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  1. So, how was it, gang? A good time had by all? My girls' night b'day dinner here went on much longer than anticipated. Didn't count on the honoree opting for the "First Friday ArtWalk" - oops on my part. I did mention that the chat was happening, then decided it would be rude to push that point. Sooooo...am hoping that another Girls' Night Out in the chatroom happens VERY soon! S*
  2. HT, you have no idea how glad I was to get through that ice storm! 13 days without power is too much, even for this chickie. Am still getting clean up work done on the yard, trying to catch up on things I couldn't see to get done, etc. etc. All the more reason our Girls' Night is a good thing!! S*
  3. Eegads, Muzza!! LOLOL BUMP!!! Are we definitely on for 9p ET/8p CT on Friday? I'm trying to juggle a b'day dinner for a friend, our girls' night chat, and possibly a viewing of "This is Spinal Tap" on the big screen. When it rains, it pours...in a good way! S*
  4. And I like the way Kiwi thinks...good coffee shops and cute baristas are two of my favorite things!
  5. Sounds like a plan Bessie - 9p ET, right? That makes it 8p here which is good for me...unless of course, I've forgotten something yet again!
  6. P.S. Have you ever found a good recording of the Martinu Flute Sonata? My favorite to play. Hey - I think we need to get together an ec.com instrumental group! S*
  7. Oh, Dar - I'm with you on the Grieg! Wish you had been with me at the show we saw on Valentine's Day: the 5 Browns came back to town. I liked them last year, but wasn't as blown away as I wanted to be. Only went this time because my piano-music-fanatic-dear-friend had to miss them the last time. The program was much more balanced this go around and I enjoyed them at least twice as much as the first time. S*
  8. I received one fairly sane message this week, but that's it...of course, I may become known as "Marlene, Jr." since there's never any telling when I'll be at my desk and when I won't. But I have faith that after a few tries, it will all work out.
  9. I was there, like so many of us. Seeing the Ringo tour was great not just because EC played with the band the year I went, but because Ringo was probably my first "favorite rock star" when I was a kid. (What can I say? I was young and wore rings on every finger - it only made sense.) I was already immersed in music and AM radio, so it didn't change me in that regard...and while my family watched Ed Sullivan every week, I still remember the an-tici-pation throughout that day leading up to show time. Interesting, though, that the two songs that instantly stayed with me were "IWHYH" and "SLY". To this day, I can remember hearing/seeing them very clearly. Of course, I know the others just as well now, but even after being prompted the only clear memories of that evening I have are those two. But I also think of a long time friend whose b'day is the same date...she is a diehard Beatle fan and I'd be willing to bet she ranks that TV show as one of her best b'day gifts ever! S*
  10. Yes, indeed, Paulie - yes, indeed. Gracias again, Bern-meister. Can't wait for the party and the big celebration! I guess I've been checking out this site since very near to its beginning. (Before I even had real net and the ability to see more than text!) So I look forward to being at the celebration with the proverbial bells on! And, Gord, I promise I won't cry for you even though you have that banjo on your knee. S*
  11. Transitive thinking: Tommy Tunes and Hats = cool Cool = Chicago weather Chicago = where Phil lives So does that mean TT is in Chicago? Is Phil cool? Or maybe Phil is wearing another one of TT's hats. S* Yes, I'm shameless. Hasta luego, gang.
  12. Leave it to Mellie to be prepared! HT and I may have enjoyed our mini-heat wave yesterday, but it's back to coolness today. Still not IL cold, but in the 30's for a high. S*
  13. Not only was WITNOTW JL's ultimate feminist statement, I consider it quite possibly THE ultimate feminist statement. Sadly, it is still all too applicable today. Has anyone else seen "The U.S. vs. John Lennon"? Wonderful film and responsible for my current jag of listening to his music. Also, I picked up Cynthia Lennon's book. (Looked at it while at Downtown Disney, popdude, but waited till I got home to buy it.) I haven't read it yet, but looking forward to seeing what she has to say. S* Hoping she hasn't stirred up too many heated emotions..just some good conversation
  14. I cried "uncle" and gave up the teasing when I realized it was 21 here this a.m with virtually no wind...a veritable heat wave compared to our friends in Chicago! Time to snooze...stay warm, everyone. S*
  15. I saw the special on them when they reunited and thoroughly enjoyed it...glad the reunion "took". Sad about the sax player's hearing. "I might like you better if we...." Love 'em!! S-Girl*
  16. Kath, when you next invade Chi-town, I should try to be there, too, just so I can laugh at them for being such wimps. After all, they have heat!!!
  17. I talked to my friend in Arlington Heights a few hours ago and she was shivering already. I just hope you guys don't have to go without power for 13 days like I did. I'm still recovering from that one. So much so, I locked myself in the house last night, turned off the phone, and am not stirring from here (not even for church) until I walk next door for the Super bowl party tomorrow! And, guys, what's worse than Bessieboo rubbing in the temp in her neck of the woods? My friend from NYC working in FL at the moment and doing the same! S-Girl
  18. Love Sidney Sheldon's books...and he penned one of my favorite lines: "Sliced on rye, hold the mustard and lettuce." I laugh just thinking about that! And if you don't get it, then read "The Other Side of Midnight". RIP, Sidney Sheldon...thanks for all the entertainment over the years. S*
  19. The Moody Blues are going to be here in March and tickets go on sale to the public on 1/20. Much as I'd like to, it doesn't look like I will make it to the show...but I'll be sure to let "the gang" know if I do! As for John Kay, I have no doubt he can still do it...thanks for reminding me I haven't listened to him in awhile...need to do that!
  20. Thank you, thank you, Tunesy!! No prob on time...I'm not in a rush...have too much backing up, transferring to external hard drive and all that good stuff to do, too. Looking forward to the suggestions. S*Girl
  21. ...and, hopefully, just plain fun in the ol' chat room! Monday will already be the second anniversary of the 'Berries' show in Chicago. So how about it? Let's meet at 9p CT in the chat room. I can't stay as late as I would like and as I know many do...but we can still play for a little while. So many of us met that evening, even if it was just long enough to put a face with a name...well, let's get together again! Monday, January 15 starting at 9p CT the ec.com chat room Let's chat about the fun we had in Chicago and the other shows in '05...anticipate the arrival of the Limited Edition sets...and maybe even daydream about shows that we hope will happen someday! S*
  22. Thanks, Ted. Now to dig a little deeper. Do any of you have suggestions on tunes/artists that I should consider as "musts"? I don't want to miss out on any lesser known gems. S*
  23. I knew I could count on you, ScentLady. And to take your comment one step further...any input on those songs? You know I like the 60's as well as 70's (non-disco, that is). For the rest of you, I also like jazz (Kenny G is not jazz, thank you very much), classical (remember, I'm a flautist), and my motto is that the genre doesn't matter so much...just as long as what they're doing, they do well! S*
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