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  1. Off the top of my head:

    The Figgs - Follow Jean Through the Sea (outstanding)

    The Peace Creeps - Autumn Love

    Smash Palace - 1999-2006

    Cheap Trick - Rockford

    Graham Parker - 103 degrees in June

    Tommy Keene - Crashing the Ether

    NY Dolls

    Gin Blossoms - Major Lodge Victory (a little disappointing)

  2. I reluctantly have to go with the Geffen CD. The first Arista CD is pretty good too. Raspberries...I don't really like any of them. The first album would be my favorite choice. Side 3 is a clever idea, but IMO it makes the album look like some sort of novelty item, and not the serious rockin' album that it is.

    I like album covers that kind of reveal what's inside. Like Born to Run with Bruce and Clarence. I had a feeling what that album was going to sound like before I put the needle on the vinyl. When I looked at Side 3, I was thinking 1910 Fruitgum Company or the Ohio Express. Of course, when I put the album on, I was completely blown away. I seem to remember a line, "we were locked in image prison...."

  3. Lawsuits??? Are you insane? Then I'm going to sue the Who for the $60 I paid for their "farewell" tour ticket in 1982. For any knucklehead that is considering a lawsuit, could you convince a judge that you wouldn't have purchased the CD/DVD had you known there were going to be 1,000 released instead of 300. Plus, you'll have to show damages. "Geez, your honor, I could have gotten $175 on ebay..."

    Print as many as you can sell. It's not $125 because it's a limited edition. It's $125 because there's $125 worth of stuff included.

    293 and 292.

  4. A joke. I'd love to hear how they decide who gets in and who doesn't. Obviously not based on sales. Influence? Who has been more influential than Kiss, Alice Cooper, Raspberries? Gotta be a critics favorite I guess. They lost all credibility for me when they let the Mamas and the Papas in.

  5. We've listed our favorite power pop bands and favorite power pop songs. So now, how about favorite power pop albums. Here's my top 10.

    Raspberries - Side 3

    Badfinger - Wish You Were Here (close 2nd - Straight Up

    Dwight Twilley - Sincerely

    20/20 - 20/20

    Shoes - Present Tense

    Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience

    Plimsouls - Anywhere at Once

    The Knack - Get the Knack

    Big Star - Radio City

    The Keys - The Keys

    Tommy Keene - Songs from the Film

    Artful Dodger - Rave On

    The Figgs - Follow Jean Through the Sea

    The Beat - The Beat

    Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (1977) (close second - Heaven Tonight)

    Marshall Crenshaw - Good Evening

    The Romantics (first album)

    Smash Palace - 1999-2006

    Eric Carmen - Tonight You're Mine

    The Searchers - Love's Melodies

    Bram Tchaikovsky - Strange Man Changed Man

  6. The Hall lost all credibility for me when the Mamas and the Papas got in. And the Lovin' Spoonful??? Come on, they had a few nice songs, but.... No Alice Cooper, no Kiss, but Blondie's in there??? Again, a joke. If they want bands that were influential, then the Raspberries and Badfinger should be there. If they want bands that just had hits, then where are the Grass Roots, the DC5, Hermans Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders? What the hell is the criteria for getting in???

  7. Good poll.

    Here's my choices...in no particular order.



    Tommy Keene

    Cheap Trick (power pop?)

    Big Star


    Gin Blossoms


    20/20 (great first record)

    Shoes (Present Tense was great)

    There have been some great power pop songs by non-power pop artists over the years too. But that's another list.

  8. I'm not a big fan of this trend of washed up singers doing an entire CD covering old hits. Nothing wrong with including one or two covers, but an entire CD??? If they can't do a decent original song, then at least cover some great obscure songs. Like with Rod Stewart covered "Downbound Train" (although I thought Patty Smyth did a much better version a couple of years before). Quite honestly though...I haven't like Rod the Mod since he left the Faces. IMO, he hasn't done anything that is even close to "Stay With Me."

  9. Here's my 2 cents worth. I would prefer to see the Raspberries tour with a newer, young, relevant opening band. I don't think of the Raspberries as an "oldies" act, and a new band would help attract a new audience to see the masters at work. Cheap Trick is currently touring with OK GO. I would imagine that a lot of OK GO's fans only know of Cheap Trick thru the episode of the Simpsons. Of course, OK Go is only known for that cool treadmill video. The song is mediocre, at best (IMO).

  10. While I'm not a fan of any of those other songs, the Raspberries are in some good company there...Elvis, Chuck Berry (the true king of Rock n Roll), James Brown, Chicago, Three Dog Night, the King of Pop, Mac Davis...wait a minute, Mac Davis had the #1 song????? Ugh!!!

  11. Two things:

    1. We love to hate Steinbrenner, but I wish the Phillies' owners wanted to win as much as he does. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

    2. Abreau is a dog. He's not a winner. He puts up nice stats, but he's all about himself. Notice that since he's been gone, the Phillies have been winning. Even the players have commented about what a dog he was in the clubhouse. He's surrounded by winners now but (despite what Donnie Osmond said) one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

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