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  1. As usual I find my self agreeing with Paulie on pretty much every point. It would have been pretty cool to see Scott on bass and Dave on guitar on the 2004/2005 reunion. That way maybe there would have been a larger sampling of songs from "Starting Over" on the tour - like "All Through the Night", "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine", "Cry", and "Rose Colored Glasses."
  2. My personal favorite is Tonight You're Mine, despite the cover photo. It Hurts Too Much alone is worth the price of admission.
  3. they live as profligates and drink, do drugs, and get high, fight amongst themselves..." You're not talking about Tony's buddy, Rush Limbaugh, are you?
  4. Tough issue. I was just down in New Orleans. About half of the population has moved out waiting for the illegal aliens (Mexicans) to rebuild their city so they can return. That makes you think.
  5. Strange Man Changed Man was reissued on CD several years ago. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy. I think it was a Japanese only deal. The print on the cover is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it. IMO, there's not a weak song on the whole CD. Even a good version of the Monkees' song I'm a Believer.
  6. I agree with Skip. It would have been cool to see Scott as the third guitarist, or have Dave playing guitar and Scott on bass. He wrote or co-wrote some great songs, and his voice is incredible. And from reading interviews with him and comments from other band members, Scott seems like a really nice guy that loved his time with the band, and just loves to play the songs.
  7. He had 3 good albums, but his first was the best. I was trying to track him down on the net and I found something to the effect that he retired from the business after his 1981 album flopped.
  8. October 6th? That's my wife's birthday. Could be a present for both of us.
  9. wow, I remember that long intro also. I seem to remember a lot of bands lip syncing on that show. I also remember seeing a few videos, one from Peter Gabriel, another from Roger Daltry. I don't remember seeing the Raspberries on there, but I do remember seeing Cheap Trick. MTV spelled the end of the Midnight Special.
  10. My favorite song of Wally's is "Name of the Game" from the second Fotomaker album. I think he also had a song called "Come Back" on that same record that was really good too. IMO, the second single off of "Starting Over" should have been "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." The title track would have made a good single too.
  11. I've been a Cheap Trick fan since the first album, and have bought them all as they were released. I have to agree with most of the posts that the best studio albums were the first three. I also like Next Position Please, as there are five or six really strong songs. Their last album, Special One, was pretty weak, IMO, except for a few songs (Too Much, My Obsession, Scent of a Woman). One overlooked album is Cheap Trick, released on Red Ant in 1997. It's definitely my favorite from start to finish since Heaven Tonight. Consistently strong throughout, and it has that great song, "Say Goodbye." I'm really looking forward to hearing the new one. About 7 or 8 years ago they played Philly doing their 3 albums in 3 nights shows. One night they played all of the first album in order, the next night In Color, then the third night Heaven Tonight. They were incredible shows. I hope they'll be around this summer.
  12. Sorry, that was Taste of Honey (that musical hit making dynasty) that won over Elvis Costello.
  13. Reminds me of when Chic won best new artist over Elvis Costello. Or Jethro Tull won best Heavy Metal album over Metallica (btw, I'm not a fan of either).
  14. For once, something good about NJ. I've lived here for 25 years, and except for the traffic and taxes, I love it.
  15. I agree with Marvin's Springsteen comment. I consider "The River" as the last great Springsteen studio album, although admittedly, some of his "newer" albums have some great songs. As soon as he started dancing in his "Dancing in the Dark" video, he was never the same. He got about 12 ear piercings, married some actress, added synthesizers to his songs....
  16. This payola crap goes on in just about every industry in one form or another. I have vendors waving golf outings and sports tickets in front of me all of the time...and I'm just a small fish here at my company. How about politics...that's where the real stuff goes on. Regarding J-Lo and some of those other current pop acts...I cannot think of any reason, other than payola, that would explain why they are on the radio. I'm not just an old guy who starts every sentence with "back in my day...", but there's plenty of music out there that's better than what's in the top 40.
  17. "Live and Dangerous" was a great live CD. It had blistering versions of "Don't Believe a Word" and "Cowboy Song."
  18. Hey, take it easy on Huey. True, they weren't playing some complicated classical music, but they played some catchy pop that was, in my opinion, head and shoulders better than the other crap that was on MTV and the radio in the mid-80's. Just look at the top 40 - 20 years ago and tell me his stuff wasn't better than most of it. And besides, he was such a nice guy. I met him once after a show in Philly, and he was friendly and seemed more than happy to listen to me babble on about music and the west coast.
  19. I saw them twice, once in 1978 and again in 1980. Two great shows. I usually hate going to the big venues - the House of Blues is about as big as I want to go. But those shows were particularly good. I thought all of the idols were weak. Next week they get to butcher some Rod Stewart songs. Of course, in my opinion, Rod hasn't done a good song since 1973 (when he left Ronnie Wood, Kenny Jones, and Ronnie Lane). I hope one of the "idols" does "Stay With Me."
  20. Oh, I forgot a few more: Buddy Holly - Rave On Tommy Keene - Places That Are Gone The A's - Do the Dance This list could get really long if you add some Raspberries songs, like Play On, Tonight, Ecstacy, Party's Over, I Don't Know What I Want, etc....
  21. Romantics - What I like About You Kinks - You Really Got Me GATW Stones - Brown Sugar Wipeout!!! The Figgs - Simon Simone and the best: Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
  22. I dunno about this theory. My ex and I "liked the same music, we liked the same bands, we liked the same clothes...." Unfortunately, in the end we didn't like each other. My current wife (of 17 years) and I don't have a whole lot in common with regards to music, although she did go with me to see the Figgs last Saturday night...and she liked them. But we at least like each other.
  23. Well I've got two English Springer Spaniels and a Golden Retriever. They shed, bark, chase the ball (but don't give it back), eat anything you give them, leave half-chewed rawhides and beef bones all over the house...kind of the anti-Coton. But I'll tell you, they're waiting at the door for me every night when I come home from work, and they're always happy to see. Wouldn't trade them for anything.
  24. May I recommend the 1997 Ford Taurus with a sunroof? I've got one I'd let you have for a reasonable price. A true classic.
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