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  1. Ignoring that your wrong about those calls , lets do the math if both those calls were reversed: Give the Seahawks 7 points for the TD and the extra point but they don't get the 3 points for the field goal they got instead. That's +4 for the Seahawks, for 14. Take away the Steelers TD and extra point. So then they are 4th and goal with inches. The score at that point is 0-3 Seattle (0-7 in our hypothetical) Its possible Cowher might try to punch it in on 4th down, but with that small a Seattle lead that early in the game he's going to take the ridiculously easy field goal for 3 pts. That's 4 pts net loss for the Steelers. That makes the score 17-14 Steelers. So reversing those calls does not give the Seahawks the game.
  2. Ooh sorry about that mortgage, DanceMan.
  3. I got a giggle out how he sings he "was 16 and sick of sch-hoo-ool". I've never hated his version but for some reason that struck me as hilarious. Need to listen to Eric's version to clean the palate.
  4. I sincerely hope there is a next Raspberries show. I hope the break doesn't undo the momentum from all the activity last year.
  5. I didn't realize Jim was a Pittsburgh native. I knew Dave was born in the same small northwestern PA town I grew up in.
  6. The Pittsburgh/Cleveland football rivalry is one of the great ones. It was suprising to me to find out that Jim was a big Steelers fan in the midst of Cleveland, but all the guys made a point of saying that when I said I was from Pittsburgh at the AC M&G.
  7. Don't forget:Darlington County HIghway Patrolman State Trooper Open All Night
  8. And if you're looking for something to do the week before, I see Tequila Sunrise is playing the HoB 2/25.
  9. The English language does not have enough negative adjectives to fully describe how much I loathe the Dual Disc. Dual Disc is specifically a disc with one side being a DVD and the other side a CD. The CD doesn't play on all players and I wouldn't want to put it in my car player anyway for fear of scratching the DVD side. Sony had the bright idea of releasing Springsteen's latest album only in that format. Now a DVD with a seperate CD packaged with it would be cool. A few bands have put out concert DVD's, CD's of most of the songs from the DVD and besides selling each disc seperately, packaging them together. I might be in the minority but I'd prefer the boys put out the concert material in some form first before they attempt new material. I've heard a Loggins & Messina interview where they said they decided for their reunion they'd first concentrate on the shows with the old material because making albums is where the old "creative conflicts" began to arise. As some wise men said "baby steps".
  10. Yeah they'll whip one up in the next 10 days. Seriously, I sympathize. The new book has me craving for a DVD, a live CD, or even an XM concert.
  11. I'm a big fan of The Loft and Mike Marrone. He's an unabashed Warren Zevon fan and plays him a lot. That gives him points in my book. And that he bends his channel's format (acoustic rock) enough to play Raspberries is a bonus.
  12. Mine came today! Sunday delivery even! I've had time to browse through it. Very nice!
  13. Hmmm...mmm....waiting..hmmmm...mmmm...mmmm
  14. KISS Rock and Roll Over - stickers Beatles Sgt Pepper - sheet of cut outs like a fake mustache and paper doll Beatles Beatles White Album - In addition to the photos alreasy mentioned, there was a collage poster Elton John Captain Fantastic - poster ELO Out of the Blue - I think there was a poster and a cut out that folded into a 3D flying saucer I really miss albums for the artwork and the occaisional cool goodies! Do these count? Beach Boys Holland - An EP of a Brian Wilson fairytale Jim Steinman Bad for Good - a bonus 45 (actually played at 33 1/3) with "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" And I think there was one band that almost included a roach clip in their album packaging.
  15. The first time I heard Fleetwood Mac's "Over My Head", the first time I heard Christine McVie singing, I thought "Eric Carmen has a new one?"
  16. Great pre-order extra from Bernie in our in-boxes today! Eric's impromptu lyrics are hillarious. I loved the tribute band line (with apologies to Paul)
  17. I got Michael Stanley's latest "American Road" yesterday and I'm really liking it. Jennifer Lee prominent on backing vocals on many tracks. There's just something about her singing.
  18. I wonder the same thing. Recording not up to par? Bogged down in legal or financial disagreement? XM just decide not to use it?
  19. Hey Paul. I really wanted to make the drive to Cleveland to see the band but couldn't getthings together logistically. I see on your website your scheduled in Cleveland again in January. Is that at the HoB again?
  20. Coolness Raspberries4Ever! I put away my guitar for a couple years to concentrate on mandolin. I've always loved the mandolin and made an aborted attempt at learning it 20 years ago. I had a blast picking it up again and taking a few lessons with someone who really knew the mandolin and could correct guitar playing habits that didn't translate to the mando. What kind of mandolin did she get. I started out with an inexpensive Epiphone and then (after a really profitable weekend of on-line poker) bought a Tacoma that I fell in love with at Guitar Center. What kind of music is she interested in playing? With mandolin the common styles are bluegrass and the European/Celtic styles. I like playing the (suprisingly numerous) rock and pop songs that feature mandolin. Good luck to her and have her check out mandolincafe.com for a lot of good information and free case stickers.
  21. You know those moments when you told someone you were going to A.C., Chicago, or somewhere distant to see Raspberries and you got the blank stare and maybe "who"? Or maybe its a similar moment like when I try to explain why I have to go to every Springsteen show in any city within 6 hrs driving distance to those who've never experienced his live shows. Or maybe its that little known new band that only you seem to know about but are the greatest band in history to you whenever you hear their song. That always reminds of one of my all time favorite lyric lines that happens to come from "Do You Believe in Magic?". "Its like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll" Anyone who's gone through those type of moments knows exactly what that line means.
  22. This isn't the last one, is it? I know the book ships soon and I'm going to miss these Sunday morning goodies!
  23. Lindsey Buckingham, Little Steven or Marshall Crenshaw
  24. Ooh! I like "interesting developments"! Thanks Eric, Wally, Dave & Jim for making our rock & roll dreams come true. And to paraphrase a great line of poetry - "And if I had one wish that I could make and knew it would come true..." A live DVD, CD, something to document these shows!
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