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  1. The correct response to any snotty server in a Los Angeles restaurant or bar is "hope your acting career picks up".
  2. Have you upgraded the firmware on your guitar? I've heard in greatly improves some of the models. Although I've read where one person rolled back the upgrade because they thought 1 model that was important to them didn't sound as good in the upgrade.
  3. Well not personally. But thanks for the info on the Line 6 Variax, Billy. I couldn't wait until Christmas and bought one this weekend. I love it! I ordered the Workbench software and can't wait to start using it to customize. A question - what settings do you use on what songs playing the Variax with the Raspberries? A couple of examples would satisfy my curiosity.
  4. Live radio show on Thursday? Perhaps related to Bernie's 35th anniversary announcement? Where ever this is somebody please record and share!
  5. Pearl Jam, BNL, and a lot of bands offer their shows downloadable online.
  6. I think I'd be perfectly happy if I never heard "Brown-eyed Girl" ever again. And I use to really like that song. And somewhat related... I loved "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin and wouldn't have considered it over-played on the radio (for my tastes) but I can't stand hearing it anymore after a few hundred Cadillac commercials.
  7. I was under the impression that "I Can Remember" has it roots in classical music. Eric has gone to his classical roots a few times to find melodies to adapt and ICR seems like it could be one of those. But maybe I have that impression because the song just seems like a symphony for a rock band.
  8. I heard "She Did It" last night at about midnight! I'm guessing their criteria seems to be anything that made the charts, no matter how low, and played in the order they debuted. Pesky need for sleep and life in general keeps me from listening to every minute.
  9. And tonight I heard "All By Myself" as they work their way yhrough 1975. A lot of great songs in 1975, might be the year AM radio hit its peak imho.
  10. XM's doing their annual play of IT, every pop song from the 30's through the 90's spread out over their decades channels. It takes several weeks to get through. Anyway they're in the 70's on the 70's channel, nust be late 72 or early 73, from the sound of it and I caught "I Wanna Be With You" a little while ago. Way cool!
  11. The Wondermints are the fantastic band that backs up Brian these days.
  12. Holy Crap! Worth the price of the book alone!
  13. The Beach Boys are over. Carl and Dennis are gone. Brian and Al Jardine aren't with them. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston tour under the Beach Boys name with some backup musicians. Mike Love is a total hack that fought every musical innovation Brian made and now has turned the Beach Boys into one of those joke oldies acts that barely have an original member. If you want to see the best live representation of the Beach Boys music these days then you have to see Brian Wilson and the Wondermints. Brians voice is shakey at times and he hardly plays the keyboard he sits at but he's the guy responsible for their greatest music. The Wondermints do a fantastic recreation of the records and they are able to delve deep past the surf and car records into some of Brian's most innovative material.
  14. I'm sure he would use them if he used opening acts.
  15. Isn't the tag just identifying a CD the song is available on? That's pretty standard for all of VH-1's videos, even going back to MTV's hey-day they did that. True Capitol had nothing to do with the video, but (unfortunately) "Raspberries Greatest" is on Capitol records. It would have been better if the CD it identified could have been "Raspberries Live" (CD/DVD) on Raspberries Records. Is the band free and clear of obligation to Capitol? Can they shop any new live or studio recordings to any label they want?
  16. On the "Hit Record" clip, almost at the very end, I can't quite make it out, but does somebody say "I got to have more cowbell!"?
  17. I was hoping maybe in October, but the decades channels on XM are starting their annual play of "IT" (where they play every charted and many uncharted songs from the 1930's to 1999 chronologically). That should take up October. I'll have to try to listen when they are playing music from key years and months of Raspberries and Eric Carmen releases. I've heard The Choir on XM as well.
  18. I bought Jordan Zevon's (Warren's son) ep off there a while ago. Its a great pop record. I'll have to get Billy's as well. The best part of ordering from cdbaby was the hilarious email they sent when they shipped the order. That alone was worth the price of admission.
  19. And back to the subject of the thread, I want a live album or DVD to immortalize these reunion concerts before a studio album.
  20. Cher's record is for the span between #1 hits (not just top ten)65 to 99 = 34 years. Prior to "Believe" hitting #1 for Cher the Beach Boys held the record with 24 years and 4 months when "Kokomo" hit #1.
  21. That's me with the band 2nd row middle.
  22. Thanks Billy and Roadie #3 for the guitar information. One of those might be on my Christmas wish list.
  23. A big hand for the road crew! And a question: What was it that made Eric's and Billy's electric guitars produce such a dead-on acoustic guitar sound? I thought I heard Billy saying 'software'. Is this built in to those guitars, a pedal, or in the soundboard?
  24. I've got 1 extra floor and 1 extra balcony for Saturday. If anyone needs either one. Email me ASAP.
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