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  1. yoo hoo all! Ron and I are in the chat room right now if anyone wants to join us. Dar, it shows you there, but you're quiet... *susana*
  2. Excellent pics! Are we crazy or what? Up till after midight playing in the chat room and back here already this morning! But what a way to go... *susana*
  3. susana

    Clip Art

    Thanks, Billy - going to check it out now. I'm sure I'll enjoy it all!
  4. susana

    Clip Art

    Hey, Billy - how do I find your downloads? And keep us posted on the new happebnings, too!
  5. I would love to chat more and have tried to sneak in the room of late since I have had a little more on line time. However, something seems to be awry and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong never had trouble before. I'm erratic here these days since I travel so much...but enjoy the chats, and again kudos to Bernie for looking into upgrades. I'm headed over to try it again for a minute after I post this. If someone is there and doesn't see me, then something is really goofy at my end. See you there in a sec. *susana*
  6. As always, sending you all the best. The Chicago evening was the highlight of the year so far for me, and I hope your birthday is as nice a day for you as that evening was for me. 33 years and counting...unbelievable! Hope to see you again soon. Cumpleanos feliz, Erico. *susana*
  7. Thanks, Anne. And, Jeff - lol! You got me on that one! I've been thinking about Bluetooth for my smartphone, too. I think I may have underestimated its capabilities...i.e. the fun it will add. My own fault for being so busy and not investigating past the basics. Guess I need to do some on line learning this weekend, eh? I may not travel the world like you do, but I do travel the states...from NYC to FLA to Muskogee, OK...you name it, I've been there this year! And I need my music!! *susana*
  8. der....of course...it really is time for me to sleep, isn't it??!! and people say I am good with tech...that tells you how the long day has hit me all of a sudden! thanks again, jeff - I'll be sure to tell you how thrilled I am with it once it arrives abnd I get to try it out! *susana*
  9. ok - I'm fading fast so bear with me. I may LOL at myself when I read this tomorrow... the way the info reads, it makes me think it is for 3g size iPods...mine is 20g...will it fit everything... I give...eyes too scratchy...time to sleep! thanks again.
  10. sleep, man! thanks for all of the updates. sweet dreams, oh dear webmaster.
  11. Terrific - thanks much, Jeff...going to check it out now. *susana*
  12. Thanks, Marv - knew I could count on you! Hopefully, Jeff can give me the gory details. *susana*
  13. susana

    wheres Dave

    John Waite? Did someone say John Waite?
  14. Hey, gang - I respect your opinion on all things musical (or at least related to music) so hope someone will have some input for me. As several of you know, my job keeps me on the road a lot. So, my iPod has become one of my best friends. I'll be in the car a lot the next few weeks in addition to my usual airplane time...so I really need my 'Berries and Eric music near! Have any of you used a car adapter for your iPods? Which one do you recommend? And is there more than one choice of a power cord to use in the cig lighter...or are they basically the same? Muchas gracias!
  15. Like BlackhawkPat, I also had the pleasure of seeing Eric open for the Sweet...there was a third act that evening, too...some guy named Bob Seger who went on to have a couple of hits. But, like any died in the wool EC/Berries fan, I was bored silly by everyone but him. I wanted the Sweet to be much better than they came across that evening...I really did. It was ear splitting loud and yet I fell asleep during their set. Told that to an acquaintance of mine on the phone a week or so later and he couldn't believe it. "WHAT?! They were SO loud!" Wish I could remember the exact quote because I remember he summed up the situation so well...it really was unbelievable that I went to sleep...quite ear splitting! *susana* P.S. Ah, Steveh, I left the main part of the board to try and forget I missed all the fun last weekend...now you go and remind me again! <g>
  16. Steve, I think the Hollywood HOB would be ideal. Hmmm - 'Berries, shopping at the Beverly Center and visiting a good friend who lives in West Hollywood....I like the sound of that!
  17. Hmmm...guess I might not have been so diplomatic, but that's me when someone irks me. LOL If someone had rushed me out the door like aggiejc was rushed when she was looking at the merchandise, I probably would have come off with a flip remark. "Oh, I'm so sorry - forgive me for wanting to support the band by purchasing something. I guess BBK's take from concessions will be considerably less than it might have been if everyone is forced to leave while they are shopping." I also like Cartmill's idea - and I would definitely write a letter to that effect. Find out the manager's name there and go higher up the food chain on the cc's. That said, luckily I have never had an experience like that in NYC. The majority of people I have encountered there have only been very direct and not wasteful at all of time - but never rude. Believe it or not, I have had more trouble of the rude nature while in Pennsylvania. (My apologies to anyone here who lives in PA!) *susana* :::stepping down off of her soapbox::: (and can everyone tell I have been home for a couple of weeks so I have tome to visit the site? But the travel begins again next week...have to take work puter so will be out of the loop again. Sigh.)
  18. and, yes, Barry M. did give credit where credit was due...
  19. Thanks, Gene - am going to browse through all of your photos...looks like you have some great ones of other performers, too.
  20. Cool - good news! Can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. Hola, all! I just got off the phone (albeit briefly) with Bernie...you guys are having too much fun! I have been right there with you in spirit all the way this weekend - know that last night's show must have been terrific (of course tonight's will be, too) and that the shindig at Bernie's has been the highlight. Enjoy all the fun, give the City my love, and someone have a Kir Royale for me tonight. Can't wait to hear more and hope to see pics from Bernie's here on the web site. *susana*
  22. Hey, Kev - yes, I will gladly vouch for EricH. Hopefully he'll check his e-mail tonight. (Laura - speak up for our bud, girl! LOL) *susana*
  23. ok -have to go check another group...sorry
  24. I'm here - anyone wanna chat during the Tony show? I'll go to chat room.....
  25. I like the way you think, mrch!
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