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  1. "Under the Covers, Vol. I" I think this comes out tomorrow. It sounds like a power pop gem. Great selection of covers (Beatles, Dylan, Beach Boys, Left Banke & lots more).
  2. Can you legally be both Joe Walsh & Tom Petty?
  3. Well not him, but his work. I picked up a Donnie Iris CD I had never seen before called "Together Alone" and noticed Billy Sullivan credited as playing guitar on a few tracks including an acoustic version of "Ah Leah!".
  4. Oh, and if you get a border collie teach it to play frisbee. Its a real thrill to watch how high they can jump to catch them.
  5. My border collie has made a career of playing ball. He wil put the tennis ball in front of you and get into the border collie crouch and stare at you until you throw it. I timed him once and he went a half hour staring at me until finally gave in and threw it to him.
  6. Cozmik

    Live CD

    Because those of us with discerning ears can tell mp3's sound like dog crap. They're ok for putting on a portable player. But I want something more permanant than a computer file when I buy music. And when I play it through my expensive home theater system, I want the best quality technology makes available not a lossy format that has a lower sampling rate than CD's and cuts off data because its decided that we don't need certain frequencies. If not for pops, scratches and the fact that every time you play a vinyl record it destroys them a little bit, I'd happily go back to vinyl. I miss the days of 12" square (or raspberry-shaped) covers and artwork that was big enough to be noticed.
  7. Talking about including the video montage - does that mean a DVD is still on the table? It seemed like the talk about work on a live CD implied the DVD was shelved (because the CD is coming from the L.A. show and I was under the impression it wasn't filmed).
  8. It never aired And if a live album is being worked on, I doubt the guys want free live material out there. I don't expect it will air at this late date but I admit I'm curious as to what happened - bad recording, unable to reach a deal, the guys not happy with the result or just deciding they'd rather not air it or XM deciding it.
  9. 1. Precious to Me - Phil Seymour (the other guy in the Dwight Twilley Band) 2. That's The Way Love Ought To Be - Donnie Iris (better than "Ah Leah") 3. You Do or You Don't - Lindsey Buckingham (love the little bit of "Theme From A Summer Place" he sneaks in at the end)
  10. I really admired all of what Eric wrote there but these two sentences are killing me. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THIS!!! You know this may seem counter to what Eric was saying about striving for perfection, but one of my favorite moments of the shows I saw was in Cleveland when Eric was having technical problems with his guitar duirng "I'm A Rocker" and shed the guitar and turned into a lead singer handling the mike stand like one of the greats. It was a moment that could have been a disaster but he spontaneously turned into something great (and probably didn't even realize it).
  11. No one ever heard? Beach Boys - "Holland" To me this one is an overlooked classic. Brian's not to prominent on this (except for the "fairy tale" that was on included EP back in the days of vinyl) but the songs are all great and this is their last effort to transition to a more mature band and retain relevancy before they started the slide into becoming Mike Love's touring oldies act. Barenaked Ladies - "Gordon" 1st CD, huge in Canada but underheard in USA. Brilliant effort that is so much better than their post-hi-it-big stuff. And my #1 reccomendation... Moxy Fruvous - "Thornhill" The final full length effort from another Canadian band that could've been the cooler band the big brothers of the kids who bought BNL CD's listened to. I can't say enough about what a pop masterpiece this is. A mix of "Pet Sounds", "Rubber Soul", "Revolver" and all the band's influences. Great harmonies, songwriting and musicianship. I can't help thinking any Raspberries fan would absolutely love this record.
  12. I saw them last week. It was a last minute decision to go because I didn't really think Rodgers singing Queen songs would work. But I'm a longtime fan of Brian May and I figured it would be cool to see him playing Rodgers' songs. So I bought a cheap seat in the rafters. Ticket sales were dismal and they blocked off the back half of the arena meaning my cheap seat got upgraded for free to one of the most expensive areas close to the stage. And They were great! Not as good as they would be with Freddy I'm sure but Paul Rodgers showed he was a professional rock singer and knew how to work the crowd. May was amazing of course. Looking at the big screen I confirmed what I read years ago that he uses a coin for a guitar pick. Fittingly, Taylor sang a couple of the hits that he had written including "Radio Ga Ga". There were a couple songs that weren't on earlier setlists I had seen - "Bad Company" and a version of "Under Pressure" that brought the house down. There was a nice Tribute to Freddy as "Bohemian Rhapsody" started with the band playing along to a film of him singing before Rodgers came in for the rock part of the song.
  13. I read somewhere that "My G-g-g-g-enera-shun" was sung like that to emulate the stuttering that affected some of the British "mods" as a result of their recreational drug of choice.
  14. If you ever plan on selling it, putting the replica sticker would probably destroy the value as someone who really knew their stuff could probably spot the sticker as not original. And it would be dishonest. If its for your own enjoyment to have the sticker on there go right ahead!
  15. Billy Sullivan sold me on the Variax guitar and I added the Pod XT Live, Workbench and Rifftracker software (also added some Instant Drummer packages). Billy should get a commission from Line 6. BTW, Billy the new Variax frimware upgrade greatly improves the 12 string sounds. There were a lot of complaints about its sound on the last version.
  16. Good songwriting is out there. It has to be searched for though. Blame the record companies and radio. Once upon a time record company people were people who loved music and knew how to find good music that people would buy. And disc jockeys who had an ear for hit records picked and played whats on the radio. Now the record companies are run by people who think music is just another commodity they sell and radio playlists are created through research polls to make sure nothing different that might not grab listeners from the very first listen don't make it on the air.
  17. Warren Zevon - Stand in the Fire Bob Seger - Live Bullet (not his other live one after he hit it really big). Loggins & Messina - Sittin in Again Live (new) Elton John - Here & There Bruce Springsteen - Hammersnith 75 & Live in New York City & Live in Barcelona (DVD only) Michael Stanley Band - Stage Pass Michael Stanley - Live in Tangiers: The Acoustic shows Beach Boys - In Concert (their early 70's live one) Moxy Fruvous - Live Noise (You have to hear this great canadian harmony band with a wild sense of humor) Hollies - Reunion (80's live show with Graham Nash reunited with the band various other (Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Wings, KISS etc) already mentioned.
  18. Wow. I just saw him a couple weeks ago on a VH-1 countodown of teen idols. He didn't age well.
  19. Overdubs Paul and Goose played in Tequila Sunrise, Jennifer Lee in the opening band Gotham City. And from what they said at least a couple of the Raspberries were in the audience (possibly Eric but I couldn't spot who was up in the good seats from where I was staked out). Paul Sidoti stole the show on the Joe Walsh songs. "Walk Away" went beyond what you'd expect from a cover/tribute band. He made that song his own. Jennifer was great in Gotham City. They played dead on cover versions of 70's, 80's and on up rock tunes with 4 or 5 singers to nail the vocals of anything they did. Its been awhile since I've seen a cover band like that and they were one of the best at that I've seen
  20. I'm not talking about war or being PC. I'm saying that iInsulting fellow Americans and calling for their deportation because they're in a different political party is treasonous and un-American. I'm not putting my head in the sand. On the contrary I'm standing up to disgusting fools who want me deported because I'm a liberal. How utterly reprehensible. I don't wish the same on you because your opinions are different. But silly me, I still believe being American means more than party politics.
  21. What an ugly thread. Full of ugly thoughts from people who call themselves Americans. They should feel ashamed. I feel ashamed for them.
  22. Forgot to add, I don't argue the game too much more. Getting too far off topic and we'll wake Bernie.
  23. I was only addressing the 2 calls that he said "were the game right there". Those 2 calls wouldn't have made the diference. If you want to address all the questionable calls then don't forget the Seahawks getting an incomplete pass when the receiver took 3 steps after catching it and dropping it right where the only person around was a Steeler. That was a clearly a fumble that got whistled down too soon.
  24. You heard Keith's guitar? What I heard was no guitar in the mix for half of "Start Me Up" and then they turned up Ron Wood's guitar after he started a solo. As far as I could tell, they never turned up Keith's guitar and it was all Ron Wood we heard. But I could be wrong.
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