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  1. Ah, Lewbaby...I do remember why I luv u... S*
  2. susana

    Bagel Run

    The closest visual I know to give you is the way salt looks on a soft pretzel. Your basic delicious bagel with rock salt on the outside - yum! So - when are we all gong to have an excuse to go on that bagel run live and in person? S*
  3. Belated wishes from your other front row friend, John. (Waving at BeatleJay!) It was so good to meet you...and I hope we have another good "excuse" to see each other soon! S*
  4. Happy belated birthday, Annie! Glad you had such a great trip...hope to see you again soon! S*
  5. Titanic American Beauty Both so formulaic that I knew everything that was going to happen before it did. (In the case of Titanic, yes, we all knew the boat was going down...it became more of how and when they were going to push a button...) And then we have Legends of the Fall: so laughable it was in a class all its own. The night we went, the Brad Pitt fan club apparently was on a field trip. The audience broke out in wild applause when he appeared on screen. Audible sobs when Isabelle died. At least that gave us a chance to let out all the suppressed laughter that had been building throughout the movie. (Who could forget their version of Hop Sing?) And then the scene where daddy dearest saves the prodigal son - ROTFLMAO!!! We purposely went to a bookstore after the movie just to find other books by the author to point at and make fun of. Yes, I can be cruel when I don't like something. But let me tell you how I really feel....<eg> S*
  6. susana

    Bagel Run

    So, Dar - bagel run next time we're in the same vicinity? (If our little family here manages to have a get together this summer - for whatever reason?) S*
  7. You've intrigued me, Tommy Boy. I'll look for myself, but in case I get tired of all the results being only magazines, etc....well, I'll be asking for a link to her site. S-Girl
  8. susana

    Bagel Run

    Oh, this is just almost cruel! I LOVE real bagels and there aren't any in Springberg. (Ask ScentLady about my real bagel cravings.) We used to have a fabulous store, but the man who owned it burned himself out and the rest of us paid the price. Agree with MJ that rock salt is good, love pumpernickel, too...heck, I can eat my way through almost all varieties, just as long as they aren't too froo-froo (i.e. sweet). And real cream cheese rock, too - olives are especially tasty in it... S* drooling all over her keyboard
  9. I don't know you and James as well as many others here, but I feel as if I do...and I am completely stunned by this news. I'm praying for you and hope you know you can turn to each and every one of us when you need/want anything. There really aren't any other words to say. Just know you're being held in the warmest of thoughts and prayers. Sue
  10. susana


    Can I come, too? Huh? Please? : ) Glad you're better, Dar...but please be sure to take it as easy as you can and take care of you! S*
  11. Wim, we agree again. He was featured on NBA All Star Weekend and was incredible. (Yet another reason for us to hang out the next time you;re in the States!) And how great he visited your studio! S*
  12. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Jay! I can't wait to see you again and celebrate having fun - just because we can!! Hugs!! Sue
  13. Whoa - I may have a good pic of Joan playing it. Did she say exactly when she retired it, Al? (Come to think of it, I may have an old pic of E with it, too...now I really need to dig out all my pics, don't I??) S*
  14. Do my surrogate Border Collie pup, Raleigh (lives next door) and "nieces" Diva and Sassy count? I was also related to a couple of really cool standard poodles (they lived with my cousin) who fortunately were not subjected to the horrendous coifs. S*
  15. Regarding music for kids...I highly recommend that anyone with small people in their lives introduce them to Trout Fishing in America. They do great grown up tunes, too, but I know adults who enjoy the children's music almost as much as their little ones do! S*
  16. \Now...can anyone help me compute that to US $$? Thanks. S*
  17. "Makes me feel better" - (non 'Berries/non EC - limiting myself on purpose) "New York City Rhythm", "Beautiful Music", KC & the Sunshine Band (yes, I really do have a concession to disco) and countless others Wistful/Sad - (again, non/non - and again narrowing the category on purpose) "Questions 67 and 68", "Lay Me Down", "Trying To Get The Feeling", "Love of a Lifetime" (not sad for everyone, but gets to me every time) Eric/'Berries - "I Can Remember" Gee, Ira - didja have to give me an excuse to mention "ICR" yet again? S*
  18. LOL! Gee - weren't we just discussing this very topic on Saturday night? Me...while other songs are more closely associated with me, "Ecstasy" is my 'Berries ringtone of choice. And virtually everyone who knows me would agree that "New York City Rhythm" (my Manilow geekiness is showing again, isn't it?) is pretty representative of me overall.... S* P.S. Reid - I love "Dead Man's Curve" and know exactly what you mean!
  19. I'm right there with you, Annie. And while it may not be the most sophisticated piece of music in the world, darned if I wasn't singing that "Rehab" ditty all day today...so it must be kinda catchy. (Yeah, I know. I can live so in my own little world at times - had never actually heard her until last night.) Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's not much of a stretch to segue right from "no-no-no" into "nah-nahnahnahnah" that we've all heard a gazillion times. Anyhoo, guess I just hope that people can clean up their act when they're in such a bad spot. Guess it's the reluctant Pollyanna in me. S*
  20. I'd take the snow right now! We've had freezing rain and snow for almost 24 hours and I'm starting to have flashbacks to last year when we were without power for 13 days. Have moved my car to a neighbor's driveway where it is out of danger from potential huge falling limbs and trees. Holding my breath over a couple of trees in my yard...hope they stay standing! S*
  21. ::: sigh ::: ok... Hopefully I can catch up with everyone again soon. Thanks, Kiwi. S*
  22. Waaaah! I just got here and no one's left chatting...
  23. Bernie, you da man indeed! I didn't realize back in '97 how close I was to being in on the beginning of the site...but had to be pretty darned close. I tend to keep a pretty low profile on line and didn't post till just before the Chicago show in '05...but did e-mail you a few times and quickly learned what a great person you are. Thank you for all you have poured into this site and community. Here's hoping that only the best comes your way now and in the future. We've got your back, Bernie, and we always will - it's the least we can do for all you've given us. S*
  24. I blew it, LC - overscheduled myself and didn't see Mellie last weekend. But I'll try to make up for it this weekend. (May get in the way of chatting here tomorrow, but she's gotta hear that album...I th ink the gang will understand.) S*
  25. I'm working till 10p CST again and have to be back at 9a Saturday...but I'll be here as soon as I can tomorrow night. S*
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