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  1. I'm having a '70's flashback on that Free Times story, Don. Reminds me of the kind of comments I read too many of back then. Maybe the reviewer is just stuck there or something... :huh: Almost as if he thinks it's not "cool" to just say he likes it.

    And like you, gotta love the "glorious teen-lust anthems" line in EW's review!


    Happy to be flashing back to her favorite music of the '70's

  2. This will be fun! Find your passwords...and if you don't, maybe we can start a thread to cover us on the virtual side of the fun.

    Laura, I had thought about trying to make it next weekend, too, but found out that a friend from CA who usually comes in about this time of year will be here then...oh, well...we'll get together live and in person soon. smile

    7:37a CDT...approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes till WABCAM goes live. Woo hoo!


  3. Here I am on the phone with dianed as I walk up to my mailbox...oh no! Could it be?! It's a box of the right size! Priority mail!Be still my heart!

    Noooo...another couple of cd's I had ordered...

    Marvin and Jeff...it's skipped right over me, too...tomorrow's gotta be the day. I'll take a break, check my mail and post again when I get back to Virtual WAB.


  4. I'm here for you! I'll stand up for you anytime...and won't let anything happen that isn't the best for you...

    And I'll be parked in front of that webcam as much as possible...


  5. The WABCAM made me decide to go ahead and throw out this idea....how about a Virtual WAB for those of us who are stay-at-homers?

    I will have access to a puter tomorrow and we could all check in and out of the chat room while perusing the WABCAM. Since the whole reason I am busy tomorrow is family obligations, I won't be there 100% of the time, but will be back if someone happens to sign in and misses me. If that happens, let me know and we'll coordinate a time to meet.

    We had a terrific time when we did our special chat the night of the LA show and I know this could be just as much fun.

    I'll try to sign on around 10a CDT and check it all out...LET'S DO IT!! VIRTUAL WAB!!


    P.S. I won't be in a position to enjoy true celebratory beverages until I return home tomorrow evening, but feel free to bring your faves with you. wink

    See you on line tomorrow!!

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