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  1. I've been wanting to get a DVD of that movie but I'm holding off until May 8 when a director's cut DVD set comes out.
  2. There are some gems even for power pop fans among Led Zeppelin's songs that you're probably not aware of. I don't care that much for the loooong blues or dead viking ballads myself but stuff like D'Yer Mak'r, Night Flight, Down by the Seaside, Boogie With Stu, Rock and Roll are great melodic tunes and/or rockers.
  3. Hoo hoo Robin. I invented everything. O&A party rock! Frrrrunkus!
  4. Had them on by back near my waist. They're caused by remnants of chicken pox virus in your body and can flare up during periods of stress. Before we knew what they were, when we thought it was an allergic reaction, my wife applied Benedryl frequently to my back. It turns out she never had chicken pox before and subsequently got chicken pox.
  5. 5 hours of Toronto? Sounds like its near North Bay if I recall my vacations to Temagami correctly
  6. Great subject Billy. Warren Zevon - "Excitable Boy" Nirvana - "Nevermind" CSNY - "Deja Vu" (ok technically the 1st album since Neil Young was added to change it from CSN) Bruce Springsteen - "The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle" Jackson Browne - "For Everyman" Bonus: Fleetwood Mac - "Rumours" was the second with the Buckingham/Nicks line-up, arguably an entirely different band then what came before
  7. Call Boston corporate rock if you like but Brad Delp's voice was incredible. Gonna hitch a ride Head for the other side Leave it all behind Never change my mind Gonna sail away Sun lights another day Freedom on my mind Carry me away for the last time
  8. Pittsburgh Sorry, couldn't resist
  9. Still up in the air about the Earth being round, too? How about the liberal scientist theory that the Earth isn't the center of the universe and, get this, the Earth revolves around the sun? Looney aint it.
  10. She could check out anytime she liked but she could never leave?
  11. Don't bother going there. Its just the ramblings of a oil company stooge "scientist" who thinks he's right and 95% of the world's scientists are wrong. This quote from the article where he responds to one of his critics tells you all you need to know: "Apparently he thinks if the fossil fuel companies pay you have an agenda." Of course, that's what it means. For more on this idiot: NRSP\'s Tim Ball\'s Delusions Now Include Paranoia Timothy F. Ball biographical information Why does the right wing continue to deny overwhelming scientific evidence? There is room for political debate about what to do about global warming, but to deny that it's happening is just dishonest. Until they stop this laughable denial they do nothing but embarras themselves and undercut their position in future debates about a course of action.
  12. Does that mean we get our CD's/DVD's sooner?
  13. The Travelling Wilburys thing was meant as a joke.
  14. Interesting. To be fair, Van Halen Vol 1 & 2 doesn't imply there will be a volume 3 like "Volume 1" would imply. The Eagles "Greatest hits 1971-1975" was followed up with a volume 2, it had 7 hits from the 2 albums that followed, the single from their first live album and was rounded out with 3 album cuts including 1 that from an album from the time period that the first greatest hits covered. But all in all they were able to follow up a greatest hits collection with a title that implied there could be another collection. Elton John had Greatest Hits Volume 2 and Volume 3. But his first greatest hits wasn't entitled Volume 1 so it really wouldn't fall under the curse. And it seems that most other artists that had a Greatest Hits Vol 2 didn't name their first set Vol 1 - Chicago, John Denver & Linda Ronstadt for example. Naming collections Vol 1 & 2 when released after the artist's career doesn't really count. I does seem like they're tempting fate when some calls their Greatest Hits "Vol 1".
  15. That was Peter, Paul & Mary.
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    You're really confused. Jon Landau - Rolling Stone writer, record producer, Springsteen's manager. John Landis - Director of movies such as Animal House, Blues Brothers, Trading Places and the segment of the Twilight Zone movie that Vic Morrow died filming. And to really confuse the issue there's an entirely different Jon Landau that is a movie producer whose credits include Titanic.
  17. The old Casey Kasem American Top 40 programs are aired on XM's 70's and 80's chhannels. Last night they played the year end countdown of the top songs from 1976. "Coming in at number 40, Eric Carmen from Cleveland, Ohio, who studied classical music and was on his way to making that his career. Then he heard the Beatles and decided to become a rock and roller. Here's 'All By Myself'." And as I listened, I remembered how powerful and just how good that song is.
  18. One soft infested summer Me and Terry became friends Trying in vain to breathe The fire we born in "Backstreets" - Bruce Springsteen All the words had all been spoken And somehow the feeling still wasnt right But still we continued on through the night "Late For The Sky" - Jackson Browne Thank God for the man who put the white lines on the highway. "Lover" - Michael Stanley
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    It's cold outside. (brrr)
  20. His CD is called "The Land of Pure Imagination". Heard the track "You Were Right" on The Loft on XM this morning. Manning was keyboardist for Jellyfish. This was a great tune that reminded me of Todd Rundgren, Badfinger, and Eric.
  21. I've been hooked on this a few days now. I've spotted zebras, giraffes, impalas, terrapin, hyenas. I keep missing the lions and cheetahs.
  22. If by debate you mean O'Lielly shouting at his guests and using made up statistics and quoting non-existant magazines to back up his position then I have seen his show.
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