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  1. I thought "Free as a Bird" was so-so. "Real Love" was great, marred only by the quality of the Lennon recording used. I really would have liked to see what they could have done with a quality vocal recording from some lesser known Lennon track.
  2. What's your favorite album cover of all the solo or Raspberries albums? I got to go with "Change of Heart" - dressed very stylishly dressed and striking in black and white. The gold-foiled look of the first "Eric Carmen" album is very good too. But if that shot of the flying V leaning on the wall of posters is the cover for "Live at the Sunset Strip" that may be my new favorite.
  3. You have to hear the 5.1 surround sound mix on the DVD/CD version to really be wowed!
  4. What's it been - 4 days? Isn't it spring yet? Oh this wait is going to be painful.
  5. The CD/DVD - WOW! The presale package - WOW! The mix in the preview video (especially with headphones on) - WOW! Can't wait until this is in my hands!
  6. "Mr Roboto" - Styx Absolutely no redeeming value.
  7. Loved it for the most part. Better writing, more 3 dimensional characters (especially Bond) and less cheesieness than in any Bond film before. Bond was the cold-blooded killer S.O.B. from Fleming's original novel. Rebooting the series like this was definitely the right move. And a lot of guys were squriming during the torture scene. On the downside the last 20-30 minutes is somewhat anti-climactic and dragged for me. Every one knows the romance obviously couldn't have a happily ever after ending, so it just dragged for me at that point. The last 15 seconds make it worth it though.
  8. That was Mike Love's lawyers. Love continues to tour along with Bruce Johnston in what is essentially a tribute band using the name "Beach Boys" and didn't want the competition.
  9. He's adjusted the setlist since that first show. "Ramblin Gamblin Man" was added (actually it was on the typed setlist for the first show but didn't get played) and 1 of the new tunes was moved to break up a stretch of new tunes. I've got tickets for Pittsburgh 12/14 and can't wait.
  10. Nobody mentioned "Let's Pretend" - Raspberries?
  11. That is the Beach Boys doing backing vocals.
  12. Cozmik

    DC Outing

    OK, who else saw the subject line and thought another politician's revealed to be gay?
  13. I make it a personal rule not to get roped into a political discussion on a board like this one (dedicated to a musician who's music has never been political) but I'm too pleased not to say I'm right there with you
  14. Yes. Picking it up after work. Be aware that its a 2 disc set if you buy it anywhere besides Best Buy.
  15. There have been a few live ELO CD's that have been released. I don't think a lot of post-concert work was done with these because they were just put out by the record company without the band's participation. "The Night the Lights Went On (In Long Beach)" from 1974 captures the band before the band really hit it big and sounds very live. And they sound like a great live band. "Live at Winterland '76" sounds very live as well. similar to the one above. "Out of the Blue: Live at Wembley" - Oh boy. I saw ELO on this 1978 tour at Cleveland Stadium with Foreigner and Journey. They were at the height of their popularity and had the big saucer stage show. This "live" album clearly shows they're miming to the original studio versions or singing over pre-recorded backing tracks. This "live" album is a joke.
  16. And if somebody is really good at baiting does that make them... oh never mind.
  17. That sounds like an electric 12 string not an acoustic to my ears on the WOA version.
  18. Hoo-ray!!! Can't wait!!! OK, I'll ask. Anyway you can give us just a tiny taste? Not even a whole track, just 20 or 30 seconds or so of something to whet our appetite? (Sort of like a trailer for an highly anticipated movie)
  19. I just finished watching the Faces show. They were such a great band. I love rock's perfectionists and studio wizards but there is something so right and so rock about Faces sound and looseness.
  20. The Cleveland set was pretty much the same as the Boston show except he did "Bleed to Love Her" instead of "Down On Rodeo". And he's playing "Trouble" as a solo acoustic arrangement that transform the song like the acoustic versions of "Big Love' and "Go Insane" that he's been doing for a few years now. The acoustic version of "Go Insane" is still as haunting as the first time I saw him play it on the Out of the Cradle tour.
  21. I was in the 2nd row for Lindsey Buckingham in Cleveland last night. It was at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium - an interesting venue, its Lakewood High School's auditorium. Lindsey Buckingham is the most amazing guitarist I've ever seen. And if you've ever seen him, especially close-up you know what I mean.
  22. Mandolin - I play mandolin (I love playing that bit bit at the end of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May"!) and guitar. I wish I could play piano, I mean really play not just hit a few chords. Listen to Elton John's "Mona Lisas and Madhatters"- just piano, mandolin and bass. Excellent stuff.
  23. I scored 2nd row seats for his Cleveland show 10/20!
  24. The text by the player for GATW says 1972. I thought that might have been when the performance was from and not just the release date of the record at first but it does indeed sound a lot like the audio from the reunion video.
  25. If you haven't heard this yet, you should. A total return to form! Easily his best since his "Night Moves"/"Stranger In Town"/"Against the Wind" heyday. Most tracks rock with a few of his signature mid-tempo ballads thrown in for good measure. Hope he goes through with his tentative tour plans. He's on Leno thursday 9/14.
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