mike and Bruce Beach Boys are SOOO much fun..Walk Don't Run...to see them!
  8. So James..If I disappear for a day or two...Can you remember me fondly...Pretty Please...
  9. And this GREAT Boxtops tune that if I'm pretty sure was meant to emulate the Grass Roots records that were so big at the time... I could ALWAYS hear their lead singer.. the late Rob Grill backed by a a few horns doin' this tune...
  10. When I was a kid...I knew I loved the Boxtops...BUT I didn't know that that kid lead singer...Alex Chilton was something special... A few years back for my birthday we went to Atlantic City to the old Sands hotel to see an "Oldies" show.. Jay Proctor of Jay and the Techniques...some other act and a rare performance at this juncture of the Boxtops... Well at "Oldies" shows acts come out afterward to sign and sell cds and make money. I saw one of the Boxtops and asked..."Is Alex comin' out"...? He said.."Naah...He's got nuthin' to sell" Ya know what ?..I like honesty...even curmudgeonly honesty.. As I said..tragic guy..BUT I love Alex Chilton.. Here's a GREAT Top 20 tune...Enjoy and tell me who you like who contributed so much to pop culture but whose life was no "Rose Garden"...
  11. I'm definitively Not wild about saffron.. Do NOT call me "Mellow Yellow"..quite rightly..😫
  12. OY Cayenne...You ALREADY violated my No opinion dogma... If I don't wanna go "Dancin' In The Street"... Then Damn-it...I ain't gonna go .."Dancin" In The Street"... .
  13. I think I did this once before... I'm sure ALL of you have a number of MAJOR HITS you never liked!! I'm not voicing any opinions here as to why I never liked certain tunes... I can even understand the reason many of these songs were Monster Hits... BUT..if you guys wanna give opinions on big hits you didn't like...who am I to say NO.. Just thought it would be fun to post tunes that are iconic but that y'all....NEVER LIKED... (Susie just reminded me on my country thread that y'all is Proper Country Speak..Thanks Susie B ) I REALLY liked Martha and The Vandellas' "Jimmy Mack"..and "Come and Get these Memories" and "Honey Child"...BUT.... Me and my therapist have been trying for years... to figure out why I never liked this classic..
  14. Great stuff...I'm about to cry in my beer...Thanks for all these great memories.. AND songs that are new to me!! ALWAYS Loved songs that tongue in cheek say I'M DOIN' just fine without you 'cause now.. I CAN EAT MOON PIES AND MAKE JIFFY POP...
  15. Great stuf...I'm about to cry in my beer...Thanks for all these great memories AND songs that are new to me!! ALWAYS Loved songs that tongue in cheek say I'M DOIN' just fine without you 'cause now.. I CAN EAT MOON PIES AND MAKE JIFFY POP... .
  16. Susie...I was quoting the Yiddish-Old Country Dialect...
  17. Susie..Jolene???...this one moves mes me every time..I'm Cyber-stut...stut...stuttering!
  18. My knowledge of Country Music is severely limited... BUT this is a time of year when you're supposed to be SO happy..yet it is a hard time for many... I want to learn from you-all..(See how "Country" I can be ).. about some more GREAT cathartic heartbreak songs. So to quote one of my favorite "Standards"..."Teach Me Tonight"..and share some Country Cryin' Classics.. From my limited inventory...here's one that ALWAYS...(NO drama...I Swear)..ALWAYS makes me cry! E.C. Com-mers...For your listening pleasure...I present The Great Ronnie Milsap...
  19. Thanks.. Susie...Poor Marie...She never even got to see the Raspberries reunite...😰....
  20. Susie...I'm in bed..on my iPad...tired and don't know how to attach a video on iPad... Could you treat the unknowing masses to Nick Lowe's ode to Marie Prevost..the starlet eaten by her dog? Our Nick is tongue in cheek like no one else!!
  21. Susie..I was REALLY kidding...I LOVE Nick Lowe... In fact when I complained about my ex-wife and would insist...(take my word that I was right... if you wanna be my friend.. )..that she had no "Joie De Vivre".. I would say..."I knew the bride when she USED to rock and roll"!
  22. Valorie..(Canadianchick..to you folks who don't speak Canadian)...Here's Johnny from his 70th Birthday party that you and I and Beverly and some former friends saw at B.B. Kings in NYC... He was pretty good EY ?... (Again...For those of you who don't speak Canadian...Translation..."He was pretty good...Huh ?)
  23. These "Seniors" performing "LIVE" ain't all that bad either...
  24. No Cayenne...knowing you hate "Disney Girls"...I'm kinda afraid to admit to you that I love puppies and recycling...
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