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  1. It'll be crime if they don't get inducted. Of course, there are a bunch of artists that should be in that aren't. The problem is they wait so long with some of these bands that their members have already died or they are too old to get up on stage and play, like the Dave Clark 5.

  2. Did anyone see the R&R Hall of Fame show last night on HBO? I'm actually sorry I stayed up to watch the entire thing. But it was funny hearing Billy Joel trying to sound like Bruce Springsteen on Born to Run. Billy did do a good version of New York State of Mind. Was John Fogerty wearing the same shirt he used to wear with CCR? Jagger did a nice job on Gimme Shelter. Graham Nash should have slipped in a Hollies song...Carrie Anne would have sounded good. I could have done without the Jeff Beck set...it was pretty boring (IMO). It would have been good to have Rod Stewart come out and sing People Get Ready instead of Sting. And Ray Davies looked like an old man...oh wait a minute, he is an old man.

  3. I'm going to say Tommy Keene, Cheap Trick, The Figgs, the Stones, the Who, Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Springsteen, Pink, DL Byron, Fountains of Wayne, Marshall Crenshaw, Paul Collins Beat, The Plimsouls, Raspberries, Gin Blossoms, Smash Palace, Steve Earle, Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, Danny Wilde, The A's... oh wait a minute, that's my I-Pod.

  4. ...and where's Cheap Trick? 33 years after their first album, still the original 4, still pumping out great new relevant stuff. Let me see... LL Cool J or Cheap Trick? Now if this was the R&B HOF or the Hip Hop HOF I'd be going with LL Cool J. But since this is the Rock and Roll HOF...............

  5. Well, another disappointing field of nominees. I'll vote for the Hollies and KISS. Laura Nyro? LL Cool J? Darlene Love?(according to Wikipedia she had only 3 top 20 singles). I guess a case could be made for ABBA (tons of hits), the Stooges, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (both influential bands). I despise Genesis (both with and without Peter Gabriel) so I couldn't vote for them no matter what. Donna Summer is as close to Rock and Roll as Tony Bennett. The Chantels? Who the hell are they? Again, wikipedia says they released 8 singles, with 2 making the top 20. Geez, the Raspberries had as many hits. And so did E.C. If you want influential girl groups, how 'bout the Go-Go's. They were one of the first that played their own instruments and wrote their own songs. For that matter, where's the Bangles? And I do think KISS should be in, but if they make it, so should Alice Cooper. IMHO, musically A.C. (the band) was a lot better; and they were first. Someone ought to start up a real Rock and Roll HOF to replace the fraud that this one has turned out to be.

  6. So every few days I hit the EC.com site hoping to find a notice of an upcoming Raspberries show or two. But no luck. What's the story? It's like having a Rolls but never taking it out of the garage. C'mon guys - just go out and play some shows for the fun of it.

  7. I'm not defending him because I think he's a snake, but at least Rose didn't throw any games because of betting. He either bet on other games, or he bet on his team to win. I think he should be allowed in the HOF.

    Vick...cruel and inhumane. And to be honest, not that great of a QB. He served his time and should be allowed to return. However, I wouldn't sign him because he's really not that good.

    Now how about Dante Stallworth. He got drunk and killed someone and got less than a month in jail. You and I would have been in for 3 to 5 years. He's the guy that should be banned from the league.

  8. My first FM station was WABB in Mobile, Alabama. Surprising they were quite good for the early and mid-seventies. They played the heck out of Born to Run, enough to get Bruce to come to Mobile for 2 sold out shows in early 1976. The also played alot of Elvis Costello's first two albums. But my earliest memory from WABB was "Space Station #5" by Montrose. That opening riff still sounds good today. If I remember correctly, WABB went top forty in the late 70's.

  9. I forgot...okay, so keep in the Velver Crush album. I've seen some people refer to DL Byron's great album - This Day and Age as power pop. I always just considered it rock. But if that qualifies as power pop, then I'd throw that into the list. Also, no one mentioned the Gin Blossoms cd - New Miserable Experience. Another really good disc IMO.

  10. I'd add Badfinger's Wish You Were Here; 20/20's first album; and Get the Knack. I'd get rid of Matthew Sweet, the DBs, and Velvet Crush. I agree with replacing Black Vinyl Shoes with Present Tense; Starting Over or Side 3 over the first Raspberries album; and Big Star's Radio City over #1 Record. I also like the Posies first record more than the second. Much more of a Hollies sound. Although the song Dream All Day is a true American Classic.

  11. This is next to impossible to narrow it down to 5, but I'll pick 5 standouts - in no particular order:

    Springsteen - Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, AL 1978

    The Kinks - New Orleans Municipal Auditorium, Summer 1979

    Cheap Trick - TLA Philly, Oct, 1998 (3 nights / 3 albums)

    Raspberries - HOB Cleveland, Nov, 2004 (the Sunday BB King's show was probably technically better, but for sheer excitement, and a longer set list, I'll go with the first reunion show).

    Tommy Keene / Joe "King" Carrasco & the Crowns / Marshall Crenshaw - Warner Theater, Washington DC, December, 1982.

  12. Oh, and regarding Kelly Clarkson, I think she has an incredible voice that's crying out to sing some rockers. She tried to do it on her last CD but she needed to pick some better songs - there wasn't a hook to be found on the entire disc. There are a lot really catchy songs on her new disc, although some of them are a little too hi-gloss for me. Less synths and more guitars.

  13. As usual, I find myself agreeing with Hollies65. The master, Tommy Keene himself, will be visiting the City of Brotherly Love later this month and as usual I will be there. I love his new CD. And by the way, he's a big Raspberries fan. He said that he saw them at their last show in L.A.

  14. I saw them last year at the Troc in Philly and they sleepwalked thru their 55 minute set. However I saw them a few years earlier at the North Star Bar (also in Philly) and they were outstanding.

    I'm really excited about Adam Schlessinger's new side project, Tinted Windows. I pulled up their video and some videos from SXSW on You Tube. Anything involving Bun E. Carlos can't be bad.

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