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  1. I'll be working till 10p CT, but will plan to stop by when I get home, 10:30'ish - wait for me! S*
  2. Mellie - I thought sure you heard the Geffen album at one time or another when I was around. Stevie and I played it all the time. (And I played it all the time when I as - yeah, you got it - "ABM".) Anyway, we'll have to remedy the "not having heard it" situation this weekend. S*
  3. I'll go take a look, Les. Thanks for taking time to do it.
  4. Can't remember the total cost, but I have vinyl, cassette and CD...gee, that's a....um...threesome...yeah, that's it. I heard the one liners at the end of "Entertainment Tonight" and they said it had been released that day. I got lucky and found it immediately. That recording played a large part in some very special memories for me - bittersweet in some ways, but still beloved. S*
  5. Oh, my - am I about to agree with Cartmill? Yes, the lyrics were quite stellar at that time. See exactly what you mean about "popping the mic", E. Makes perfect sense. However (notice I didn't say "but" ), for those of us who tend to overthink every little thing, something like that can send us off to the races. More often than not, we find ourselves harkening back to what "was" or "could have been" when on the verge of something new with someone new...well, I'm sure everyone gets the picture. S* who took the night off from tax work to give her mind a rest and is about to start overanalyzing songs she usually relaxes to
  6. *** favorite phrase, hands down: "Sippin' on a scotch and soda A shadow in a corner booth So philosophic and drunk On grown up truth" *** favorite one liner: "Dreams are forever and some things you never forget" *** Special kudos to "Love Is All That Matters". Marvin Hamlisch's "Simplicity sells" quote about the beauty of a simple, perfectly written song (yeah, I know he was talking in monetary terms, too) never seemed more appropriate than when I think about that song *** A slightly revised version of the bridge in "Starting Over" that Eric sang at one of his solo shows I saw back in the '70's: "I remember all the good times and the bad times spent together BUT remember all the old times when the new times look much better." Amazing how changing one word can change the entire meaning. Depending on my mood, I'll sing it that way on those days when the song is going through my head. Heck, that entire song is wonderful. *** And what would a post from me on the topic of favorites be without a mention of "ICR"? All of "ICR" - the total package. (Gee, that's a shocking comment coming from me...not!) Not sure that one will ever be topped in my book by anyone. Nunh huh. No how, no way. S*
  7. Bangles or Go-Go's? Neither...I'm with GMan. Fanny all the way. Liked Belinda Carlisle's solo stuff a little better than either B's or G-G's, but still give my vote to the Millingtons. I thought it was a very sad day when the wonderful Mael Brothers teamed with Jane Wiedlin. At the time I thought Sparks was scraping the bottom of the barrel with that collaboration. I've mellowed a bit, though, in my old age and will actually hum "Cool Places". As far as solo artists - Lesley Gore. (I threw that in there since I mentioned BC.) LG actually released a new CD a couple of years (or so) ago that I keep meaning to pick up. As for the question about all the Lee's: Lee Meriweather. She is a very gracious and fun lady. And boys - she still has her looks in a big way. If anyone's interested, I'll see if Bernie will post one of the pics I took of her about 1 1/2 years ago. (Sorry, Bob Allen, don't have any pics of Bea.) S*
  8. Criminy! Just when we think our boys (that would be Bernie and Eric) can't top themselves... Somehow the term "you rock" just took on a whole new meaning. : ) S*
  9. I'm right there with you, Laura....those were actually my first words on it. I wish I could cheer for the Pats, but I just can't. Too many question marks. And..."it's not the Cowboys"! S*
  10. Yes, quite possibly drug related, but sounds like in this case it could very well be a terrible accident. It was noted in several places that he had trouble sleeping of late, especially while filming his role as The Joker and that he even remarked that some aids only provided a couple hours respite. Yes, I'm putting on my Pollyanna face, but at least I can for now. Did anyone besides me watch "Roar" on FOX back circa 1996? "Keep your eyes level, stay alert, and listen with your heart" -- Connor (the lead and Ledger's character) in "Roar" I'm still in shock. Such a talent and such a future that I, for one, was looking forward`to watching unfold. RIP, Heath. S*
  11. Jules, ITA with you...but I console myself with the thought of..."It's not the Cowboys!" Geez, that was heartbreaking the other night...but again..."It's not the Cowboys!" S-Girl whose favorite team outside of the Packers is whoever is playing the Cowboys
  12. "Magical" is indeed the right word. The sheer ecstasy (no pun intended, but oh well, it's there) of it was unbelievable. I won't try to cite every detail because if I do, I'll still be typing this time next week. Definitely a time that I suspect will never be equaled as meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintances were a superb icing on the cake of the wonderful music...so beloved by so many of us and music we thought we'd never hear live again. My friend Karen even felt the magic. I had told her that I was going to embarrass her by lip syncing every song. After the show she told me how much she enjoyed it, that the fans were incredible, and that it wasn't just me lip syncing - it was "every single person in the whole place!" Can honestly say I don't think I've ever experienced any other evening that was quite as literally perfect as that one was. I have a huge smile on my face right now just thinking about it. Gracias again, ec*, to you and the rest of the band for making it happen. *susana*
  13. Ah, Ira... it's been another very long week and it doesn't take much to make me all verklempt at this point. Gee, now I wanna be back in the City right now, picking right up where we left off at the Diner! S*
  14. Way to go, Jeremy! Thanks for sharing, Ira. Randy is in FL right now, but I'm going to be sure and point him in the direction of this thread when he gets back...like Muzza, we both think you and Lorie have a fantastic son. (And he has fantastic parents.) S*
  15. susana


    Hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve and Day. Me - spent NYE with a few close friends and today with another friend who is visiting from out of town. Watched the MSU Marching band on the Rose Parade. (That's for you, Sterling!) Love my champagne and finally had my first Dom Perignon. (Why did I wait so long? Love its "mellow" quality.) S*
  16. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Ernie - and also the ideal list of things to be thankful for as the new year begins. (Agree with you about that "MIA" item, too. ) As for me, I am going to be shamelessly materialistic this time around.... I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone! S* Miss Tech addict lives!
  17. Glad you saw him, Ted. He was supposed to play an outdoor show here about a year and a half ago. I was psyched about it, but the venue ended up being literally flooded out. For some reason, it seemed like the folks at our end didn't work too hard to reschedule him - probably because it was in conjunction with another event and they couldn't just have have him appear within the next day or so. Anyway - glad to hear he was so good! S*
  18. Gracias for the good wishes to everyone. Happy New Year to erico and all of my friends (and acquaintances!) here at ec.com. Ditto what Ted said and best wishes for all of us to have the best year ever. S*
  19. susana

    Chat Room

    I checked just now and was (yeah, you guessed it - can I word it any other way here?) "ABM". Probably just as well since I need to sleep as I have to play my flute way too early in the morning! Hope we can get things going again. S*
  20. I think Kirk's postcard comes pretty close to taking the "group cake" in my book. (Big envy over that one.) Have several EC solo mementoes and tough to choose a fave. Also like Tim's comment about meeting board members. Tangibly speaking (to paraphrase austinberries), my favorite group memento has to be my poster from the Saturday, October 13, 1973, show - signed by all on Saturday, October 13, 2007. (Yeah, I'm never going to get over that whole kismet thing, so you guys will just have to live with it. ) S-Girl
  21. That segment of the show was truly amazing. I was standing there rooted in front of the TV...and could hardly wait to get on here to see if it was being discussed. We must have been on some kind of kindred spirit wavelength. Not a huge Diana Ross fan, but she was having a good time and even she had quite the look of admiration on her face during Brian's tribute. Lyle, oh Lyle - I was positively giddy when they introduced him and have to agree with Bessie about his "reverent" look...as well as Brian's "lost child" appearance. I kid you not, I was thinking those same descriptions as I watched! I kept thinking during Hootie's portion, though, how much better the 'Berries and Overdubs would sound on those songs. I could almost hear it and there came those chills Ira mentioned. And, Ira, I was in Chicago, too on 1/15/05, and had the same chills you had! Still get them thinking about it! I do hope everyone here saw this show tonight....
  22. susana


    I voted for the Addams clan... See, TT, I answered your question even if you didn't return my call today...so there. (I would almost bet LB put that choice in there somehow knowing on a psychic level that I would vote for them. Yeah, that's it.) S-Girl P.S. LC - you're talking about more than the work of Mr. Charles Addams, correct? Like maybe what got him started down that twisted path? If so, then I look forward to reading your reply.
  23. Go, Ringo - really like this.
  24. I'm a-thinkin' SantaBernie done took reel good care uv all us ec.com folk... As for me, I've been way too nice. Now to plot some naughtiness for the new year...
  25. They're unwrapping without me? What happened to that new kind of tri-f**** we were going to try out?
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