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  1. Wim - it was so nice to meet you. Hope we get to visit more the next time. smile This makes me even happier about your trip. The band absolutely nailed that song and it was a moment that people got to see part of what makes the 'Berries such a great band....can't even do justice to Eric and Wally's vocal chemistry on it, not to mention the musicianship.

    Do hope to see you again soon...and am delighted your trip was such a fantastic one.

  2. Talked to Jim Peterik after the show...quite an amiable fellow. Not only was he a member of Survivor, but he was also lead singer for the Ides of March. ("I'm the friendly stranger in the black sedan..." spin ) He also mentioned that he works with a music fest here in Chicago, but I have let the line up for this year he quoted escape -though I recall the date is February 5. Anyone else who talked to him happen to remember?

  3. No report from many of us - I am guessing - because we were either too verklempt or (as in my case) just got up. As for the 1a Chi-town time comment - don't know about the others, but that is when Stevie, his wife, my friend and I left the HOB! Laura - you and Donna were still going strong...hope you at least got a power nap...but know that adrenaline will carry you. It was so marvelous to meet as many people from here as I did...truly a delightful group.

    I second what Trindy said about optimism for future shows...and good thing that I am talking on a keyboard as I have no voice to speak of. I won't even try to give a show review at this point as it is all still settling in with me. laugh

  4. Thanks, Laura...I think I finally got it...: ) I will take any and every mp3 file from here that you can send me. Absolutely no rush, and I can save the files as they come in to help keep the mail working with no overloads. I know it is probably a lot of trouble for you, and I really appreciate it.

  5. Help computer people! How do I tell which temp file it is? When I tried to save it would only save the HTML portion, not the mp3...and I was not sure which folder to select from the temp file.

    And while on the topic...I had a major crash and have lost ALL of the mp3's Bernie posted over the years. Is there any way I could beg to impose on someone to send them to me? Thank you so much!

  6. Yes....I second that. I am flying in on Sat. a.m. (due to arrive 10a), so hope that ice and snow behaves for those of us winging at that time. Am so looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend....I will have to find you as I won't have 'Berries gear till I get to the show....and I will be looking!!!

  7. Not sure I can stay, but I would love to catch up with everyone, so if I can talk my friend into both Jeff's get together and this, we will at least come to say "hi" while everyone is waiting for a seat. I love this idea. (My poor friend - she knows I always come up with more excitement than we can handle but she is being a great sport...lol)

  8. Color me dense (I'm tired), but how did people at the other shows get in with cameras if there is a wand? (I remember reading on the board that they did.) Piffle. Anyway, hope the weather relents a bit...the Weather Channel site was easing things by a few degrees today. : ) Off to sleep now. See everyone on Saturday...woo hoo!

  9. Gene - I managed to get a reservation at HOB for dinner. Am using a frequent flyer ticket and couldn't get in till 10a Sat., as of now leaving at 3p Sun. but may try to change that to Mon. Wonder about drinks/breakfast after the show to "debrief"? : ) Or maybe brunch on Sun.? Kathy - I really do like your idea! LOL!! Maybe I should try it at HOB <eg> Oh - and if you are interested for your head count...I have a friend coming with me, too.

  10. Ticketmaster has been listing the Drysdales as the opening act. I'm sure this is old news for most of you...just looking for confirmation and also if they opened at the Cleveland shows. You know where this brain of mine is going with this...lol Thanks for bearing with me as I acclimate and learn what has already been covered...I'll be up to speed soon.

  11. heeheehee....happy new year to me, then! Thanks, Marvin and Ted. Got an IPod for Christmas and you can guess four of the first albums loaded on it....and that infamous second side was the last thing I heard last night. Look forward to seeing everyone.

  12. Since "NK" was discussed and we are on the topic of Wally's still wonderful vocals...don't guess they performed "Might As Well"? Can you imagine the second side of "Fresh" performed live? Wow...

    And, yes, I am all psyched for Chicago!

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