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  1. I just picked up the new Gin Blossoms disc, Major Lodge Victory, yesterday. I highly recommend it for any power pop fans. You can go to www.thegins.com for info and to hear the new disc. Also, they have some video of their performance at XM a couple of weeks ago. The CD doesn't quite have the hard edge of their first one, but it's still rockin with great melodies, hooks, and harmonies. Isn't that the definition of power pop?

  2. I posed the Scott in LA question and Eric responded something to the effect that he felt Scott deserved a lot more than just parading him up on stage for a song or two. I would have loved to have heard his voice ripping thru "Play On" and "Cry."

    I've heard the story about Jim's feelings that the only Raspberries was the original four members. Seeing how "Starting Over" is my favorite CD of their four (not to mention the first one I heard), I obviously don't agree. I would have been happy if the reunion was Wally, Eric, Scott and Mike.

  3. I bought it last week and I've been listening non-stop. Trashy rock n roll is a good description. I like it a lot.

    This could be a good year for CDs. First, the NY Dolls, then Cheap Trick's Rockford, the new Gin Blossoms CD in a couple of weeks, and the new Raspberries CD/DVD on 8/14 (?). It could be a good year.

  4. Good idea about Eric doing the entire first album. I saw Cheap Trick about 6 or 7 years ago where they did three albums in three nights. The first night they did the first album in order, plus some other songs; second nite was "In Color" plus...; 3rd nite was "Heaven Tonight" plus.... It was great. I can't believe my wife let me out for 3 nights in a row.

    Regarding Babs...if she was playing live in my living room, I'd go down to the basement to watch the ballgame.

  5. I just bought the DVD "Getting the Knack." It should put to rest all of the BS about them. I love that first record. If anyone is still interested in them, they should get "Re-zoom" which came out a few years ago. It's as good as the first album, plus it includes a rockin' version of Badfinger's "No Matter What."

    One of the best things about the Knack, IMO, was the barrage of great power pop bands that put out albums after them, like 20/20, Shoes (technically their first LP came out earlier), the Records, Paul Collins Beat, Plimsouls, Bram Tchaikovsky, etc....

  6. Spirits in the Night - Springsteen Live 75 85

    High Wire Days - Tommy Keene Showtunes

    Simon Simone - The Figgs Continue to Enjoy the Figgs

    Soul Shoes - Graham Parker Last Rock n Roll Tour

    Deuce - Kiss Alive

    Fool For the City - Foghat Live

    Hearts on Fire - Bryan Adams Live Live Live

    White Lies - Jason and the Scorchers Live

    I didn't include any boots.

  7. For those of us who buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms, etc.... If the show doesn't happen, I think it would only be fair for Eric to treat us to nice intimate solo performance in his living room. I'll bring the chips and salsa (and a 12-pack).

  8. As a long time (since 1976) Cheap Trick fan, this new CD is tied for fourth (with 1997's CD "Cheap Trick") as my favorite studio disc. Heaven Tonight, Cheap Trick (1976), and In Color are 1, 2, and 3.

    Favorite track at this moment is "Perfect Stranger."

  9. My first introduction was the Starting Over album. I was 16. I had never heard of the band before that. Somehow I missed GATW, IWBWY and Let's Pretend. I read a great review making reference to the Who. That was enough for me. I went out and bought it. Then one by one I bought the other 3 albums. I still stay pretty current with new music and there's a lot of new stuff that I like and buy. But Starting Over and Side 3 are always close to the CD changer. They still sound good. When I hear Overnight Sensation, Play On, Partys Over, IDKWIW, Tonight, Ecstacy, etc...., I don't think of 1974, I think, "Damn, that's a great song." And you guys just proved it to me with your shows last year. I was lucky enough to hit two...the first one in Cleveland, and the Sunday BB King's show. The songs sounded more current than anything Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, or any of those other touring "classic rock" bands are playing.

  10. I always figured "I Don't Know What I Want" would be tough. When I'm singing it in the shower, I find I've had to lower it down a little. Didn't have any problems with it when I was 16, but now that I'm 47....

    Do you think you'll have any problems singing "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" in the next show???

  11. Dan Fogelberg....my wife loves him. I absolutely hate his music. If she wants me to leave the house, she puts it on. I sold his Greatest Hits CD on ebay without telling her. She was pretty pissed off. So she bought another copy.

    I do agree on the PSA test. My dad and his brother both died from prostate cancer. My dad was a WWII vet (fought in the South Pacific) and like many in his generation, he thought nothing could kill him so he never went to the doctor. Of course by the time he did, it was too late.

  12. That guitar player Neil Schon, in Journey had quite a nice hair-do also. I was standing about 10 feet from Jon Bon Jovi at the BB Kings show. He must spend 6 hours on his hair before goes anywhere. I always felt that one of the benefits of being a guy was you only need a 3-second courtesy brush before leaving the house.

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