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  1. I enjoy acoustic music quite a bit and it made me stop for the 10-15 seconds (understand that time frame, Kirk!)...plus his lyrics are as good as I had hoped they would be after reading his post. It must (ok, maybe not "must", but you know what I mean) be the same person because I got the link from his info here. : ) I tried the www.miguelli.com link, too, that was listed on the my space, but guess that is still in the works. S*
  2. Most of us have read Miguelli's wonderful first post...but who else has been to his My Space site and listened to his music? Nice stuff....check it out. http://www.myspace.com/miguellimusic S*
  3. Very astute post indeed...you captured the thoughts and feelings of many of us here very well, Miguelli. As an addition to what LC said, I find myself listening to the tried and true...the writers and songs who stand the test of time. Even listen to much more jazz and such than I ever dreamed I would. I love good pop music, the combination of lyrics and melodies...and it has been so sadly lacking in recent years, it's almost enough to depress a person. Hey, wait! If I feel that depressed, I can pull out "Boats" and listen to it! If I need that magic mix of words and music, if I need to listen to a phrase that I know as well as the proverbial back of my hand just to see if I pick up on or "re-notice" a certain nuance...well, you get the picture. "Boats" (and "ICR" naturally) are my first stops. Being a young female when I discovered Eric and the 'Berries led to all sorts of comments and assumptions by others, many of them directed at me in a less than flattering way. Excuse me, but we women can recognize good music and love it for what it is. Yeah, they are all good looking men and I appreciate that as much as the next person. But it's always the music first and foremost for me....which brings me full circle to the sadness of the decline of the quality of the pop genre. So, thank you for posting, Miguelli, and welcome. And thank you again, Eric, for "Boats" and the other music you have given to us. S*
  4. In addition to that brilliant humor (mentioned earlier), that caring underneath the humor (also mentioned earlier)...it's because he is so straightforward, upfront, direct (all that good stuff). No doubt as to his opinions/thoughts/feelings and no doubt as to where you stand with him. That's all I ever ask of anyone and it's nice to have met someone who actually is like that. S*
  5. Belated happy birthday, Lew-man. Hope you celebrated in style...a style befitting both you and me! S*
  6. I don't know what to add to the obit. Just know he was great...yes, I have a couple of his recordings. Thanks for posting this, Lew. S*
  7. susana


    I've been swamped with pledge drive and tax update training, so didn't see this thread until just now. I am so glad it's still here and I'm looking forward to delving into all the links over the next few days. It may be painful for us to realize some things, but we need to know them and keep our eyes open. Thank goodness more people's eyes are being opened. Gracias, 'rico. S*
  8. I noticed it, too, Daisy. Close, but not quite, for me. I'm in the chat room for a sec - any takers?
  9. I've made a point of NOT saying anything on the political threads because I come here for music and camaraderie...and there wouldn't be too much love flowing between me and many of the posters on said threads. HOWEVER... EC* has become my hero all over again. He has verbalized virtually everything I've been thinking...right down to the Bobby Kennedy comment. LC, Sterling and A-Berries also made some comments that reminded me why we are buddies. (Well, I guess A-Berries is a potential buddy. <g>) I have very deep feelings about the whole female/sexism part of this discussion, as well as the point about religion (kudos again to EC*), but am not going to go there...again, I come here for music discussion. That said, "Ecstasy" is my ringtone music, but "Tonight" is easier for me to sing. As for my birthday-mates, they include Merv Griffin, Della Reese...now it starts to go south...Nancy Reagan...and W himself. Criminy! All I can say is that must be someone's idea of a cruel joke. Anyone who knows me and anyone who even got a whiff of things left unsaid in this post is laughing their you-know-what off over that one. Again, thank you Eric*, for weighing in on this and for, once again, saying it so well. s*
  10. Sending thoughts and prayers your way, Kathy Lee...don't know what else to say....but I do know that it's the best thing any of us can do. Hang in there, girl. S*
  11. I'll try to get there...don't hate me if my timing stinks...! S*
  12. Any chatting tonight? (Saturday.) Not sure what time I'll get home after work and errands, but if there's a chance the gang will be there, I might try to pop in. I think we need a special chat a week from Monday - in honor of the anniversary. For some of us it will be a 35 year anniversary; for all of us it will be a 1 year party. S*
  13. P.S. So what was everyone else doing 11 months ago today? Let's see, of the people in this thread I had visited with MJ and Marv so far...and oh, yeah, some guys based outta Cleveland.
  14. I just checked in and no one's around yet. Gotta do an update to the phone and will be back to check in again in a little bit. (Not sure how long the update will take...) S*
  15. So - are we chatting tonight?
  16. Those of you who know me also know I am never at a loss for words, verbal or written. I am not at a loss now, just intentionally keeping it short. Eric, you and your music have been a part of my life for - well, the majority of my life. The small bit of you I know of you in addition to the music is a person I could grow to like very much. But you already know that. That said, I am here. Whatever the extenuating circumstances, whatever the circumstances at hand...as always, you have my support. All you have to do is reach out. tiene cuidado, erico. tu susana
  17. Remember that "E" necklace well and always loved that hat back in the day. Wonder what ever became of it? Off to check out the links...extra big thanks for this one, Bernie. S*
  18. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Enjoy the long weekend called in honor of your day. You are a dear and I hope we see each in the very near future long enough to do more than say "hola". Been thinking about you all week as it led up to today and am send you lots of birthday hugs. S*
  19. Wow - everyone beat me to everything I could think of to say! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Marlene. Take good care and enjoy yourself. Hope to see you again soon! S*
  20. Three words for you, Billy: Pinkard & Bowden. Just a sampling of their titles... The one many first knew them for was "Mama, She's Lazy" (parody of "Mama, He's Crazy") They also did: "Three Mile Island" (parody of "Wolverton Mountain") "Music Industry (parody of "Islands in the Stream") If you like parodies (and comedy songs in general), you really need to check them out. Their "non-parodies" are also just plain hysterical - i.e. "Don't Pet The Dog". They had a video in rotation for awhile in the '80's of their song "I Lobster, But Never Flounder." Try singing the lyrics to the "Green Acres" theme to the tune of "Purple Haze"...they did. Sandy Pinkard was quite well known in his own right as a songwriter. Just to name two..."Coca-Cola Cowboy" and "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma". I've lost track of him, as have many others. If anyone has a solid lead, please let me know. Richard Bowden is an excellent guitarist who has played with Linda Ronstadt and others. He occasionally goes out on the road with the Eagles in a behind the scenes role. Also can be heard from time to time on Bob & Tom's show, and played on the road with their holiday show a few years back. He has some solo recordings that continue the comedy tradition. Again - give them a listen! S*
  21. cumpleanos feliz, erico*. (And the best to your wonderful mother, too, as she celebrates the day. Please give her a big hug.) Enjoy your day - what the heck, enjoy the whole month! *susana*
  22. Happy, happy birthday, Sue! Hope you have a great day - we recovering media b's must stand united! Here's hoping we can get together again soon...glad to have you as a friend. S*
  23. LOL, G! Are you sure you're not the guy whose office is right next to me? You two should talk Giants sometime... S*
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