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  1. I see someone has already grabbed Raspberries at myspace.
  2. After Marriot went to form Humble Pie, Stewart and Wood joined the remaining Small Faces and the band was renamed Faces.
  3. Denny Laine was with the Moody Blues and Wings
  4. People really like tribute bands. Sometimes they can sound amazingly like the real thing.
  5. Just flipping through the channels and wandered upon an infomercial for Time Life "70's Music Explosion" cd set. Barry Williams (Greg Brady) was pitching these CD's and they were showing quick little clips of the artists. And who should show up but the Raspberries doing GATW (of course) I didn't recognize the clip but I think it was the Starting Over line-up with Scott McCarl on bass. The boys were dressed in black and Wally had the hat on. The clip itself might have been live as opposed to a lip-synch but they were using audio from the record over the clip and for the brief clip it synched well.
  6. Happy birthday E.C.! Thanks for the great music!
  7. There was one Fleetwood Mac fan site that had the tracks available in mp3. There are so many tracks floating around (including a couple covers of somewhat little-known Rolling Stones songs) that its hard to say what was actually intended for the CD. Send me a message and I'll give you more info.
  8. Cool. I'm a big Lindsey fan and got to see him in a small club in the flats back in '93. What an incredible guitarist. I've got a bunch of unreleased tracks from his last aborted solo project that he scrapped to make Fleetwood Mac's last album. There's a couple of really good songs that didn't make it on the Fleetwood Mac album that hopefully will show up on his new one.
  9. I don't place a negative connotation on bubblegum. I like bubblegum. The Ohio Express and the 1910 Fruitgum Co. singles are great records. But I definitely don't think anything the Raspberries or Eric (not too mention Mungo Jerry, Lovin Spoonful, The Beach Boys, Electric Light Orchestra) have ever done qualify for that label. Bubblegum has such a specific level of simplicity to it (not that that's a bad thing) that certainly doesn't apply to those artists. Nor do I see power-pop as a negative term. To me that's always been a descriptive term for music that melds the songwriting style and harmonies of groups like the Beach Boys and Beatles with the heavier guitar and drums sounds of groups like the Who (nad that's a good thing).
  10. Definitely not bubblegum. Other than The Archies I don't think any of the artists you mentioned are remotely bubblegum.
  11. Rykodisc has put out releases from Badfinger and Big Star. Now they complete the holy trinity of power-pop with Raspberries. Very cool!
  12. The comedian guests who appear on the Opie and Anthony show on XM record promos that run during breaks on XM 202 and plug their upcoming appearances. The running bit is the comedians wing their plug and the unedited recording is mixed over some older song. The latest promo for Bill Burr ends with "so show cause I don't want to be there all by myself". Of course, ABM is used as music backing.
  13. "Their Hearts Were Full of Spring" is on the Beach Boys' "Live In London '69" album. The song was written by Bobby Troup who wrote the classic "Route 66" and also played Dr. Early in the 70's TV show "Emergency". Troup's wife, Julie London played nurse Dixie on the show. The 1963 Beach Boys album "Little Deuce Coupe" and the "Spirit of America" collection (a follow up to "Endless Summer") includes a recording of the song with the lyrics rewritten as tribute to James Dean - "A Young Man is Gone". Now a young man's gone But his legend lingers on For so much had he to give But his life is through For the story told is true For he died just as he lived For this daring young star Met his death while in his car No one knows the reason why Screaming tire, flashing fire And gone was this young star Oh how could they let him die Still a young man is gone Yet his legend lingers on For he died without a cause And they say that he'll Be known for evermore As the Rebel Without A Cause
  14. Kevin was one of the drummers at the Pittsburgh show. He traded off with Mark Avsec's daughter and another drummer who worked on the laatest Iris CD and they were all three on kits for a few songs including "Love is Like a Rock" and a unique cover of "Soul Man" that opened the show. Avsec's daughter's (I can't recall her first name)level of entushiasm playing made it so fun to watch her. Some young band needs to scoop her up.
  15. Wait, I'm confused. We knew the Live in L.A. CD was being worked on but I didn't think that show was filmed. So are we getting a DVD or CD? <drooling for either>
  16. I saw Donnie last month. What a great show. Hopefully, you'll get to see the 3 drummers thing he did then. Watch for the daughter of Donnie's writing partner/producer/keyboardist Mark Avsec on one of the drum kits. She's a show stealer.
  17. I'm So Afraid - Fleetwood Mac (Live) Midwest Midnight - Michael Stanley Band (Stagepass) Running On Empty,The Load-Out/Stay - Jackson Browne (Running On Empty) I Don't Need No Doctor - Humble Pie (Rockin the Fillmore) Break Your Heart - Barenaked Ladies (Rock Spectacle) Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding Elton John (Here and There) Badlands - Bruce Springsteen (Live in NYC)
  18. Just as long as they don't use "All By Myself" for a Viagra commercial.
  19. There was about 40,000 hits to go when I looked yesterday. Might want to point some fans at the web server and cool it down.
  20. As opposed to vice versa like we have now?
  21. ARRGH! I get the page that says "Studio Session with the Raspberries" but the Flash jukebox shows only Yvonne Elliman/Bangs/Barbour selections.
  22. Mike Just FYI, although Mike sang "What am I doing Hanging 'Round", he didn't write it. It was written by Michael Martin Murphy who later had success as a country star and had a big hit with "Wildfire" in the 70's. And you know the Monkees "didn't play their own instruments"? The rumor was some of the Byrds played on that song.
  23. It may be a cliche but blame Yoko. The copyrights for some of the Beatles songs were sold back in the 60's. When they were up for sale in the 80's, Yoko balked at bidding the amount Paul thought they should bid and Jackson bid higher.
  24. The prevailing theory is to recruit him to Scientology.
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