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  1. May I recommend the 1997 Ford Taurus with a sunroof? I've got one I'd let you have for a reasonable price. A true classic.
  2. I agree with LC...I'm very excited about this. Charge me whatever the hell you want. I spent $1,000 (at least) to go to Cleveland to see the first reunion show, and another $500 or so to go to NYC to see the Sunday night show at BB Kings. I'm certainly not going to complain about 30 or 40 bucks for the live CD. I saw the set list of the LA show, and there's not one song that I'd cut out.
  3. "Do the Dance" - The A's "Down Down Down" - Tommy Keene "I Don't Want to Cry" - The Keys honorable mention: "Am I Falling in Love Again" - DL Byron
  4. Well, I'm strongly opposed. I drove out to Cleveland and up to NYC to see the Raspberries do Raspberries' tunes. To be honest, I'm not even a big fan of the Beatles' covers - only because I'd rather hear Raspberries songs. I'd rather hear "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" or "On the Beach" than "Twist and Shout". The Raspberries are a great band and have great songs. Hopefully in 2006 we'll be hearing some new stuff as well. I wouldn't want to hear the Stones do some of Jagger's or Richards' solo material. I certainly wouldn't want to hear "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" at a Faces reunion. Just my opinion.
  5. The disc is great. It's somewhat of a step back from his last 3 or 4 albums, which were a little more straight ahead rockers. This does remind me of his "Places that are Gone" EP, and "Based on Happy Times" CD. I emailed Tommy about the Raspberries reunion tour and he said he saw them back in the early seventies and loved them. I believe he was going to see them in L.A. He has a lot of the same influences at the Berries: the Who and the Beatles.
  6. Assuming you mean living musicians, I'm guessing he'd go with: Paul McCartney - Bass Ringo Starr - Drums Pete Townshend - Guitar Keith Richard - Guitar
  7. Cheap Trick - 1st Album Cheap Trick - In Color Spinal Tap - (1st Album) Beatles - White Album
  8. I agree. I liked all four of their albums, especially the final one, "Rave On." I remember the Rolling Stone review of the album. They said something to the effect that Rod Stewart would sell his soul for an album this good.
  9. Richard Marx? He may still be big in Saskatoon, but.....
  10. The NYE Artful Dodger reunion show was broadcast on Cleveland radio. Of course, being from Philly, I couldn't hear it. Someone posted the show online, so I downloaded it. The sound was just okay, but I thought the performance was great. I was a big fan of theirs back in the day. Too bad some jerk made them take the show down. A lot of fans outside of the Cleveland area probably would have liked to have heard it. Considering the show was broadcast live, I would assume the band wanted as many people as possible to hear them - for free.
  11. I can't get excited about these "reunions" with one or two of the original members. IMO, without the original members...or at least some that were in the band while they were active, it is like seeing a cover band. Kind of like the "new" Cars. I don't want to see Todd Rundgren singing "Just What I Needed". That's Benjamin Orr's (RIP) song. Just as I don't want to see Joey Molland singing "Day After Day" or "Baby Blue". I wouldn't want to see a Raspberries reunion without the full band. Just my opinion.
  12. I was agreeing with Tommy Tunes' comment about what a bad list of songs that was, but then I looked at the top 10 now. UGH!!! Of course, I'm not 17 anymore either. It's funny "Dream On" is in the top 10. Wasn't that originally released in 1973?
  13. I ran out at lunch and listened to "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" again. What a great song. Besides the great drumming and keyboards, Wally's solo is a standout. Maybe we'll hear it live in 2006??? Please???
  14. I played the hell out of that Kiss Alive album when I was in high school. I remember seeing them just after that album came out (a week or two before Destroyer was released). I walked out of the Mobile Expo Hall in a daze...I said to my friend David McIntosh, "wow, what the hell was that?" To be honest, I don't really care if they recorded the album live in Detroit, or in the studio. Cheap Trick's "Silver" is an awfully good live album too.
  15. I'm glad someone mentioned "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." That would've been a hit if someone would have released it as a single. That is the only song I wish they would have done on the reunion tour that they didn't. Boats Against, and It Hurts Too Much should have been hits...big hits.
  16. Good topic. Favorite Live Albums (in no particular order): The Who - Live at Leeds Cheap Trick - Live at Budakon (complete concert) Tommy Keene - Showtunes Springsteen - Live 75 - 85 (Disc One only) Springsteen - Live in London 1975 (Just out on CD) Dire Straits - Alchemy You're right, if the Raspberries - "Live Tonight" is half as good as the live version of GATW, it will easily top that list.
  17. Reading this thread brought back a great memory. Back in the early 80's, my friend Alan and I were at Ripley's on South Street in Philly to see John Eddie and Mitch Ryder. Between sets, the lights go down and this local politician, Jimmy Tayoun, comes out to give a little campaign speech. I don't remember what he was running for (He was convicted of some kind of fraud and spent a few years behind bars). Anyway, at this point we were pretty drunk. So Jimmy starts talking, and my friend yells out at the top of his lungs, "F*** politics...let's ROCK!!!" Well the rest of crowd agreed and started yelling at Tayoun. He looked really nervous, said let's rock, and left the stage. Alan was a hero that night. BTW, he went with me to the NYC show last July.
  18. I saw Alex Chilton about 10 years ago in Philly. He was incredible. Did some Big Star stuff, some solo stuff, even a few Box Tops tunes. Outstanding. I love Big Star's Radio City. I think it's truly a classic. The CD of the first two albums is well worth the money, IMO. I agree with the comment above that I don't understand the attraction to "Third." I found it to be very uneven. His solo stuff is also all over the place. He does a killer version of "Singer Not the Song" though.
  19. Here we go: 1. Starting Over 2. Wish You Were Here - Badfinger 3. Tommy Keene - Songs From the Film 4. The Figgs - Palais 5. Peter Himmelmann - Flown This Acid World 5. (tie) The A's - The A's I could probably list 100 or more, but.....
  20. Wow, great choices here. Alot of my choices have already been taken, especially Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and Sting. But here's a few off of the top of my head. Anything by Dave Matthews Anything by the Dead Dan Fogelberg's GH I think a better post would be the top five underrated albums. In fact, I think I start that one.
  21. Like most sports, there are benchmarks that guarantee you entrance into the Hall of Fame...like 500 home runs, 3,000 hits, 300 wins, etc.... Unfortunately, there are apparently no benchmarks with Rock and Roll. If you looked strictly at hit records, then the Grass Roots and the Dave Clark Five would be in and the Sex Pistols and numerous others (already inducted) would be out. Look at album sales and Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Van Halen are in the first class. Bands like Queen and Black Sabbath used to get trashed by the critics....but now they're in the Hall. If you look at influential bands, well then the Raspberries should be in. The Hall lost all credibility for me when the inducted the Mamas and the Papas. Two decent songs and a couple of albums that didn't stand the test of time. They did look nice with flowers in the hair, though.
  22. The only thing good about Celine Dion's version of ABM is Eric probably made some bodacious bucks in royalties. Personally, I'd rather lay in a bed of fire ants than see or hear Ms. Dion. A few years ago she was going to retire for a while when she having a baby so she could raise her child. But instead, she was on the cover of every magazine and on every talk show. You would have thought she was the first person ever to have a kid. Comparing her to Elvis is like comparing a fine wine to sewage. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  23. What a tragedy. I believe Mike wrote a great song called "In the Meantime" (on Wish You Were Here) too. Wish You Were Here and Starting Over are, IMO, two of the best albums ever recorded...from start to finish. There isn't a bad song on either of them.
  24. It's interesting to see how diverse everyone's lists are. I guess that means they're all good.
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