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  1. ARGGHHH! I just got sucked in again! I broke down and bought a M&G ticket. So I now have that, a balcony seat ticket and a floor ticket. Anybody need a an extra? Anybody?
  2. I'll be there. I'll have an extra floor ticket when I pick it up at will call (I'll be in the balcony) if anyone needs one.
  3. Bruce opened the 9/11 telethon broadcast. Has regularly donated a portion of proceeds from his shows to local food banks since 1984, does regular holiday benefit shows in NJ. He's done the Bridge School Benefits a few years. He came here to Pittsburgh to participate in Flood-Aid, a local concert for flooding victims in Pittsburgh last year. He appeared on "We are the World" and donated a track to the album for USA For Africa. He's took part in the Harry Chapin Tribute Concert to raise money for World Hunger and headlined the Amnesty International Human Rights Now Tour. And on and on. He's got nothing to apologize to you for, Lew. What big events has John Waite done? I don't care really, but you seem to want to keep score. I like artists for their music. And if they do charity work, God bless them. That's up to them.
  4. Only 5? Dang! OK. These are subject to order change depending on my mood at any given moment. 1. Lindsey Buckingham - Cleveland '92 or 93 A 10 piece band on stage, a small club with 200 people and the most amazing night of musicianship I've seen. 2. Bonnie Raitt/Jackson Browne/Shawn Colvin/Bruce Hornsby/David Lindley - Cincinnatti '99 The "Sensitive Ones Tour" with all 5 artists playing as band on each others songs. I love these collaboration type shows. 3. Paul McCartney - Pittsburgh '90 or '91. His first big tour since Wings and he was reclaiming his Beatles songs. 4. Raspberries - Cleveland 2004 Their first in 30 + years. The band I never thought I'd get to see and I was in a private box with some other fans. Worth every penny. 5. Bruce Springsteen - Pittsburgh 84 The "Born in the USA" mania was just about to set in, but he was still playing arenas as opposed to stadiums later in the tour. His set list still included a lot of earlier material he would soon be giving a rest. It was the eve of his 35th birthday and he kept the show going over 4 hours and made it past midnight to ring in his birthday. I got to go because a girl I met's friend couldn't go and she had an extra ticket. In return, I married her.
  5. I woke up to "Overnight Sensation" on the Loft Channel 50 the other night. Here this will help: http://www.xmmonitor.com/played/search
  6. And for the record from the Oracle of Bacon at the University of Virginua: The Oracle says: Eric Carmen has a Bacon number of 3. Eric Carmen was in Dirty Dancing Concert Tour (1988) with Bill Medley Bill Medley was in Last Boy Scout, The (1991) with Chelcie Ross Chelcie Ross was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon
  7. The late great Warren Zevon covered 'Jesus Was a Cross Maker' on his 'Mutineer' CD. Zevon co-wrote 'Jeannie Needs a Shooter' and shared a best rock duo vocal Grammy for 'Disorder In the House' (from Zevon's final album 'The Wind') with Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen has reportedly said some nice things about Raspberries - a band Eric Carmen was in.
  8. Where are these virtual pictures, Darlene?
  9. I was there. I got it! There were some cheers from around the room. On this audio though somebody sitting nearby the person recording doesn't get it. Not every Raspberries fan gets Bruce either.
  10. I just read a post on a Springsteen newsgroup where a fan mentioned they took the family to pick raspberries at a pick your own berry farm today. She said today was the first "official" day of raspberries season in Cleveland. I thought it was always Raspberries season in Cleveland!
  11. Keith Nivan CRACK THE SKY! Are you kiddin' me, man?!?!? Nope! My favorite "progressive" band. "White Music" is my favorite from them. Any chance you're from Baltimore? For some reason they are mega-famous there, but (most of, if not all of) the members are from the Pittsburgh area. Guitarist Rik Witkowski is one of the main-stays of the Pittsburgh rock scene as a producer, player and organizer of numerous charity events with lots of Pittsburgh musicians. Rik has a studio near Weirton, WV. Interesting tidbit, The B.E. Taylor group flirted with the national charts in the 80's with "Vitamin L" and "Karen". The B.E. Taylor Group played a kind of pop-rock and the line-up was basically Crack The Sky with singer B.E. Taylor replacing John Palumbo.
  12. I just finished mastering a DVD of the Hangin With show and noticed this little detail. Amongst all the album covers on the wall at the VH-1 Classics studio you can see "Side 3" just behind Eric during the performance of "I Wanna Be With You".
  13. I just saw a commercial the other night for Raspberry Smirnoff
  14. Just for a chuckle, I had checked the room availability for the Showboat, the Taj Mahal and Resorts a while ago. You can walk through tunnels connecting all three of those Casinos without going outside. All three had nothing available that night.
  15. Many thanks to the Raspberries for going to bat for their fans! If only the HoB had all the tickets available and on sale at the time they were supposed to they might even have had a sell out already. Now people who gave up looking this morning are going to dribble in between now and September 13 when those that don't hang here might think the on-sale date is now.
  16. Bernie, can't someone from the band's agency politely inquire as to why the HoB & TM are torpedoing the bands ticket sales?
  17. And I am believing more and more the only way you're getting in those balcony seats is to gamble heavily at the Showboat.
  18. It probably is a typo by TM but its probably entered in their system for 9/13. TM f'ed this one up.
  19. Some Pittsburgh bands with somelevel of national success: Joe Gruschecky/Iron City Houserockers Donnie Iris Jaggerz The Clarks Bill Deasy/The Gathering Field B.E. Taylor Corbin/Hanner Crack The Sky Rusted Root The Vogues
  20. Happy birthday! Thanks for the great music!
  21. I'm thinking the only way to get in the balcony is to get there early and drop a couple thousand dollars on the tables at the Showboat.
  22. GOSPEL worked for me but there are no reserved seats available, just gen adm
  23. On the positive side, they're will-call only. Which means you don't have to worry about HOB screwing up the mailing of your tickets. I bought mine but if TicketMaster has balcony seats tomorrow I'll upgrade.
  24. Wow! He is really pushing them. I've got a real strong feeling that Bruce shows up at the A.C. show.
  25. Now here's the quandry: Go through HOB member ticketing tomorrow, where the seats appear to be row J&K of 201 for every artist listed there, knowing some got better tickets not using HOB and some got royally screwed by HOB ticketing? Or wait 24 hours and go directly through TM, possibly getting better seats and definitely knowing what seat your getting and get it mailed in a timely manner? http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/02003B...mp;minorcatid=1
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