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  1. I feel compelled to stick up for Diane here...girlfriend, I'm sending a proxy to help get you out of there if he really tries to pull off this...this...oh, there are just no words for such a...um....

    Oh, girl, in your own words - you're too young to die!!

  2. Calling Bob Allen! Just saw that Bea Arthur is going to be on today's edition of "Entertainment Tonight".

    Warning to everyone else...not sure what Bob's excitement at seeing Bea will register on the Richter Scale.


  3. Touche, dianed, touche. Don't think I could have said it any better. As for me, I'm extremely grateful to have this release and tickled to death with all the great reviews the commercial release is receiving. Am I impatient to get the LE? Heck, yes, but in a good way - it's the kind of anticipation I used to always feel before the release of each album...and that anticipation is half the fun!

    Maybe I'm "philosophic and drunk on grown up truth" (along with being drunk on the idea of hearing the new release - can't wait!), but I hope it's in a good way. I'd like to think the fact I have developed a great amount of patience over the years is showing now. I'll put my loyalty as a fan up against anyone else on this board, but we all waited 30+ years and I, for one, can wait a few more days. It's coming and that's good enough for me. I know the final product is going to be as much as I could hope for and then some.

    Al - you are a wonderful guy to keep everyone in the loop like you have. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. The bonuses are yet another gift from you (and your accomplices!) to the fans. In this digital age, the surprises you dream up for us seem to be neverending. New release or no, you're always there and I truly appreciate it. I hope to see you again at a show in the not too distant future.

    And thank you to Eric, Jim, Dave and Wally - without you, none of this excitement would be happening. I only hope you are as pleased with the outcome as we are excited about it.


  4. I'll post more later...probably in another thread...but this seems like the place to start. I'm in a state of shock so it will be a bit before I collect my thoughts and post a fitting note...

    I move that we keep the Sode Shoppe open. Maybe let the Assistant Manager get things going again. Yeah, yeah, I know it won't be the same...but we all know SugCheri wouldn't want the Shoppe going out of business.

    Can I get a second on this motion?


  5. Jeff, Stowaway Sue, et al...

    Thanks for the info. I want to play with it, but have been a bit dubious as to whether the iPhone will meet my wants/needs in this first incarnation.

    I'm hooked on my Treo and use my iPod incessantly in the car for music. Since I rely so heavily on the list features, e-books and games, in addition to the calendar and contacts...am I correct in thinking that the iPhone really isn't for me?? ( :::sniff:: I wanted it to be the new big thing for my use.)

    Thanks again.


  6. Kathy Lee -

    Be sure to check out this site , too. I tend to make it my first stop when checking for Vegas shows.

    Goldstar also has some specials from time to time.

    Have a wonderful time. I'm needing a Vegas fix in the worst way, so enjoy it for me, too!


  7. Ah...I sneaks in once awhile, Tunesy. Did just long enough for...oh...I think it was three...posts yesterday...

    And back again now for a few minutes.

    Lee - once again, I read your sig. Gets me every time - thanks for it. Sometimes we need something to make us laugh, right? smile


  8. see home page - check

    read winners' list - check

    listen to new audio - check

    view new video - check

    send daily entry - check

    clear browser cache....hmmm...just curious - is there a special reason we need to do it as part of the 10th anniversary routine? Or are you just looking out for all of us again, Bernie?


    P.S. to Paula - honey, Jon BonJovi is, always has been and I believe always will be, hot...Hot...HOT! (Pin or no pin!) <eg>

  9. 1. Cool news about Looking Glass - always did like them.

    2. No, no, no!!! Right idea, totally wrong song and composer. Barry Manilow's "Mandy" was orginally titled "Brandy". Was written by Scott Enlgish and Richard Kerr. English recorded the original 1971 single of "Brandy". Yes, Clive Davis sent him the song and wanted it to stay uptempo like the demo. Manilow played around both with the ballad and faster versions, playing the uptempo for Clive who hated it even though it was what he claimed he wanted. Manilow hauled out the ballad version and the rest is history.

    Manilow has recorded other Kerr compositions including: "Somewhere in the Night" (written with Will Jennings), "Life Will Go On" (with John Bettis), "Looks Like We Made It" (again with Jennings). The story about "Brandy" being about a dog isn't true. Apparently English was awakened at 7a one day by a reporter who asked who Brandy was. To make him stop, English says, " 'It was about a dog like Lassie and I sent her away. Now you go away!' I said and hung up on him. I guess I'll have to live with that story."

    OK, I'll stop now...back to taxes. (Bleah!)


  10. I've held off as long as I can.

    Picking a fave or least fave either one by the 'Berries is tough - all so different, it's like apples and oranges.

    But all in all, gotta say that "Starting Over" is definitely my favorite album overall.

    As for EC solo, my answer is the polar opposite: it's almost too easy to pick a least fave. I've tried and tried over the years, but just can't listen to it all the way through at one sitting.

    "Tonight You're Mine".

    Favorite solo is tough, too. Like "Boats" (features what are probably some of his best written songs) as well as the Geffen album (have a strong sentimental attachment to that one that has nothing to do with life here on ec.com <g>) - so obviously, like them for different reasons. "Change of Heart" did grow on me through the years, too.

    (So there! LOL)

  11. Eric, please remember to be kind to yourself throughout this time. When my mom passed, a wise friend shared that there would be many emotional roller coasters that hit with no warning. I'm guessing you've been having at least your share of them...just realize they will occur and do your best to ride them out without beating yourself up over the things you are feeling and experiencing.

    Also remember how many in this community are here for you...we've got your back!

    tiene cuidado,


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