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  1. Cilla Black...was MUCH bigger in the U.K. than in the States...But Mr. Lennon persuaded Mr. Epstein to sign her..

    She was GOOD...

    Here's a live performance of her one tune to crack the Top 40 in the USA..

    Go to Youtube and get to know her...

    Call me corny..BUT I LOVE melodramatic..crescendo stuff like this...Enjoy!!!



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  2. For the 1,00,000th time I read about "All By Myself" by Celine Dione being some female celebrity's favorite..."I got the blues...and I'm gonna indulge myself" song.

    I get it..Eric made a FORTUNE on Celine Dione's version...

    If I'm not mistaken...She was THE biggest singer in the world when she released it back when albums by superstars sold millions...

    Still.. If it was me..(I have no idea how Eric feels...perhaps he's more pragmatic than me)..I'd have mixed feelings...'cause Eric did the definitive version..

    Anyhoo..the best record I ever heard about the dilemma OF GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS was this Sam the Sham lost hit...Enjoy...Ira..


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  3. Ya know as Dr. Ringo Von Starr so wisely said.. in life..."It Don't Come Easy"..

    I've actually dropped a few friends...

    I'll tell you why....

    We all have friends who right now might be going thru something worse than we are.

    Thus..it's appropriate for us to be proactive and call more often to ask them  how they're doing..

    But ya know..if they NEVER contact us to ask us.." how are you"...that's not O.K.

    One of the nice things about gettin' older...There's just some shit ya don't have to deal with anymore..."And That's Alright by Me Tonight"-B.Springsteen!

    (BTW...This has NOtHING to do with anyone on this site..It's just something I think about...ALL relationships require some give and take...and we all have friends who forget that !)



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  4. All our lives...we've been told..."Don't put your fiingers on the glass"...be it ..windows in our homes...the coffee table...the car windshield...NOW...we have cool IPhones and Ipads...and what are we supposed to do...?


    Put our fingers directly on the glass screen...and in 90 seconds  after purchasing these BEAUTIFUL new devices we just bought... we have fingerprints and salsa...all over them...


    I've had many trials and tribulations in my life...BUT this dilemna...I'm not sure I can rise above... :(

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  5. Glad you enjoyed...I'm not surprised that Y'all thinks Eric's best beats Brian's best...It is afterall EC.com...and I kinda figure Y'all like Eric... ^_^


    I'm a traitor..Brian is my #1 musical love.


    May I still attend the Ec.com All-You-Can-Eat Buffet on July 4th.... :rolleyes: ?

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  6. M.E. .that was ABSOLUTELY NOT code for you...I am 63... I have a couple of friends who are struggling.....We're older now...BUT relationships should be somewhat reciprocal..and my asking how someone is..is not an invitation to sound like Everybody Loves Raymond's mother Marie.

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  7. What are some daily things you struggle with..not earth shattering...but vexing nonetheless...?


    If I scratch my bumper..get a parking ticket...leave a bag of groceries at the store...


    ...these are things I can't rationalize....and claim that I was in top form...BUT these are things  that are really no big deal...yet I have trouble saying that the human condition is not to be perfect..and S#@T happens.


    I also sometimes have trouble when I have a friend who currently, truly, is dealing with something more difficult than my present state..be it..illness...job...heartbreak..


    I feel impelled to check in periodically to see how they are doing.


    Yet when they have NEVER initiated a call to me just to say hi or just ask how I am...I get mixed up...I ain't sure it's O.K. that there's no reciprocation. .and I am not a big enough man not to resent it a little...

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