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  1. Ooh. I see me! Front row, to the left of the mic on the right, in the corner where the yellow amp meets the monitor. I had to open of the Windows magnifier and turn on high contrast mode to be sure. There was a couple of empty seats between me and the 2 people to the left of Bernie in the picture. Great show! And we had fun with the Raspberry scented bubbles.
  2. Make that Howl at the Moon instead of Shooters.
  3. I'll be there! Front freaking row center!! Thank you very much Best Buy presale! Hope the weather stays clears up for the few hours of the show. If we get there early enough we'll try to stop by Shooters.
  4. From looking at VH1 classic's website message forum, it appears the 6PM showing was a repeat of today's 6AM showing. I'm still setting my DVD recorder and crossing my fingers.
  5. I heard it on "The Loft" on XM just a couple of weeks ago!
  6. Starting out a "70's Block" on VH-1 Classic. My cable listings show the 70 's Block on again at 6:am eastern. With luck its a repeat of the block airing now. Set your Tivo's, VCR's, or DVD recorders!
  7. Opie & Anthony on XM Satellite radio that is. They've been playing submissions by tribute bands on the air and picking bands that they might include in a tribute battle of the bands. Why it didn't dawn on me before I don't know, but Tequila Sunrise should submit an entry. I just e-mailed Paul encouraging him to do just that. I think they would kill! 11 Days to Cleveland!
  8. >ELLIOTT: Oh, my word.< ROTLMAO! Sounds like a Simpsons moment.
  9. You can login to hob.com and view your order history. If they sent your tickets you can track them on FedEx.
  10. Not bad at all - Row B, Section 1. As soon as I have my Best Buy presale tickets (Row A, section 1 center stage!) in hand, I'll sell the Row B tickets at cost to the first person interested. If you got tickets through the HOB sale, I hope your happy with your seats.
  11. Its incredible! So much for HOB presale having the best seats. I'll see you there!
  12. I don't know what the HOB presale seats will be, but I just got dream seats from TM on the Best Buy Rewards presale and the HOB cannot be better. So I'll sell my HOB presale tickets to a fan at cost.
  13. Record Collector, what seat numbers? I got 19 & 20.
  14. Me too!!! Who wants my HOB floor seats at cost?
  15. Best Buy presales are for people who belong to Best Buy's Rewards program. You pay a few $ and then get points for purchases and $5 coupons for hitting a certain amount of points I just looked for more information on Best Buy's Rewards site since I have a membership but found no information on any specific presale let alone the 'Berries. Maybe they only show offers according to the number of points you have, so I can't see it.
  16. HOB Assigned floor seats (the $55 seats) are all gone.
  17. Anybody got any idea how HOB seats are picked? Do they process them picking from all the seats before the regular sale or does HOB have set blocks of tickets they must pick from? Since we don't know what seats we get from HOB until they ship, I'm wondering if its worth seeing what kind of seats I can find from TM on Saturday.
  18. Bernie (or anyone who has the 'Berries ears), I recently read an article about a new royalty for artists that went into effect under the DMCA. The royalty is paid to artists and copyright owners for digital performance, like satellite radio or internet radio. The artist's rights to royalties is separate from the copyright holder by law. So even though Capitol owns the copyrights on the recordings, the Raspberries would still collect royalties as artists. In fact, "non-featured" artists on a recording are entitled to royalties as well. This is a performance royalty and is in addition to any songwriter royalties. Such performance royalties have existed for radio play in Europe for a long time but only through this new law did they become available in the USA for digital media. Copyright owner gets 50%, featured artist 45% and non-featured musicians and vocalists are entitled to split 5% by law. The article mentioned how a lot of artists from the 50's - 90's who never made a lot of money off their big hits because the record companies own the copyrights are finally seeing some money come in. It varies according to how much they get played of course but some artists get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year. The article also mentioned how many artists just don't know about this and SoundExchange, the company set up to administer the distribution of these royalties, has a whole bunch of money they can't distribute because 30,000 artists haven't registered. They have extended their deadline to July to register to claim their share for royalties due for 1996-2000. Groups can register as one entity naming a representative or group members can register separately. Anyway, if the guys weren't aware of this someone should clue them in so they can get any royalties due to them. All the info is on soundexchange.com. Hope that helps!
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