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  1. Any place where I can stand right in front of the stage with a steady supply of cold Yuengling Lagers. I'm sorry, but sitting and rock 'n' roll just don't together. That's why I loved the first House of Blues show so much...just me and a cold beer a mere 10 feet from the stage.

  2. I caught a couple of shows during that tour as well, one in Birmingham and the other at LSU in Baton Rouge. For my money, this was the best tour for Bruce, the shows were loud and fun - and not slick productions in big arenas or stadiums. I only wish I would have been able to catch him in the clubs in the early days. Prove It All Night, along with Candy's Room and Because the Night were highlights for me.

  3. Love that movie. Adam Schlesinger wrote the song and asked Mike Viola to sing on the demo. When they selected the song for the movie, they liked Mike's voice so much they asked him to sing it for the final version.

    That's a movie I've watched a thousand times and never once got tired of it. Especially like the scene where they play "That Thing You Do" at the talent contest.

  4. Didn't all of the Raspberries CDs get reissued last year...and they're being reissued again next month in Japan (remastered)? Also, I believe Eric's Arista catalog is also being reissued.

  5. I've listened for 15 years. I don't love the entire 5 hours...there are times when you have to turn the dial. But overall, I find the show very funny and entertaining. I find he's best at interviewing celebrities. He doesn't throw softballs at them. He asks questions about money and the personalities of other celebrities. So give me a Yay.

  6. I saw them a couple of years ago. They were great. The bass player was a childhood friend who happened to be in another local (more successful) band so he turned down their offer to join back in the day. He joined the Kinks in the late 70's. After the show they signed autographs and shook hands. Great guys.

  7. Good point JohnO - Places does have 6 songs. But back then an album usually only had 10, so I consider that (almost) an album. Songs From the Film is a classic, IMO.

    And Billy K...I really like Queen II, especially Freddie's side. Although they hit their stride on Sheer Heart Attack.

  8. I liked some of the Flamin Groovies stuff, but I certainly wouldn't put them in the same category with Big Star and Raspberries. I would put Badfinger in there instead - No Matter What, Day After Day, Baby Blue, and the entire "Wish You Were Here" CD were as good, if not better, than anything else that was released during that same time period. That disc came out around the same time as "Starting Over" and they both remain in my personal top 10 - 33 years later.

  9. Love the Beach Boys live in 1973 album. Also agree about "Got Live if you want it" album of the Stones. I was horrible. The sound, the performance...it was just terrible.

    Faves are:

    The Who - Live at Leeds

    Cheap Trick at Budakon

    Springsteen Live in Cleveland ('78 bootleg)

    The Figgs - Continue to Enjoy the Figgs

    Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley

  10. Good poll.

    Some great ones have already been mentioned, so I'll just hit some others.

    The A's - The A's

    Tommy Keene - Strange Alliance

    Graham Parker & the Rumour - Howling Wind

    John Eddie - John Eddie

    DL Byron - This Day and Age

    The Beat - The Beat

    20/20 - 20/20

    Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul - Men Without Women

    Ok...that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    I would have added the Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience, but that was technically their second CD.

  11. I agree...it was horrible. It was nice to see Michael and Sammy give their acceptance speeches, but they obviously didn't prepare so they were all over the place. Then the songs were just terrible.

  12. Springsteen and Petty.

    As far as artists not in that place in Cleveland (besides the 'berries and Mr. Carmen and the others already mentioned above), I'm thinking Alice Cooper and Kiss. Both were extremely influential. Unfortunately they weren't critics darlings.

  13. I'd give Goat Head Soup 2 stars...just for Angie and Star Star. What a disappointing album though, especially when it came right after Exile on Main Street.

    On the other hand, Side 3 would get a strong 4 stars. 8 out of the 9 songs are excellent, and the 9th, Money Down, is listenable.

    I wonder how the latest Dixie Chicks CD was rated in the Navy Times.

  14. Speaking of cold...a great bonus to the limited edition copy would be a live version of "It's Cold Outside" from one of the other shows. At the first show they did two Choir songs back to back. They would be a great addition to the package. In fact, I was kind of disappointed they didn't play that song in LA and it won't be on the CD.

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