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  1. Mark is a brilliant guitarist, but his stuff has been pretty boring since "Making Movies", IMO.
  2. It depends on who you're going to see and how old the crowd is.
  3. Sorry to disagree, but I saw them recently and they acted like they were doing us a favor by playing for 50 minutes. Except for the lead guitarist, the band looked like they'd rather be home watching a re-run of Wipe Swap than playing in front of a packed house. I liked Welcome Interstate Managers but I'm not crazy about their new CD, Traffic and Weather.
  4. He did a great version of "I Write the Songs."
  5. ...and on my wedding day: Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine. How appropriate.
  6. To Know Him is to Love Him by the Teddy Bears. My wife made out a lot better...Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles. I would have preferred something by Buddy Holly or Elvis, but it could have been some really lame song like "Kung Fu Fighting" or "Fly Robin Fly".
  7. I love that video. The only thing I don't like is at end, they pan across at the fans in front of the stage and there's a girl going nuts - and right next to her is a guy standing there looking bored to tears.
  8. Don - you are so right about "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." I think that should have been the follow up single to "Overnight Sensation". I would have loved to have heard that live on the reunion tour...a true classic (IMO).
  9. I think this came up a while ago. There was some discussion about Scott being included in the reunion, but they decided to keep it to the original four members. I was able to hit two shows and I certainly have no complaints. It would have been really cool to hear Scott rip thru "Play On" and/or "Cry" though. Maybe next time.
  10. The full video is on You Tube. I like the song.
  11. Those two songs at the first reunion show were great. In fact the entire show was incredible. Maybe they'll include them in the Extra Special edition of Live on the Sunset Strip. ...just a thought.
  12. In alphabetical order: Animal House Godfather It's a Wonderful Life Local Hero Planes Trains and Automobiles Pulp Fiction Oops, there's six. Sorry.
  13. I agree with Marvin...however, it does contain the best line ever in a movie, "nobody puts Baby in a corner."
  14. Ask me again around the first of July. But for now, Cheap Trick at Budokan; Springsteen live in Cleveland 1978 (bootleg); and Tommy Keene - Showtunes. I also have a Beaver Brown live at the Bottom Line bootleg from 1980 that I like alot.
  15. I'm going to see them tomorrow night at the Troc.
  16. Single: Ride Captain Ride by Blues Images Album: The Grass Roots 16 Greatest Hits
  17. Ian Hunter will be 68 in June.
  18. We could talk about that list for the next year. It is quite a mixed bag though.
  19. a classic. Thanks. I saw them in '82. One of the best shows ever.
  20. Then maybe Greg himself could join the bill and play the Breakup Song, Jeopardy, and Reunited. I'd personally rather hear him play Valerie, All the Right Reasons, and Museum.
  21. I just found a video of the Go-Go's doing Belinda Carlisle's hit "Mad About You" on You Tube. That was pretty cool. Regarding the 'Berries...I wouldn't mind hearing them each do a solo song or two. I'd love to hear Wally sing "Name of the Game." But to have it focus on Eric's solo stuff and leave the others out...well that's just turning the rest of the band into Eric's backing band. I'd be against that.
  22. I second the Troc. I saw the Gin Blossoms there last fall.
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