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  1. I would recommend you get his album "Happily Never After". You can get it on his website. His new one, "Who the Hell is John Eddie" is pretty disappointing, although there are some good songs on it. His lyrics are great. You're right, his first CD on Columbia was way too slick. His site is johneddie.com.

  2. Before he got signed to Columbia in 1985, he had this great band called the Front Street Runners. They used to play the Philly area all of the time before they developed a following in the Asbury Park area. I saw them open for Beaver Brown at (Clarence Clemon's bar) Big Mans before Beaver Brown recorded the Eddie and the Cruiser Soundtrack. Great show...and I have pictures to prove it. But JE dumped the Runners and went to LA to record his first album. He hasn't been the same since, at least for me.

  3. Oh, I "discovered" John Eddie (used to see him every Monday night at a little bar in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1981); and Tommy Keene (saw him play for about 20 people at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ in 1982). Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows who they are even now, after 20+ years of putting out great music.

    See you in NYC.

  4. I saw Artful Dodger in Georgetown at a bar called The Door on the night before Thanksgiving in 1981. They were unbelievable. The first set was mostly new stuff, then the second was like a greatest hits...which was pretty much all four of their albums. I guess they broke up shortly after that. You guys are right, Rave On is an outstanding record. I remember Rolling Stone reviewed it, and they said something to the effect that Rod Stewart would give his soul to do an album that good.

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