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  1. OK, that's weird.

    I posted and it's not showing up...let's try this again. The gist of it was that something right up there would be a pre-party with ec.com friends the weekend before the main event.

    Wait! We did that last Saturday and it was terrific!

    And now it's less than 24 hours to go...


  2. Excellent! Thanks for posting the info, Al. And the comment about more shows in the midwest has me just the other side of giddy...oh, wait. maybe that's because I'll be all packed and ready to head to NYC this time tomorrow. :)

    Thanks again - this is a great piece of coverage.


  3. ...played too much Mr. Wizard at times. One time resulted in my getting in trouble at a mom & pop motel for making the phone receiver raise automatically (yeah, right) over and over again. The other was a little more drastic. I took a small screwdriver to the light switch missing a cover...blew everything in the house except myself. Still not sure how I kept from shocking myself with that one!

    Also was sure I was going into my own Wonderland when an earth tremor hit while my mother and I were reading "Alice..."


  4. "I Can Remember".

    Well, duh, there's a surprise (not!) - Susana wants to hear "I Can Remember"....and she really wants to hear it on October 13. In addition to that, anything the guys want to play will be just fine by me...but in the interest of the thread...

    I'd love to hear them do "Be My Baby" and/or "Locomotion" again. They were both great on October 13, 1973, and based on everything I've heard from the '05 shows, they'll be even better on October 13, 2007. Come to think of it, I'm going to dig around and see if I can find any old notes about that set list in 1973. I'm sure there are gems on there somewhere that haven't been dusted off yet - what a time to do it!


  5. If you believe in the miracles (as AnnieK said), they will happen...but you must believe! Look for the little ones every day...be thankful for every moment with your family and friends, and for all the teeniest, unexpected good things.

    I think Rupert Holmes could just as easily have substituted the word "miracles" in his song "Adventure":

    "And I stand in total awe

    At the simplest things that people say and do

    I think that true adventure lies

    In the ins and outs of those like me and you"

    They're everywhere...believe.


  6. I'm here for you, girl...we have to stick together in times like these...!

    And if you don't find it by your birthday, I can send you an extra strong magnifying glass as a present. This could help explain someone's ability to accommodate so many people so quickly... :p

  7. Oh my. Not sure if I should be honored to be mentioned in "The True Story"...or chagrined that my cover has been blown. Guess I need to apologize for blowing the special guests' covers by alerting all the party goers once the guests appeared on the web cam. But perhaps it really was OK...Eric was pleasant enough about the whole thing and neither Jim nor Al seem to have had me removed from either message board. (But wait, the USPS still has my "special package"...hmmm...)

    BTW - nice shoes, Dianed. We really do have to go shopping sometime soon. And we'll pay attention to the mapquest once we consult it. (Unlike some people.)


  8. As for why it took them so long to get there...ask Lew about the emergency mapquest done for them on a computer in Missouri.... haha

    (And I know I will pay for saying this, but....didn't find too much, did ya, Diane? wink )


  9. OMG...an instrumental of "I Can Remember"??!!!

    Sold to the highest bidder right there, worth the price of admission and every other cliche you can name. I may not get past anything else in the whole darned set...when it finally arrives that is.

    This has me shivering with...AN-TIC-I (Tommy? Say it!) - PATION!


  10. Whoa...pressure's on for me for next year, thanks to Mellie. I was there with you guys in spirit and loved chatting with everyone who joined in the fun at the chat room. We discovered that the web cam is amazingly addictive and developed our own little brand of voyeurism. laugh

    Lew, Lew, Lew. ::: shakes head :::


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