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  1. I haven't checked in with my GB friends yet so don't know their take, but should be interesting.

    I'm with Laura - hate to see him in anything but green and gold. Pretty torn on whether I want to see him play anywhere else - logic says it would be great for him to play, no matter what. Emotion says nowhere but GB and let AR get over himself...listen to Favre and let him teach everyone a thing or two.

    I know, I know - we could say he's done all he can in terms of teaching... I can't answer this objectively because I may have a chance at going to a game at Lambeau again this season so...


  2. Rain here, too, but hopefully will clear by tonight. (And, yes, our streets are flooding again...)

    Low key, but busy for me. Working today. (Sssh - I'm posting while at work!) Mellie and I are going to get together tomorrow, and I plan to celebrate my b'day on Sunday with Breakfast at Wimbledon. Always love it when the men's final falls on the 6th so I can kick back and watch it with a celebratory mimosa or two.

    Very nice of everyone to take a three day weekend just for my natal day... haha


  3. Slightly off topic, but ICAM with you, Beatnut, when it comes to John Waite. This guy is underrated and (based on the nice guy impression he gives off) deserves far more notice than he gets.

    As for Ringo and the band...heck, I'd love to see him again. Yellow Submarine may not be the most...um..."complicated" song ever written, but being part of a crowd singing along to "we all live in a yellow sub-marine" (say it like Ringo does!) and realizing what was taking place in terms of a pop song moment...well, heck, that was one of several during the show and they were all great.


  4. Belated happy birthday, Ira! It was wonderful to not only meet you last fall, but get to see you two weekends in a row. Give my best to Lorie, too - hope the two of you celebrated your birthday in style.

    Take good care of yourself and here's a toast to seeing each other again soon! smilie


  5. You'll enjoy Lyle very much, Brook. I've seen four of his shows and he has been excellent each time. Would have loved to see his tour with k.d. lang last year, too. Be sure and tell us all about it after you see him!


  6. Ira, 1/15/05 in Chicago is definitely one of my "magic moments". Almost in tears watching Bernie's video - not realizing the anticipation could build any more than it had...but it did. What an evening, all the way around. I know we've discussed it on other threads, so won't belabor it here, but it was an ideal mix of music, people and moments that create lifelong memories. You can't plan these things - they just happen.

    The first time I heard "ICR". 'Nuff said.

    October 13...1973 and 2007. Standing in the identical spot in front of the stage (albeit in a much different city!) in '07 that I did in '73. History doesn't repeat itself any better than that.

    June 14, 2007 - finally seeing Pat Metheny live. A religious experience indeed and the rush I felt when he broke into "Bright Size Life" was indescribable. Consciously realizing that I'm thinking, "OMG, that really is Pat Metheny up there on the stage!" and wanting to live in that moment forever.

    June 8, 2003 - some musical, some not. Attending the Tony Awards which was a lifelong dream. I was practically in tears (again) when Billy Joel opened the show live from Times Square singing "New York State of Mind".


  7. Sag men are...um..."interesting", too, PM. Libras...well, I'm shaking my head just thinking about them. insane

    Thanks for your work, Diane. heartpump


    (And all of us July babies are waiting in the wings...LOL)

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Adrienne and Ernie. Now you have another angel watching over you. It's so hard, but the love you have shared will live on and hopefully you will be able to focus on that, as well as being grateful for the time you had together here.

    Thinking of you...take good care of yourselves.


  9. Whew indeed, girl! I'm delighted it has all gone so well for you. Whaddaya say - want to music direct a bunch of us long distance for our pseudo-chamber music group the next time we have a WAB or some other reason to get together?

    Seriously - relax a bit now. You've earned it well!!


  10. The closest visual I know to give you is the way salt looks on a soft pretzel. Your basic delicious bagel with rock salt on the outside - yum!

    So - when are we all gong to have an excuse to go on that bagel run live and in person? smile


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