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  1. Trindy, I just run a cable from the MyFi into the line in on the computer's sound card and capture it with audio recording software. I use CoolEdit to record the audio on the PC and then divide the tracks. CoolEdit used to have a free version until Adobe bought it and renamed it Adobe Audition. I don't know if the free version of CoolEdit is still available anywhere, but there is other audio recording and editing software out there. Some I think is free. I totally agree. I'm all for sharing rarities among fans but only if its ok with the band. And personally I can't wait for them to release an official live CD. Maybe with 5.1 sound?
  2. A 2000 semi-reunion without E.C. It includes the rest of the originals and Scott McCarl, I think.
  3. I'm thinking it might. I'm waiting to see the Ticketmaster listing and if they show the pre-sale I'll try there. But, I'll have 2 browsers open Tuesday at 10 in case I can't get through to TicketMaster with the password, I'll have HOB to fall back on.
  4. Did you see this? "Special Announcement: In the event that all HOB Member Tickets are sold, we will forward you to Ticketmaster where you can purchase tickets using the password "GOSPEL" in the Internet Presale box." Looking at the HOB AC listings there are a number of of artists with "internet presales" on Tuesday. I'm thinking of trying my luck going directly to Ticketmaster on Tuesday. At least I'll know exactly what seats I get.
  5. Robin, what artists did you check for tickets? Is it possible the pre-sale for those have been going on for a while and better HOB seats than you saw were sold long ago?
  6. Yes the sound quality of the XM on the net is nowhere near the quality of the sound from the satellite receiver. I have XM and will capture the show to my MyFi and transfer to CD. If we're going to spread CD copies amongst we fans lets make sure we get a good copy via a sat receiver and not the net. I'd guess most people here have CD burners, so it would be fairly easy to tree the show here(unless the band objects). No doubt having this show on CD would NOT stop a single one of us from buying any official product (DVD or CD) the Raspberries release from a live show and there would be no $ exchanged. But we don't want them feeling we're ripping them off at all.
  7. God and TicketMaster willing, I'm there.
  8. I intend to record this to DVD-R. I'll probably be able to provide a few copies to fellow fans for blanks and postage and would give priority to folks with DVD burners who would pass it on to a few more fans.
  9. Google TotalRecorder. Its a popular tool for recording streaming audio. A warning about the XM web feed: the audio quality may not be up to par and you risk interuptions in the streaming audio especially if you don't have broadband.
  10. Lots of XM's live specials end up on a number of channels. There's a channel called XM Live that broadcasts most of the specials. I would also expect a Raspberries concert to run on the 70's channel, maybe Deep Tracks, possibly the Loft. I think all the music channels are available on the internet. The channels that aren't tend to be the channels that broadcast syndicated material from other sources - like CNN, Fox, Air America, America Right. XM's agreement for the shows on these channels don't include web broadcast rights. The music channels are XM's property so they can put them on the web.
  11. "There's definitely a link between what Bruce does and what the Raspberries do" To paraphrase someone else.. Its all Rock and Roll to me.
  12. Well said Trindy. As for Bruce being a lousy communicator because people misunderstood BITUSA, it was "the great communicator" Reagan that led the charge to co-opt that song as a campaign theme ironically enough. But to get some actual Eric/Raspberries content in my post and back into the thread... I wish I could remember exactly the wording of what Bruce said in Pittsburgh but until the envitable boot of the show surfaces I have to work from memory. One thing he said about the Raspberries was they didn't get the credit they were due and still don't. I don't think he was trying to be cool promoting 30 year old records. He's a fan and used a couple moments to clue people in on a great band. Its what I do when I get in one of those periods when the Raspberries get in heavy rotation in my CD player - spout off to anyone who'll listen how great they are! Sommething about those records makes yiou want to spread the word. On recent tours, Bruce would use the time instead ("PSA time" to the community of Bruce fans) to make a political statement much to the annoyance of the many conservative fans I know. That he uses that time to say "here's a band and some records I like and you should check them out" should be the least controversial thing in the world. So if Bruce shows up to the A.C. show the guys would invite him up to jam on "Roll Over Beethoven" or something right? The remote possibilty is enough to seal the deal for me to go to A.C.
  13. That's my post from the r.m.a.s, Bernie. I am really tempted to go to the A.C. show, now. I've got another trip not long before that so I was going to be fiscally responsible and pass on it. But with Bruce repeatedly gushing about the Raspberries, A.C. being so close to his home, no tour dates for him scheduled then and his history of joining any band from U2 down to some local bar band onstage, there could be an extra bonus that night I would regret missing. Now if I can convince the wife I'm not there to gamble.
  14. Bruce did an outstanding show in Pittsburgh tonight and again expressed how much he liked the Raspberries. It was a wrap pretty similar to the one earlier reported but he also singled out "Overnight Sensation" as a "classic" and told everyone to go get "Overnight Sensation" and if they didn't like it next time he's in town they could tell him "Bruce, your taste sucks".
  15. At last I have it recorded to DVD! Playing for the 3rd time since it aired.
  16. Looks like it ran at 6AM eastern this morning. It should repeat at 6PM tonight ()if VH1 Classic doesn't screw us again. http://www.vh1.com/interact/boards/main....t=0&index=0
  17. Anyone thinging of getting XM I reccomend the MyFi - the portable unit. It comes With the car kit and home kit and can store 4 or 5 hours of programming. I absolutely love it. If you're looking for a cheap way out Ziggy's MyFi store will sell you the MyFi unit without tthe home and car kits for a reduced price - then you can buy whatever accesories you need separately. http://www.myradiostore.us/portable/myfi-lite-sa10113-delphi-xm2go.html
  18. An XM concert! Way cool! If you don't have XM 'Berry fans there's another reason to get it. And once you start listening you'll be hooked and never be able to listen to commercial radio again.
  19. VH-1 Classic screws me again!!!! I sat through the 10pm hour from the beginning and watched all the videos that played in the 10AM hour repeat repeat in exact order, waiting for GATW. I hit record just before the end of the Donna Summer video, all set for the Raspberries to follow and they play Blondie instead. Jeesh!
  20. That seems to be 10PM hour Eastern http://www.vh1.com/interact/boards/main....t=0&index=0
  21. I've got VH1 Classic figured out now. What plays from 6am - 6pm eastern repeats 6pm -6am. Barring the odd Poison: Behind the Music running at 4AM So if the GATW video ran in the 9AM hour, set your recorders to get the 9PM hour. Care to narrow it down and tell us what videos ran prior in that hour?
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