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  1. Has anyone sent a copy to Mike Marrone the PD at The Loft on XM? Mike's a fan who has registered an account here. I've heard him play "Overnight" a few times and I'd bet he'd give the CD some play and include it their weekly new music show. Also send one to the Deep Tracks channel. They play a pretty eclectic mix including new music from "classic" bands. I've even heard them play cuts from the last new Michael Stanley albums the past several years.
  2. Two weeks - 14 days - to go. Can't wait.
  3. There's some pages out there somewhere to create your own "South Park" character too. That might be fun to see done to the guys. I did some passable South Park Beatles (guitars and drums included) once but probably lost them to a hard drive crash.
  4. Thing about Rod Stewart is a good percentage of his (best!) material throughout his career has been covers. It didn't get obnoxius until he kept going back to the American Songbook well too many times. His last CD of rock covers wouldn't have been out of line prior to that and would have been just another Stewart album. What I've heard from it was pretty good. Whats really funny is the reports of people leaving his shows angry because he's not doing the American Songbook material.
  5. And what would Hitler or Charles Manson be if they held back their opinions? Probably boring as well but they might classify as sane humans then.
  6. Oh yeah! Somebody showed me this guys work online before. The 3D illusions are amazing. I would love to see some of these in person.
  7. The music is reminiscent of DWB (espcially obvious with the intro the way it was played on the reunion tour) but the lyrical theme is pure "Wouldn't it Be Nice".
  8. The Beach Boys had a policy to only do songs they composed themselves or covers of hit songs (no outside composers). Henry Gross offered "Shannon" to Carl Wilson to take to the Beach Boys but was turned down for tht reason.
  9. Too bad they didn't get this one right. LONDON - Talk of a Spice Girls reunion has swirled for weeks — boosted by Sporty Spice herself — and on Friday the vivacious five said they would make "an announcement to the world" next week. "Following weeks of speculation, the Spice Girls are set to make an official announcement to the world regarding future plans on Thursday, June 28," said the statement from 19 Entertainment. "Details regarding the announcement will be released in the coming days."
  10. Thanks Al. I understand and guessed as much but was hoping it would look a little better at full screen on the P.C. On further consideration, its not that bad. So excuse my gripe before. On a brighter comment, that moment just before the drum break where Jim gives that look at the camera is priceless!
  11. I beg everybody's pardon in advance but I've got one criticism I'll mention on the chance somebody will consider it. The picture is NOT perfect. I just think we should have better resolution. It looks fine as long as the picture's small but blow it up to full screen and it gets blurry and blocky. You can get some really good quality pictures with QuickTime and a decent resolution. Check out some of the movie trailers on the net in QuickTime. Of course, the file size would be bigger and take longer to download, especially for the broadband-less. Anyway, I don't want to be negative for the sake of being negative because this is a real treat and the band sounds fantastic. I'm just suggesting we get an option to download a higher resolution copy of goodies like these.
  12. WARNING! Answer that email and next thing you know you might find yourself spending hundreds of dollars to follow a rock band around the country (if we're lucky). Actually, you're probably safe unless they book a date in Nigeria.
  13. What's amazing is that the "Seeker" line is followed by the songlist for the CD's. How can one not look at the list in their article and not go "Wait there's 'I Can't Explain' not 'The seeker'"? My guess is badly translated short hand notes and what he really meant was covers of The Who and The Searchers.
  14. Quote: At the House of Blues gig, the group played a blend of '70s hits like "Let's Pretend" and "I'm a Rocker," cuts from its four albums and a cover of the Who's "The Seeker". "The Seeker"?
  15. Check closely on the raspberriesonline.com closely. There's some new info on additional special editions. "On sale Additional Special Edition sets WILL be available to order on June 22nd. Updated details about the Special Edition sets will be posted here by June 20th.Stay tuned!"
  16. Is the Waits up there Tom Waits? Briliant songwriter. Possibly the worst singer ever to many ears but his songs are fantastic and widely covered. Never registered with me he had a songwriting partner though. Goffin/King, Mann/Weill, Barry/Greenwich, Henley/Frey on. Garcia/Hunter, Marr/Morrissey off. Becker/Fagen, Waits/Brennan to honorable mention. Sedaka/Greenfield, Gamble/Huff, Difford/Tilbrook deserve an honorable mention at least. And you can't leave out Felice & Boudleaux Bryant and Gaudio/Crewe . I wouldn't include Brian Wilson and anybody because it could be Brian Wilson and anybody or Brian by himself. When all is said and done its really all about Brian. Holland/Dozier/Holland unfortunately can't be include because there are 3 of them. Same with the Gibbs.
  17. Wow. People are naming some songs I really like or at least tolerate. There is absolutely no redeeming value to be found in "Mr. Roboto" by Styx. None. Worst song ever, hands down.
  18. Remember a couple episodes when Tony and Bobby were discussing death and one of them said they thought everything just goes to black? That's it. Tony's dead. He never saw it coming.
  19. Probably the family of anyone that had to go in his place. Probably a lot of families of the National Guard he hid in that he ironically sends repeatedly into harms way now.
  20. Ifsome would please help me, I missed "Thats rock n roll".
  21. Kind of what I was thinking. Its one thing to search for the best singer by having them sing popular songs, but for me bands have always been about their unique sound and their original material (not that some great bands don't do some great covers). The thought of several weeks of a bunch of cover bands makes me cringe.
  22. Got my package from Amazon yesterday. "Preludes" a new collection of demos and unreleased tracks and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", Crystal Zevon's biography of Warren. Very cool stuff. I was a big fan from the moment I heard "Excitable Boy" and immediately added the brilliant 1st album (2nd technically) to my collection as well. I went to more than a dozen of his shows over the years. I miss him.
  23. So you bought a Jag with money from the GM commrcial?
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