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  1. Actually, there are a couple new contests running over on RaspberriesOnline.com
  2. We've also posted some new photos from Ken Sharp and Sue Katila at the official Raspberries site in the "Rasparazzi" photo section from the NYC and LA shows. - Jim @ www.raspberriesonline.com
  3. We've posted the :30 TV Spot from Ryko on the Raspberries Official Site Check it out! Jim
  4. While the nut jobs on some other sites are doing the moaning, groaning and insidious speculation, I'm glad Eric and Bernie have put their collective feet down. For the record... in light of some silly speculation regarding "profits" from the forthcoming DVD/CD... I shot most of the footage that will appear on the DVD along with Kent Hagen. I transported my equipment and myself at my expense from the East Coast to LA, on my own dime. As much as I would have liked to have watched the show and enjoyed it unencumbered, I stood crouched on a step ladder filming for the entire show, except for when the guys let me come up and hold the boxing bell before "IDKWIW". I was not paid, nor did I expect to paid, or to eventually or potentially be paid. I did it because I love the band and such an occassion deserved to be and needed to be captured. A moment that to me, is definative in rock-n-roll history. Raspberries got up on that stage and pretty much blew away anyone who has ever graced that stage and probably ever will. Kent Hagen also did most of the prilimary video editing simply out of courtesy and respect for this band. I can't say enough about what Ken Sharp and Bernie have done over the years. To think that there could even be one single negative thought in anyone's mind when it's the year 2007 and the Raspberries are releasing the first live recording that actually captures their live sound is mind-boggling. Eric's previous message quoting Paul Stanely in another post pretty much sums it up. If you're not with us, buzz off. But for those who are, let's enjoy the ride and enbrace what this band has accomplished in the last few years and look forward to everything we can hope for as fans in the future..
  5. Hi Gord, This is Jim from RaspberriesOnline.com. The reason you could not post was because your email address was not validated. You should have receved an email after registering asking you to click a link to validate your email address. Sometimes these emails can get caught in your spam or bulk email folders. But, I went ahead and processed your email validation manually and you should be good to go now. Thanks! - Jim
  6. Tim, Email me at: admin@raspberriesonline.com and we'll get you fixed up. I will reply with a reset password which you can change once logged in. - Jim
  7. And one's true status in the neighborhood was calculated by whether you had the "real" ice pops made in the plastic "ice pop maker tray" where each pop had a plastic stick and a collar at the bottom to keep the drips off your hands or if you had the "homestyle" ones where Mom made them in a regular ice cube tray with toothpicks propped up with Saran wrap!
  8. The reason is this: Both Wally and Eric played on "Starting Over", and both Wally and Eric also are original members along with Jim and Dave. As Eric mentioned, the new site is focused on recent events and what's happening "now". It's primary role is not one of a nostalgic site which would be more focused on what Raspberries have already done. The site is focused on the current line-up which includes all four-original members who re-lit the fire, resoundingly so, commencing with the reunion tour. I also tend to think it might have been more appropriate and respectful to present this debate over on the message board at raspberriesonline.com . Granted, the site is new and there's not as much of an audience for various gripes and debates, but nonetheless, a more appropriate forum. It's a bit unfair and disrespectful to Eric to keep hammering this issue here. - Jim RaspberriesOnline.com
  9. Hi Kirk, Your validation email might have been filtered by your ISP and/or stuck in your spam filter/junk mailbox. Shoot me an email from the email address you registered with to: admin@raspberriesonline.com, and I will manually validate your account. - Jim
  10. Sorry about the date typo. Much of the production for the new site was done during the wee hours after working 12 hours days, so thank you for the keen eye. Please feel free to post any corrections/suggestions/feedback etc. over at raspberriesonline.com. Thanks! - Jim
  11. Also, a photo of Rick Springfield after the HOB 10/21 show with the band here: http://www.rickspringfield.com/full/photos.html
  12. Rick Springfield and his wife, Barb loved the show and hung with the band and their wives etc. long after the other "celebs" headed out.. Check out a photo of Raspberries and Rick here: http://www.rickspringfield.com/full/photos.html
  13. I'd have to agree with Bernie. The Drysdales first number lifted the guitar hook right off The Knack's "That's What the Little Girls Do". From there it was a downward spiral into boredom. The vocalist's voice was hardly suited for pop, and his Axl Rose meets "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" swagger dance moves were quite the visual repellant. For those down front, it was tiresome having watch them and wait for the incredible Berries. No disrepect, but an opener was unnecessary.
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