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  1. I may not think as "big" as everyone else, but I would like to see Eric, Scott, Jim and a couple other guys/girls ripping thru Eric's catalog at the House of Blues. It doesn't have to be a big production - just five guys having fun playing some great music. Just plug in the guitars, turn up the amps, and let 'er rip. I hate the idea of all of that talent going to waste.

  2. I have good memories from the 3 shows I attended - the first one in the Cleveland HOB, the second BB King's show, and the first one in the Highline. The first show was extra special though. Since there will be no more Raspberries shows, it would be really nice if any of the other shows that were recorded could be released...if nothing else, put on the website for download. I know, I know, maybe it won't sound perfect - but who cares. Certainly not me, that's for sure.

  3. What can I say...I like the rockers. My favorite bands and songs have 2 (plugged in) guitars, bass and drums. But that's why there's chocolate and vanilla ice cream (not to mention Moose Tracks and Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl).

  4. My Top 10 - in no particular order:

    Go All the Way (Live Version) - Jim's drum roll near the end does it for me.

    Tonight - This is THE power pop classic. This is benchmark that all other power pop songs are compared to.

    Overnight Sensation - Just an incredible song from top to bottom.

    Play On - Great guitar riff, I love Scott's vocals.

    I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine - I've been touting this song for the past 5 years. Should have been single #2 from Starting Over.

    I Don't Know What I Want - I still remember I first heard this song - I jumped out of my chair and said "holy sh*t!". I was as huge Who fan at the time.

    Ecstacy - The drums, the guitars, great hooks.

    I Wanna Be With You - I think I like the live version a little more than the studio version because the drums just blast off over the cheering crowd. I'm kind of glad the video failed that night.

    Nobody Knows - Just a great song all around. I really like Scott's version too.

    Party's Over - I know, this song is screaming out 1974, complete with the cowbell, but I really like it because it's kind of a down and dirty rocker - something you wouldn't expect from the berries.

    Makin' It Easy - Just a feel good country rocker. I wish the lyrics had a little more substance though. I remember playing it when I was in high school and my friends all thought it was the Eagles.

  5. I hear they're working on a new album. If it's out, they'll slip in a new song. Otherwise, they'll play: Baba O'Reilly, My Generation, Pinball Wizard, Won't Get Fooled Again. Too bad Daltry can't hit the high notes anymore. He had such a phenominal rock n roll voice. Maybe they'll pre-record the vocals.

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